Top 10 Best Steam Presses of 2017 – Reviews


It may prove quite difficult to choose a steam press nowadays, mostly due to how many models have flooded the market over these past few years. Still, if you’re looking for a reliable steam press, you would do well to educate yourself on what solutions the market has to offer before making any sort of purchase.

We should point out that although most are designed according to the same principles, the quality definitely differs from one model to another. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best steam presses money can buy.

10Steamfast SF623 Fabric Steam Press

amazon buttonWith its ample steaming surface of 20 by 8 inches, this is certainly the steam press for you if you would like to save time when ironing. The other big plus of this steam press is that it has a well-designed heating element capable of evenly distributing the steaming heat so that your clothes are uniformly ironed every time you pass them through the press. You will also love the fact that the surface of the press is non-stick and also rust resistant. It is also worth mentioning that this Steamfast press comes with an auto-shutoff feature that improves safety and power economy considerably.

9Janome Artistic Steam Press

amazon buttonThis is one of the best steam presses in the industry. First of all, you can press up to 8 layers of fabric in one go, which should considerably lower your ironing time. Speaking of which, the steaming surface is very well constructed to ensure even distribution of heat as well as reduced chances of overheating. For power economy and safety, the press also cuts off power within 10 seconds of steaming duration.

8Ultra Large Steam Press

amazon buttonAs the name clearly suggests, this is an oversized steam press capable of reducing your typical ironing time by up to 60%. As a matter of fact, the ironing surface on this press is 24 times that of a regular steam press. And like all good steam presses, this model also has an automatic shutoff feature, although it comes with a manual function for when its needed. It can also handle several types of fabric, including nylon, cotton, wool, linen, and even wool.

7Sienna Elite Steam Press

amazon buttonAgain, this is quite a large steam press, with its surface approximately seven times larger than a conventional alternative. So, if you want a press that will cut your job in half, this is one of the presses you should buy. For your added convenience, the press also features a great interactive digital display, where you can control the temperature as you iron silk, wool, linen, cotton, and nylon fabrics.

6Steamfast SP660 Steam Press

amazon buttonAmong other things, this steam comes with a funnel, spray bottle and even a washable presser pad. Other benefits of this press include temperature control capabilities, an auto shut-off feature, and even an alarm to let you know you have left it unattended for too long. However, even with all these features, this steam press is very easy to use, and the ironing results it delivers are quite impressive.

5Sienna Empressa Digital Steam Press

amazon buttonThis great steam press will turn itself on or off when closed or opened. So, on matters safety, few steam presses can rival what this Sienna model has to offer. To make your job even easier, the press also features a great LED display which can control how long you want your clothes to remain in the press. Furthermore, with its large ironing surface of 34 by 12 inches, this press should make ironing much faster than is typically the case.

4Pyle Digital Table Top Steam Press

amazon buttonThis digital table top steam lets you determine how long you can steam your clothes. So, you can steam your clothes depending on their recommended duration. Like other great steam presses, this model is also designed to make the work much faster, thanks to its large non-stick ironing surface. The press will also have you covered as far as safety goes with its automatic shutoff feature.

3Sienna Expresso Steam Press

amazon buttonThis press stands out for a number of reasons, including the fact that it can handle many types of fabric and that it is about six times as large as a regular steam press. The press can work both when closed and when opened. At the same time, it features an auto-shutoff feature for improved safety and power efficiency. Also worth mentioning is the fact that this particular press enjoys a much more durable construction overall than a majority of all the steam presses on the market today.

2Steamfast SF680 Fabric Steam Press

amazon buttonThe SF680 is not just a steam press, it can also handle dry ironing. Also, as with many other great steam presses, this model also lets you control ironing temperatures for better quality work. The surface is made using stainless steel that is resistant to rust and also incredibly durable. With a capacity for 10oz of water, the steam press can also allow for quite a bit of uninterrupted ironing.

1Singer Magic Steam Press

amazon buttonThis steam press has all the expected benefits of a top notch steam ironing appliance – large ironing surface, precise temperature regulation, ability to handle several kinds of fabric and a handy auto-shutoff feature. But beyond that, the press also has an alarm system and premium ironing capabilities for a uniform ironing experience, which is part of the reason it is a top favorite to many buyers. Overall, Singer’s Magic Steam Press is perhaps the best one money can buy at this point in time.