Top 10 Best Solar Chargers of 2017 – Reviews


A lot of people don’t know this but you can actually use a solar charger to charge up your phone when you’re away from home. Given the recent developments in the renewable energy sector, you can now charge your mobile device using the same principle behind those large solar panels people sometimes install on the roof of their homes.

Needless to say, the technology requires sunlight to work, which is why you should only rely on a solar charger when you absolutely have to. Most other times, you are better off using a standard charger. Still, if you’re in the market for a mobile solar charger, then check out our list of the ten best solar chargers money can buy.

10Poweradd Apollo2 Portable Solar Panel Charger

amazon buttonThe PowerAdd solar charger is a high efficiency, foldable panel that is specially crafted to convert solar energy up to 23.5% more efficiently than most standard solar charging devices. This powerful, portable gadget can charge laptops, mobile phones, notebooks and any other 5v to 18v device with the help of its USB port.

It also features a unique voltage stabilizer that regulates the voltage ensuring that your device is protected while on charge. Not only that but its solar panels are made of durable, high quality PET laminated PVC fabric that can withstand any long-term abuse while being 100% waterproof as well.

9Nekteck High-Efficiency SunPower Solar Panel Power Bank

amazon buttonThis dual solar powered power bank from Nekteck, is a high performance, state of the art solar panel charger that can be carried around with ease. It comes with a dual panel portable 6000 mAh lithium battery as well as a Sunpower solar panel, that aids in providing maximum power to charge the internal battery for emergencies as well as provide solar energy.

It’s light weight design and size enables users to carry it with them wherever they go, whether on a flight, in the outdoors while camping or hiking or during road trips. The robust grainy textured protective covering provides optimum grip. This device also features an anti-explosion function and charges devices at a high speed. You can also can charge over 1000 cycles with the battery capacity it possesses, which is a big plus.

8Allpowers Solar Panel Charger

amazon buttonThis solar charger from Allpowers uses a 16-watt charging panel which features a fast charging and special iSolar technology. With this gadget, you can adjust and control the voltage levels to provide maximum power while charging. It features a PET anti scratch mechanism and has a high power conversion rate of up to 19%.

The solar panel is made of monocrystalline PET that is sewn onto a durable PVC fabric that provides sufficient power to charge 2 devices at once and is resistant to all weather conditions. Not only that but its compact design also features convenient eye-holes that can be easily attached to your backpacks while traveling, making it ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities.

7EasyAcc Classic Solar Panel Power Bank

amazon buttonWith the ability to provide sufficient power to charge any device, this top notch solar charger is definitely one to check out. The EasyAcc is one among the many reliable, long lasting and safe solar chargers and can be utilized during various outdoor activities like camping, trekking and places where there is no electricity. This solar panel is robust and can provide proper backup for any kind of electric gadget. It is also extremely easy to manage and lightweight by design, meaning that it can easily be carried in your pocket as well.

6BLKbox Portable Solar Charger

amazon buttonThe BLKbox solar powered charger is a high recommended device that is packed with some superior, high-quality features. Not only does this device power up mobiles and laptops but it can also charge GPS devices or any such electronic USB device. With its comprehensible functionality, users can charge their devices just by keeping this solar powered gadget in contact with direct sunlight.

Perfectly designed and crafted to aid during emergencies, natural disasters or any kind of crisis. The gadget is compact, lightweight and can be folded for easy mobility.

5X-Dragon Solar Charger Power Bank

amazon buttonThe X-Dragon solar power bank is one of the most efficient and reliable solar charges out there. It features some brilliant power packed characteristics that make it stand out from the rest. Not only can it quickly charge any device, but it comes loaded with a 10000 mAh capacity with specially crafted solar panels that can recharge the battery when in direct contact with sunlight.

The LED light it comes equipped with, helps in pitch black darkness conditions, a light that can be switched on and off with one is specially furnished with an over-charge protection function that helps in extending the battery life of the gadget.

4AUKEY 20W 2-Port Solar Charger

amazon buttonThe RavPower is a high-efficiency dual port, 20-watt solar powered device designed to provide perfect reliability at all times. Compared to other solar chargers, this device is considered as the most advanced and innovative of its kind, and for good reasons as well. The high-speed solar charging technology helps in keeping your device fully charged with optimum power backup. It comes with two ports that enable users to charge 2 electronic devices at once.

This device supports iSmart technology that easily recognizes devices plugged in, providing the maximum energy required to charge that particular device at the highest possible speed. At the same time, it features a foldable, durable nylon cover that is mold and water resistant. It also comes with special eye-holes that can be attached to your backpack while hiking or trekking, making it an ideal gadget to be carried around outdoors.

3Anker 15W Dual Ports USB Solar Charger

amazon buttonThe Anker solar charger is a single port, portable, 16-watt, outdoor charger that features a high-class PowerIQ technology. This device is also compatible with all electronic smart devices out there while being able to intelligently recognize the maximum power supply required to charge a wide array of gadgets at the fastest possible speed.

The PET solar panels and polyester material provide optimum durability while its 8 watts monocrystallised solar array provides enough energy to charge just one device at a time. This charger is ultra-portable and comes with special eye-holes that give users the option of attaching the device to their backpacks for easy transportation and mobility.

2Nekteck 20W Solar Universal Charger

amazon buttonThis uniquely designed solar charger features 20-watt, dual port charging features capable of charging all types of electronic gadgets and smart devices on the market today. Made with top notch Sunpower panels, this gadget ensures up to 21%-24% more power than most solar chargers, meaning that it can charge two devices at the same time. Featuring a built-in IC chip and ports that aptly recognize different devices, it provides sufficient power to help in fast-charging of any gadget at any given time. Furthermore, the exterior covering of the device is specially crafted to withstand a fair amount of abuse before showing any signs of damage.

1X-Dragon High Efficiency Solar Panel Charger

amazon buttonThis particular charger from X-Dragon is a robust, versatile and high-performance device ideal for users who are always on the move, especially travelers. It has the ability to convert solar energy into electricity and adjust the voltage level accordingly, providing maximum power to the device being charged as quickly as possible.

This high-quality gadget comes with a fully loaded dual USB functionality with 20 watts of power, a sufficiently high level that makes it capable of charging two devices at the same time. On top of all this, it is surprisingly lightweight by design, making it highly portable by nature.