Top 10 Best Soccer Cleats for Women in 2017 – Reviews


Proper gear can make all the difference in the world when playing soccer, just as anyone who ever played the beautiful game competitively. Whether you’re a professional, a seasoned player, or a newcomer to the sport, you will definitely see the point of investing in a pair of reliable soccer cleats. It isn’t by chance that we use the word ‘investing’ in this context because that’s exactly what a good pair of soccer cleats should be seen as – an investment into your future. As soon as you find a pair that matches your style, you will notice your game improving on a daily basis like never before. In this respect, we put together a list of the ten best soccer cleats for women so as to give you a better idea of what to look for.

10Nike Hypervenom FG Phelon Soccer Shoes

amazon buttonNike eclipses all previous brands to seal the top spot with their Hypervenom Phelon soccer shoes. They are a multifaceted pair of shoes that simultaneously afford comfort, excellent grip, durability, and precision. Moreover, they boast a quality build characterized by a light leather (synthetic) makeup, a slim outsole, and a correspondingly complete TPU plate all which add to its traction and agility. Considering its features, it offers this model at a considerable fair price tag as one would never find anywhere else.

9Under Armour Speed Force Women’s FG Shoe

amazon buttonIf you are searching for a remarkably build a steadfast pair of soccer shoes, search no more because Under Armour speed force women’s shoes deliver nothing less! Their composition of TPU outsole harmonized by synthetic leather that is abrasion-resistive makes them a comfortable, lightweight and heavy-duty model. It has been precisely designed to boost both precision and performance. The catch about them is that they are available in a considerably affordable price tag.

8F10 Adidas FG W Performance Soccer Shoe

amazon buttonWith respect to precision and design, Adidas-a globally-acclaimed brand-performs quite remarkably with their F10 Performance women’s soccer cleats. Aside from affording comfort, their build is centered on also offering a typical barefoot sensation. As a result of their underlying ultra-durable leather (synthetic), this model can guarantee continuous usage on the pitch for a considerable duration of play-time. Moreover, the synthetic leather construct also assures superior comfort.

7PUMA Universal FG Women’s Soccer Cleat

amazon buttonPUMA Universal FG women’s cleats with their flexibility and exclusive construct undisputedly bags all accolades with respect to an all-inclusive soccer shoe. They perform excellently relative to comfort, grip on the pitch and durability. Its build is not only abrasive-resistive but is also characterized by a classically padded tongue and collar. Their underlying built concept is geared towards offering natural support predominantly for the foot’s curvature and to also subsequently improve precision.

6Adidas Performance Matteo Soccer Shoe

amazon buttonAdidas is well-recognized brand and popular with women that enjoy soccer activities. One of their highly regarded and dependable women’s soccer model is the Performance NUA FGW Matteo which affords comparatively good and reliable performance on the pitch. Besides boasting a material composition of distinctive synthetic leather, it also features a unique asymmetrical lacing provision that guarantees superb ball contact.

5Diadora DD-NA GLX14 Women’s Soccer Cleat

amazon buttonDiadora makes the list again but this time with a model cited as the DD-NA GLX14. In comparison to other models, this one is unrivaled particularly in respect to weight. They have a light design that seeks to boost comfort. The model is quite simple as is exhibited by its characteristic build made of simple manmade leather, a standard interior cushioning and a typical rubber sole. Furthermore, these shoes are water resistant and routinely aerate the feet thus averting sweating considerably.

4Adidas Performance Women’s Ace 16.4 FXG W Soccer Shoe

amazon buttonAdidas centered their attention on optimal comfort when designing the Performance Women’s Ace cleats. Their unique design not only boosts proper fitting but also facilitates and maintains correct foot positioning. The model comprises a synthetic leather material and also comes with a sole made of rubber. In respect to cost, they are a slightly pricier model although on mid-range pricing.

3Diadora Scudetto Women’s Soccer Cleat

amazon buttonGenuine leather and affordable are terms rarely mentioned in the same sentence but Scudetto soccer cleats by Diadora have quickly changed that notion. This LT PU women’s cleat is made of genuine leather harmonized by a synthetic sole. Complimented by a decent interior cushioning, this soccer shoes guarantees optimal comfort and a consequent firm ground grip while on the soccer pitch. Moreover, its build is water resistant and comes with a standard multi-density shoe outsole.

2PUMA Evospeed Women’s 3 FG Soccer Shoe

amazon buttonFor women who are somewhat cash-strapped and require soccer shoes that are affordable, PUMA Evospeed Soccer cleats are exactly what to go for. They are characterized by among others; glossy synthetic leather, a heel counter that is TPU injected and a standard synthetic sole. The model is purposely designed to offer optimal comfort and a subsequently excellent grip. Moreover, the comfort aspect further starches to the interior which is superbly designed for added comfort and to offer protection against injuries for the ankle.

1Diadora Maracana Women’s Soccer Cleat

amazon buttonDiadora is among the brands that are held in high regard when it comes to sports gear, mostly thanks to the high standards of quality they offer, even with respect to women’s cleats. Maracana is one of the models purposely suited for women, a model of cleats that will make it easier for you to change direction when running at full speed. At the same time, we should point out that these cleats boast a composite leather construction that makes them both comfortable and durable at the same time. Aside from boasting flexible outsoles, it comprises dual-action cushioning and offers tremendous gripping when on the pitch.