Top 10 Best Stereo Shelf Systems of 2017 – Reviews


Despite the multitude of music-playing devices people own nowadays, none can meet the standards that traditional stereo shelf systems do, at least in terms of sheer power. These devices are designed to offer playback of the highest quality at a volume that smaller devices simply cannot match. Not only that but they are also packing a host of interesting features like mobile speakers, multi-format playback capabilities, and even Bluetooth connectivity in some cases. Having said that, let us find out what are the ten best stereo shelf systems the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Stereo Shelf Systems Reviews 2017

10Sony All in One

amazon buttonThe Sony All in One 700W Hi-Fi Shelf System with Bluetooth & NFC from HeroFiber is an all-around performer. There are no less than 7 unique components in this bundle including the Sony All in One 700W Hi-Fi Shelf System, Remote Control, FM Antenna, AA Battery, Auxiliary Cable, HeroFiber Ultra Gentle Cleaning Cloth, and Operating Instructions & Warranty Card. The device can stream music wirelessly from about 30 feet away. It also comes with 2-way bass reflex speakers with 8” subwoofer. It has a CD player that is compatible with CD-R, CD-RW, and MP3 files, and an FM radio with 20 stations as well as USB port for unlimited music options. The auxiliary input allows users to connect their smartphones and other devices.

9Panasonic SC-AKX18

amazon buttonOne of the biggest sellers online is the Panasonic MAD DJ Jukebox Sound System SC-AKX18. It has a list of features that make it a great addition to any home. One stand out feature is the Dual USB Playback which allows users to attach two USB sticks at a time. Another great feature is the DJ Effects which can be controlled through a smartphone. Make sound effects, create light effects, and so much more. The Bluetooth wireless technology allows users to control their entertainment from their smartphones. Not only that but it also features dual 6.3” subwoofers for superb sound and bass.


amazon buttonThe GPX HC425B system is a great compact stereo system that fits in any room decor. Feature-wise, let us point out that it comes with a remote control that has batteries included. The system plays CD’s and supports all kinds of formats including CD-R and CD-RW files. There is also an MP3 player for non-stop entertainment. This shelf system comes with an AM/FM radio for worldwide music and preset stations at 20 for AM and 20 for FM. The device also features an LCD display which shows a digital clock and sleep timer while its built-in AC power cable allows for easy connectivity.

7Yamaha MCR-B020BL

amazon buttonThe name Yamaha stands for quality in the electronics department and the MCR-B020BL showcases that quality perfectly. It is a powerful device and bundle system that delivers on practically all fronts. There is a CD player that is compatible with all formats including CD-R and CR-RW. It also features an AM/FM radio with preset stations for unlimited music. With the Bluetooth wireless streaming feature, users can stream music directly from their smartphones and other mobile devices. On top of all this, it also has auxiliary inputs to connect other devices to the system. A USB port is also present for good measure, a port that allows you to connect it to other devices either for playback or charging purposes.

6Sony LBT-GPX555 High Power Home Audio System

amazon buttonAnother impressive system from Sony is the LBT-GPX55, which is one of the most powerful such systems out there with a total available power of 360W. It is attached to a two-way bass reflex speaker system. The system has an iPhone dock that lets users charge, play, and control their entertainment with their iPods or iPhones. The CD player supports CD-R and CD-RW formats as well as MP3. With the audio-in jack, users can easily connect their external MP3 players, smartphones, or other devices for unlimited music options.

5LG Electronics CM4550

amazon buttonThe CM4550 Stereo Shelf System from LG Electronics is a wonderful device to have at home. This 700W 2.1 channel system ensures that every user gets maximum entertainment every time. The Auto DJ feature is great for creating beats and kicking off a party. With Bluetooth technology incorporated into the machine, users can wirelessly connect their smartphones and other mobile devices for perfect streaming. The Dual USB feature lets users plug 2 USB sticks at the same time and enjoy hassle-free entertainment all the time. Furthermore, its built-in CD player is compatible with all formats including mp3s.

4Sony CMTSBT100

amazon buttonProbably one of the most stylish and popular shelf systems available online, the Sony CMTSBT100 Micro Music System with Bluetooth and NFC stands out through not only its playback quality but through its ingenious construction as well. Its classic design ensures that it fits into any house and surrounding. It produces very impressive sound and powerful bass. With the included Bluetooth Audio feature along with AAC and apt-X support, users can wirelessly connect their devices and play their favorite content. With One-Touch NFC, users can easily connect and control the system.

3Sony Micro Hi-Fi Stereo

amazon buttonSony is by far one of the best manufacturers in the business and their 120W Micro Hi-Fi Stereo System shows us why that is. This stereo system houses a single CD player that is compatible with virtually all formats, an FM radio receiver for users to enjoy radio tunes when pre-recorded media is unavailable, a USB port to allow users to enjoy countless hours of music, and an iPod dock that lets users connect their iPhones or iPods seamlessly. The Bass Boost feature ensures sublime music quality while its sleep timer, a play timer, and a time display make it so that you have full control over its playback capabilities at all times.

2Innovative Technology ITCDS-5000

amazon buttonThe Classic Retro Bluetooth Stereo System with CD player, Aux In, FM radio, and Headphone Jack from Innovative Technology is a stand out product for a number of reasons. First of all, its Bluetooth feature lets users play and control the music easily from their Bluetooth enabled devices.The device also features a CD player and a remote control that is great for controlling the bass, treble, and other functions of the system remotely. The 50W stereo sound is crisp and smooth while the speaker grills can be removed for better cleaning. Also worth mentioning is that its built-in FM radio comes with 20 preset stations to choose from, which is a great feature to have.

1Panasonic SC-HC39

amazon buttonIt is our honest opinion that Panasonic’s SC-HC39 Micro Home Audio Sound System is the best shelf system available money can buy. It not only has an elegant design that allows it to be mounted on a wall if needed but the sound quality is absolutely great and the bass is equally impressive. With the LincsD-Amp, vocals are cleaner and a lot crisper, regardless of the media format. With the Bluetooth feature, users can enjoy wireless control from their Bluetooth enabled devices with no limitations whatsoever. Also noteworthy is the power cord included with the system which is sturdy and extremely durable. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best stereo shelf systems ever made.