Top 10 Best Stepper Exercise Machines of 2017 – Reviews


Staying in perfect shape within the comfort of your own home has never been easier than with the help of a stepper exercise machine. Unlike other fitness machines that are bulky, heavy, and difficult to set up, stepper exercise machines are very intuitive and easy to use. On top of this, they are also guaranteed to help you burn excess calories like no other fitness machine out there. Having said that, we should perhaps inform you that different exercise machines meet very different standards from one another, which is why it would be wise to check out our guide before making any purchase. From this point onwards, you can see what the ten best stepper exercise machines are and what makes them so special to begin with.

10The Programmable Avari Stepper Machine

amazon buttonThis top notch stepper features an advanced design that offers nothing but enhanced workout convenience and productivity. Its smoothly functioning motor controlled system works in conjunction with features such as a heart rate sensor in the handlebars, supportive handrails, comfortably padded grips and self-leveling pedals that are easier to manipulate. It also comes with 24 in-built programs with various workout routines to choose from.

9Sunny Health Dual-Action Swivel Stepper Machine

amazon buttonFor the fitness enthusiast, the Sunny Health Swivel Stepper offers dual-action for more productive workout sessions. The stepper machine comes in a low-profile black color and a very high quality build that features dual fixed hydraulic cylinders and an LCD screen that allows you to view your workout statistics easily. It has a large weight capacity that lets it support individuals of up to 220 pounds.

8Clevr Twister Stepper

amazon buttonThis stepper machine is designed for low impact cardio workouts. Its compact design makes it suitable for both home use and for use in professional gyms. The stepper has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds despite its compact build. Other features of the stepper include adjustable tension control, highly durable exercise bands and an LCD screen that avails all your workout metrics in real time.

7Sunny Health Twisting Stair Stepper

amazon buttonThis band-fitted twisting stepper is designed to push your body to the limit for more productive workout sessions. It comes in a low profile yet highly professional black and silver theme and is perfect for keeping the lower parts of the body toned. The stepper comes with a variable resistance system that allows you to build your strength from low to high points. The heavy duty steel it has makes it extra durable and capable of sustaining hard knocks.

6Wagan Mini EL2273 Twister Stepper

amazon buttonThis is an affordable option for people who are looking for a stepper machine for home use. Its high-quality build guarantees you its long lasting durability without compromising on the performance. The stepper is easy to assemble and compact enough to store in any room of the house. It features a digital computer that let you keep track of your workout statistics while you work out.

5SpaceMate Stamina Foldable Stepper

amazon buttonThe tasteful design of this foldable stepper borders on unique. Its foldable body is, however, a huge perk since it makes it extra easy to store away when it is not in use. The stepper also features a variable resistance system that lets beginners and pros to choose their preferred levels of difficulty in order to enjoy more productive workouts. Other features of the stepper include a built-in monitor and comfortable, foam-padded handlebars in addition to the sufficiently large pedals.

4The Aerobic Tone Fitness Stepper

amazon buttonThis is a simple yet highly effective stepper for use in aerobic classes. Suitable for both pros and beginners, the stepper adopts a more classic design that is easier to use for everyone. It is built to last with an adjustable height that allows you to get the most out of it. Powerfully built alternating lunges makes the stepper suitable for back and chest strengthening exercises, while a non-slip surface guarantees you optimum traction while you work out.

3Sunny Twister Stepper with Handlebar

amazon buttonThis stepper machine comes with handlebars added on for more stability when working out. It is extra easy to use thanks to the smooth movement of the pedals which provide a perfectly seamless twisting movement. The stepper also features an LCD screen with all the workout metrics you need to view during your workouts. The adjustable stepping height of this stepper makes it suitable for people of all heights.

2Sunny Health Mini Stepper

amazon buttonThe Sunny Health Mini Stepper is a compact stepper that is made for high performances and durability. The stepper is ideal for low-impact cardio workouts and also aerobics. Other than its very durable and compact build, the stepper also features an LCD screen and a more than adequate maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best stepper machines in this price range.

1Gazelle Edge Stepper

amazon buttonHere is a stepper machine that is suitable for both gyms and home use. The stepper is a bit larger than most but it provides excellently smooth gliding actions for both walking and running exercises. The manual design of the stepper gives the user a bigger challenge in order to enhance the quality of the workout. It features a rubberized platform for extra traction and features a very durable build that is made of 1.5 inches of rolled stainless steel metal. For added comfort, it comes with foam padded handlebars and a 5-function computer that displays all the necessary workout metrics.