Top 10 Best Stockpots of 2017 – Reviews


Stockpots can be found in any well-equipped kitchen nowadays and for good reasons. These pots allow you to prepare stock the way it was meant to be prepared along with allowing you to cook a variety of other dishes and slow-cooking meals.

The great thing about stockpots is that they offer value for years given how durable most of them are, which is why you want to invest in one that is guaranteed to meet all your cooking needs. To give you a bit of perspective on the matter, we put together a list of the ten best stockpots the market has to offer at this point in time.

10Excelsteel 16 Stainless Steel Pot

amazon buttonFinding a stockpot as good as Excelsteel’s 16 Stainless Steel Pot is hard. This stockpot was built to last and its durability is unmatched even by much more expensive stockpots. This stainless steel pot ensures that heat is distributed evenly and makes for an excellent cooking experience because of it. At the same time, its lid is made of fiberglass and steel, which makes it impressively sturdy and resistant.

9Update International SPS-100

amazon buttonUpdate’s International stockpot is great for cooking soups, stocks, and other liquid dishes. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the utensil is built to last. The core is made from a 5mm thick aluminum base which is surrounded by 2 layers of steel for extra protection. The pot has a capacity of 100 quarts and is great for professional and residential kitchens alike given its accommodating nature.

8Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel Stockpot

amazon buttonThe Calphalon stockpot is a great addition to any kitchen. The base of the utensil is made of high-quality aluminum which allows the heat to evenly flow throughout the pot when cooking. It is also covered in stainless steel to ensure its long-lasting durability. It can be used on a stove, induction top, oven, and dishwasher as well. The pot also comes with an added container with tiny holes for users to strain pasta, rice, and noodles as well as vegetables. When buying this one, make sure you have a reliable pot holder also.

7Winware Professional Stockpot

amazon buttonWinware stockpots are used in professional kitchens where large amounts of soup and other liquids are cooked on a regular basis. The reason behind this is that they will accommodate any type of dish while providing perfect heat distribution throughout the pot. For extra durability, it is made from reinforced aluminum and has a super durable rim. The cover is also made from heavy duty aluminum to help with the cooking process.

6Cuisinart 766-26 Chef’s Classic Stockpot

amazon buttonA great chef requires great cookware and Cuisinart knows how to deliver just that. The core of this stockpot is made from high-quality aluminum for proper heat distribution and is surrounded by the best and most durable stainless steel possible. The tapered edges ensure that nothing is spilled when pouring the contents after the cooking’s done. The handles too are made from stainless steel and remain cool when used. Furthermore, the stockpot is oven friendly up to 550 degrees and weighs just 3 pounds.

5Bayou Classic 1124 All-Purpose Stockpot

amazon buttonThe Bayou Classic Stockpot is great for outdoor cooking, mostly thanks to its surgical grade stainless steel which makes it extremely durable overall. The handles are welded on and provide good grip regardless of pot’s contents. At the same time, this pot’s lid comes with vents on it to allow steam to escape during the cooking process. There is a basket included which has tiny holes in it for easy steaming and frying. Worth mentioning is that this utensil weighs 9 pounds and can be carried anywhere easily.

4Faberware Classic Covered Stockpot

amazon buttonBoasting an aluminum core which is covered is stainless steel, the Faberware Classic stockpot is built for long lasting cooking. What makes it stand out is the fact that it can be used in ovens as well, at a maximum temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also 100% dishwasher safe and distributes heat equally when cooking. Capacity-wise, this stockpot can hold 16 quarts and weighs just 7.5 pounds.

3Cook N Home NC-00335

amazon buttonThis stainless steel stockpot from Cook N Home is both affordable and delivers a performance like no other stockpot in this price range. The mouth of the utensil is 13 inches and has a depth of 9 inches, thus accommodating any type of dish you might need to be slow-cooked. It has a capacity of 20QT and can hold 8-pint jars if you should ever need it to. The premium quality material makes it extremely durable and distributes heat equally even on induction cook tops.

2Bayou Classic 1044 Stockpot

amazon buttonThis 44-quart pot is perfect for people looking to create delicious soups and stocks in a timely fashion. The 20 gauge stainless steel used in its construction ensures the pot does not rust or corrode as a result of daily use, while its durable handles make it easy to hold and transport. The Bayou stockpot is fitted with a rim for holding baskets in which vegetables and meats can be steamed and weighs just 12 pounds which make it perfect for any kitchen.

1T-fal A92280 Speciality Stockpot

amazon buttonT-fal’s unique design and performance are what makes it perhaps the best stockpot on the market. It has a 12-quart capacity and it comes with a non-stick inside/outside coating which ensures it can be cleaned easily along with using less fat or oil than standard pots. It also features a glass lid with a vent to let steam escape during the cooking process. Interestingly enough, this stockpot’s base has an aluminum core for even distribution of heat at any cooking temperature. Also interesting is that it can be used in a 350-degree oven with no issues to speak of and that it is 100% dishwasher safe.