Top 10 Best Sound Bars of 2017 – Reviews


If the standard subwoofer/speaker standard doesn’t quite do it for you, perhaps you should consider some alternatives. Say, for example, that you are passionate about your music but you do not want the added clutter of having a large sound system inside the house. In this respect, a sound bar can be quite a lifesaver, and without losing any of the sound quality you would normally expect from a standard sound system.

They also blend in better into your room’s decor while still being as efficient as possible, which is perhaps why they are so popular to begin with. This being said, let us find out what are the ten best sound bars on the market today.

10LG Electronics NB3740 A

amazon buttonThis high quality 350-Watt wireless sound bar revolutionizes the whole entertainment experience. It is made of a premium quality plastic that makes it more or less immune to scratching and breaking while its striking black theme blends well with most television sets. It also has an inbuilt, high-speed Bluetooth adapter that guarantees you a stable wireless connection, which comes at a great convenience. This high-end sound bar also allows you to enjoy quality content from respectable web providers like Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Instant Video.

9Yamaha YAS-105

amazon buttonYamaha is a hallowed producer of fine electronics and this sound bar certainly fits the bill. It has a slim, black-themed design that flatters any television set and is exceptionally easy to install. The sound bar also saves you the agony of having too many intertwined wires that can be quite irritating; it requires just one single cable for all its connections. It is Bluetooth enabled and comes with built-in subwoofers.

Its wireless technology allows it to stream media from smartphones and tablets. It also has a home theater app controller that eases operation. What is more, the model has Advanced Air Surround Xtreme Virtual sound technology, which generates an impressive 7.1 channel surround sound. It also has a learning function that recognizes TV remotes.

8LG 320 W Slim Sound Bar

amazon buttonAs the name implies, this sound bar uses 320 watts of power. It has a slim 4.1-inch design and is made of high-quality plastic that ensures a long-lasting durability. The sound bar uses wireless technology and as such is Bluetooth enabled. In fact, this is a rather versatile kind of sound bar as it accepts input from a vast number of sources. It is smartphone-compatible and has numerous ports, such as USB, HDMI, and various optical ports. The bottom line of this model is that it is versatile, sleek and gives you great value for your money.

7Samsung HW-J450 Wireless Audio Sound Bar

amazon buttonThis power-efficient 300-watt system is a quality product worth your attention. Not only does it enjoy the type of high-quality construction you would expect from a Samsung system, but it is also quite affordable as well. At the same time, this 37-inch media accessory comes with a 6.5-inch wireless sub-woofer for good measure.

Furthermore, it is nicely designed, easy to set up and wall mountable. Not only that but this sound bar has Bluetooth connectivity, and a number of ports, such as HDMI, USB and optical portals that allow you to connect it to other media devices. It also has a TV sound connect portal that works perfectly with virtually any type of television.

6Sony HT – CT770

amazon buttonThis 2.1 channel sound bar has a 330-watt system capability, which makes it one of the best the market has to offer at this point in time. It uses wireless technology and is particularly easy to set up. It is also made of durable materials that ensure the sound bar’s fidelity and durability. The model measures 40 inches which makes it work well with 40-inch and larger televisions. It has Bluetooth and NFC connectivity and no wire clutter to worry about thanks to its ingenious design. At the same time, the bar comes with a remote and a high-speed HDMI port.

5Samsung HW-J550

amazon buttonThis superior quality 320-watt sound bar is on par with almost any sound system in this price range while being half the size. It may be a 2.1 channel but is still produces the type of audio quality you would expect from a much larger sound system. It has a wide range of connectivity-HDMI and USB ports, TV sound connect ports, HDMI-CEC ports, and a few more. It also has an elegant wall-mountable design and comes with a remote control for good measure.


amazon buttonThis elegantly designed, 38-inch home theater sound bar has a loud 100 dB output that makes it stand out quite a bit. It also enjoys a wall-mountable design that makes it easy to set up and with no wire clutter to worry about. The sound bar also uses advanced technologies such as Dolby Digital decoding and DTS Tru Surround, which ensure that the sound produced is of a very high quality at all times.


amazon buttonThis particular sound bar stands out by being extremely easy to install on almost any television set. At the same time, it features rear satellite speakers that further boost the quality of the sound produced at any given time without being too obvious while doing it. Speaking of strength, it has a loud 102 dB sound output which can be easily controlled using a remote or by using the device’s Bluetooth function.

2VIZIO S541w-C2

amazon buttonMeasuring an impressive 54 inches in size, this high-end sound bar produces an impressive 104 dB output. It also has super-speed Bluetooth connectivity adapters to guarantee its compatibility with virtually any television set out there. Speaking of which, it has a wall-mountable design that makes it very easy to install on almost any TV. The bar also uses advanced sound technology that produces a resonating bass sound, thus allowing you to use it as part of a music system if needed. With it, you can also stream media from smartphones, laptops and even tablets with no difficulties whatsoever.

1Sonos Play Bar

amazon buttonThis powerful sound bar generates clear sound when used together with HD Televisions, which speaks volumes about its high-quality construction. It comes with nine hardy amplified speakers that boost the performance of the sound bar while still maintaining a surprisingly low profile. It also has a convenient two cored design which is not only easy to install but also eliminates wire clutter almost completely. Also worth mentioning is the fact that this bar uses high-quality wireless technology and features some of the easiest to use controls a sound bar can have.