Top 10 Best Stopwatches of 2017 – Reviews


All athletes and workout enthusiasts who value their workouts should invest in a reliable stopwatch sooner or later, a fact many find out the hard way. A good stopwatch can help you balance your schedule so that you get more out of each training session without putting too much strain on your general fitness. Having said that, let us point out that not all stopwatches can be expected to perform flawlessly, not all the cheap ones at least. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best stopwatches money can buy.

Best Stopwatches Reviews 2017

10Sportline Walking Advantage

amazon buttonMade in the USA, SportlineStopwatch is a waterproof and tough sports watch that is favored by numerous trainers, it has a tally counter that is digitized that is both simple to read and accurate. Its outer casing boasts a typical grid skin that boosts its grip and operational ease and is shockproof. While it has its crop of challenges such as fast draining batteries and needing frequent settings, it needs minimal skill to work with. It also has a large screen that displays properly defined and clear characters that are properly visible.

9Ultrak 100 Lap Memory Timer

amazon buttonThis 71x21x60mm accessory is easy to transport digital stopwatch that is compact and well-designed to enhance user experience. It boasts an LCD 49x21mm display complemented by a magnetized back that suits hands-free operation. It functions both as a timer and a clock and offers selectable 24 and 12-hour clock provision. Besides being somewhat hard to use and coming with poor button quality, it provides an enhanced memory function for the storage of data for a better and easier review. Finally, it comes with a dependable battery-powered system and four-timer buttons that are amazingly durable. And if that’s not all, it comes with an ergonomic and light design that is simple to use.

8Learning Resources Simple Stopwatch

amazon buttonFor efficiency, accuracy, and convenience, Learning Resources Simple Stopwatch might just be one of the best options out there. It has a 3-button design that is easy to use where you press the green one to start the clock, the red one to stop, and the yellow one to clear the screen and begin afresh. Despite having a fairly dull screen, it is made of quality material that lasts longer compared to other models and also comes with a super-reliable simple technology and durable buttons.

7MARATHON ST083013 Adanac

amazon buttonPopular with sports-persons and normal individuals alike, the ST083013 comes with a gorgeous red case that is easy to spot even in dark places and a durable underlying plastic material. The watch boasts a wonderful ergonomic design that comfortably fits the hand. With respect to performance, first, it allows you to effortlessly track time for either single and split event inclusive of the total time. It also features a laser-tuned system that is accurate, a calendar, alarm and time feature just to mention the list of features. An original piece, therefore, provides accurate readings boasting an approximate accuracy of 1/100 seconds (0.01).Besides the MARATHON ST083013 being simple to use, it also provided great visibility. And despite coming with no user instructions, this is equipped with well-placed and ergonomic buttons that are quite enjoyable to use. Finally, besides the numbers and text being digitized and large, it is equipped with black long lanyard (46-inch) which also functions as a characteristic neck strap.

6MARATHON Adanac 4000

amazon buttonYet another MARATHON stopwatch, the Adanac 4000 is a compact and accurate stopwatch that is ideal for the tracking of time in any environment. It has a simple to read and large display with a plastic waterproof case that is not only comfortable but also durable. It is Yellow themed stopwatch with a significantly visible design that is easy to track in the dark. It boasts numerous features that make it easy to use, convenient and reliable. They include laser-tuned time, enhanced split mode features (including freeze) and an accurate calendar and time provision. Even with no backlighting and with loose buttons, it comes with a limited one-year warranty and a subsequently loud alarm provision.

5ProCoach RS-013

amazon buttonQuality stopwatches need to accurately track time, properly stand the test of time and take the abuse of whatever kind well and so does the ProCoach RS-013. It is not only water-resistant but also durable. It is made from plastic making it simple to use and light. Moreover, its characteristic functions such as the alarm, date and time functions are amazingly accurate and are formulated to assist you in your work quests. This stopwatch comes with an eye-catching design and a durable case not to mention an easy to setup and subsequently operate the system. And although it has a fussy display, its lightweight characteristic, compact design and lanyard that allows you to securely fasten it around your wrist or neck.

4Gymboss miniMAX Interval Timer-and-Stopwatch

amazon buttonDesigned to double as a timer and a stopwatch, Gymboss miniMAX is equipped with a black and yellow visible case boasting a soft non-slip coat which minimizes irritation even when running or training. The portability as exhibited by this watch is amazing. Rather than a typically bulky, large and difficult to use item, you receive a well-streamlined and compact product that is functional in virtually any condition. This miniMAX stopwatch by Gymboss has the capacity to track as many as 25 (2-99) second intervals. It has an inbuilt memory that stores an approximate 20 programs with a well-functioning arm and clock. It is powered by a single battery (AAA) and boasts a detachable belt clip that allows easy portability. Although it is not waterproof, it has a design that is both impact and sweat resistant.

3Gymboss Stopwatch and Interval Timer

amazon buttonThis quality stopwatch comes with characteristic auto-mode features which automatically cycle your preferred intervals and a subsequent built-in clock and stopwatch, both being amazingly accurate. Gymboss incorporates a robust belt clip which eases transportation. This 2-in1 accessory is well-suited for athletes, sportsmen and a trainer since it is both sweat and impact resistant. It is battery-powered with its only cons being its somewhat fussy system power circuit not to mention few intervals compared to other such systems.

2ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor A601X Stopwatch

amazon buttonDesigned to function as a typical clock, this versatile stopwatch is your one step to punctuality and accuracy. It comes with a lemon-themed stylish case which is both water and abuse resistant. Aside from its stylish characteristic, it also boasts a gigantic non-glare display which functions well in outdoor environments. The A601X is designed using professional grade materials which are both effective and durable. The stopwatch is equipped with a water and shockproof X case is powered by a lithium battery that offers an undeterred five-year lifespan and also comes in a precise, ergonomic and reliable design which is non-irritant to the user. It is available in different amazing colors giving more to choose from than the typical boring black as has been the case with stopwatches. It has a simple operation and comes with a limited manufacturer warranty and besides the simple hitch of easily scratching, the ACCUSPLIT is an accessory that gives you your money worth.

1MARATHON Adanac 3000

amazon buttonAn older edition of Adanac 4000, the Adanac 3000 is currently one of the best-selling stopwatches on the market. It is not only affordable but also digitized and subsequently works well in the outdoors courtesy of its waterproof design. The Adanac 3000 boasts a simple to read and the large screen with large buttons that are eye-catching and which work seamlessly. It has an approximate accuracy of 10 milliseconds and comes with a time and a calendar display that is accurate and clear. Finally, despite the fussy buttons, it has a split mode provision that supports both single and split events not to mention freeze and a comfortable lanyard neck strap.