Top 10 Best Speed Skates of 2017 – Reviews


If casual skating isn’t your cup of tea, then perhaps the mobility of speed skating would do the trick. The skates that manufacturers design for speed skating are suitable for people of all ages and they’re all extremely mobile and lightweight. These skates are equipped with speed-oriented features like carbon fiber shells and extra-fast rollers, features that are supposed to give these skates extra stability when riding them fast on almost any terrain. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best speed skates money can buy.

Best Speed Skates Reviews 2017

10Labeda Voodoo Quad Roller Speed Skate

amazon buttonEquipped with some great features and designed to please the eye, the Labeda Voodoo Quad Roller Speed Skates come with a stylish and unique pattern and high-performing functionality. Featuring a heavily cushioned interior, it adds to the comfort and stability and can be utilized on any terrain. It also comes with premium grade foam that is breathable and does not trap bad odor. Thanks to its Radar Cayman 62mm wheels with top quality Chrome ABEC-5, 8mm Ball Bearings and nylon plates with double action trucks, these skates offer safety, stability and high levels of speed.

9K2 Skate Midtown Inline Skates

amazon buttonEquipped with reliable, high-quality 24mm wheels, the K2 Skate Midtown Inline Skates are ideal for professional as well as novice skaters. Offering high-speed performance, the exterior of these skates are made from top-notch micro leather with 4 layers of carbon and glass fiber shell, making it a top quality product. With a wheel spacing of 165mm approximately, these skates can fit sizes of 34-46. Its frame is made of KL-WAVE 7075 aluminum, measuring 4 x 100mm. Durable, comfortable, and surprisingly flexible, these skates are suitable for any terrain.

8Rock GT-50 Roller Skate

amazon buttonMan-made, manufactured in the USA and made from imported high-quality materials, the Rock GT-50 Roller Skates are the best skates among its kind. Equipped with solid double-action plates, these roller skates feature a power-strap that adds to the stability and steadiness, giving you a good grip. It also comes with a custom piping pattern that adds to its unique design. Fitted with special swirl wheels in black and white, it comes with Sure-Grip ball bearings. Featuring a well-cushioned interior, these skates are comfortable and provide ample support.

7Riedell Pink Polka Dot Speed Skate

amazon buttonThe Riedell Pink Polka Dot Speed Skates are low-cut rollers designed in a boot style with soft padding that is comfortable and reliable. With plates made of high-quality nylon, it comes with 15-degree metal trucks that are polished along with 8mm urethane bushings. Thanks to its 4 wheel design it offers optimum comfort and stability on any type of surface. Crafted with premium grade chrome steel and durable ball bearings, these stylish skates provide a good speed with smooth maneuverability.

6VNLA The Tuxedos Jam Skates

amazon buttonMade from heavy-duty nylon material, the VNLA The Tuxedos Jam Skate comes lined with soft and comfortable interiors that are durable and tough. Equipped with Adjustable lock nut/washers, these skates come with upgraded 8mm aluminum trucks that enhance your skating experience. Glide smoothly on any type of surface without the fear of damaging its 62mm robust wheels that offer a quick backspin. Featuring strong Vanilla ABEC-9-Race spec bearings, these skates will allow you to skate at high speeds with relative ease.

5Epic Nitro Indoor and Outdoor Roller Speed Skate

amazon buttonAvailable in a trendy black and white design, New Epic Nitro Indoor and Outdoor Roller Speed Skates are quad roller skates that come with 2 pairs of laces. Designed like a boot, it features a mid-top structure with a cushioned collar and a speed strap that can be adjusted. Featuring high-quality Epic Nylon plates that are light in weight, it also comes with double action trucks that help improve the overall skating experience. Extremely flexible and durable, these skates are loaded with 8mm precision speed bearings.

4VNLA Carbon Speed Inline Skate

amazon buttonOffering a speed of 25 miles per hour, the VNLA Carbon Speed Inline Skates are high-quality roller skates that are comfortable, durable and safe. Featuring a boot design and made from 50% carbon fiber and 50% fiberglass, it comes equipped with a series 7000 aluminum frame. With top quality urethane wheels and ABEC 9 ball bearings, these skates are ideal for both indoors and outdoors and can glide smoothly on any terrain.

3Riedell Skates Dart Roller Skate

amazon buttonWell-known for its attractive, uniquely designed skates, Riedell has come up with yet another pair that is packed with great features. Offering both high quality and optimum levels of performance, Riedell Skates’ Dart Roller Skates give you exactly what you need and for the best price. Equipped with comfortable, soft cushioning, low-cut design, and good grip, these skates can be worn by both men and women. Thanks to its 15-degree metal trucks and high-quality nylon plates, it adds to the stability, flexibility, and functioning of the skates. Featuring ABEC-5 bearings, it runs smoothly and on high speeds and can be utilized on any surface terrain.

2Chicago Skates Bullet Speed Skate

amazon buttonThe Chicago Skates Bullet Speed Skates are made of durable, high-quality vinyl and are perfect for racing and casual roller skating. Featuring a low cut comfortable design; these skates are breathable and offer ample space for movement. Equipped with urethane wheels measuring 62mm along with precision ball bearings of premium quality, these skates offer high levels of stability and support. Thanks to its lace closure, Velcro strap, and front toe brakes system, it provides a good grip, fit and is reliable during halts.

1Roller Derby Laser Speed Quad Skate

amazon buttonIdeal for skaters who are learning to skate and are passionate about the sport, the Roller Derby Laser Speed Quad Skates are budget-friendly, safe, and reliable. Equipped with a heel stabilizer, these skates are well designed and styled like a boot with a padded collar and a Velcro strap for added stability and support. Thanks to its lightweight design and construction, these skates offer a high-speed performance and can be utilized on any terrain. Featuring 54mm clear urethane wheels fitted with ABEC 7 ball bearings, these are among the most flexible yet impressively fast skates out there.