Top 10 Best Streaming Media Players of 2017 – Reviews


Streaming platforms are extremely popular nowadays and for good reasons as well. Gone are the days when people had to get physical copies of whatever media they were interested in playing, a process that would usually involve bulky tapes, CDs, or DVDs. These days, all you need is a Bluetooth connected device and you can stream any media file within seconds without employing any technologies other than your mobile devices. Alternatively, one could also employ a streaming media player for the job, a device designed to connect your LED TV or monitor to virtually any internet streaming service. So without further ado, here are the ten best streaming media players the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Streaming Media Players Reviews 2017

10Sony SMP-N100

amazon buttonWith the ability to stream TV episodes, movies, videos and music from a variety of different streaming services like Netflix, Pandora, Amazon and others, the Sony SMP-N100 is one of the most versatile streaming media players out there. For this purpose, it comes equipped with inbuilt Wi-Fi and USB inputs. By using your home network you can now stream music, videos, and photographs directly from any DLNA compatible devices, such as your PC, from this handy device. Uniquely constructed with a sleek design, it can be placed on your TV stand or computer table without any obstructions. With the help of an HDMI cable, you can also stream full HD 1080 videos on your HD TV. The device comes with a remote control and can also be handled via the app that comes free on your Android or iOS devices.


amazon buttonExtremely easy to utilize, featuring your favorite movies, Television shows and music in 4K and loaded with unlimited fun games, the NVIDIA SHIELD – 4K HDR is a new and improved device offering you infinite hours or entertainment. Get access to all the best features from Netflix and Youtube and access much more entertainment applications like Spotify, CBC News, Crackle and much more, thanks to Android TV. Equipped with the latest voice search feature, you can just speak into the device and Google will help you find it within seconds. It also comes with Chromecast which allows you to cast any program from your mobile device onto the TV screen. Get access to all the latest new generation games available on SHIELD or stream games from the cloud with the help of GeForce NOW.


amazon buttonWith the new and improved NETGEAR NeoTV NTV300, you can now transform your TV into a Smart TV. Watch over 1000 movies instantly with this device thanks to its in-built Wi-Fi feature. Connect easily to your home network and stream videos, music, and photographs all on your television screen. This device comes with a handy remote control application that can be downloaded on selected Android devices and iOS devices that come with infrared. Watch television shows, latest movies and listen to music directly from well known online channels like Netflix, Hulu plus and much more.


amazon buttonPlay all 2D and 3D media files with the latest KDLINKS HD720. This device supports Blu-Ray navigation Menu (BD 1.0), Dolby TrueHD, Full 1080P and DTS-HD. Thanks to its 1186 3D Chipset from Realtek it gives you a faster clock speed, more RAM space, full HD support and the use of HDMI1.4. With a 1000Mbps Gigabit Network and an inbuilt 802.11n Wi-Fi, it comes with an LCD panel at the front an inbuilt 3.5” SATA/SATA2 Hard drive with a space of up to 4TB. The device supports HDMI, RCA, and YPbPr, and is compatible with most TV sets. Made from heavy duty aluminum, the housing cables efficiently dissipate heat from the CPU preventing it from overheating.

6Nyrius ARIES NPCS549

amazon buttonThe Nyrius ARIES NPCS549 is a wireless device that streams 1080P HD 3D and audio directly to your television screen. You can now watch your favorite TV shows, movies and videos from your PC, Laptop, gaming device etc on your TV or projector. With an easy plug and play installation, the device can be set up in just a few minutes and does not require any cables or tools. With the ability to transmit clear signals, it can easily stream uncompressed High Definition videos as well as audios without any hassle. With a streaming range of up to 30feet, it can transmit high-quality digital signals through walls, floors, and ceilings. Thanks to its sleek and low profile design, it works with any HDMI video device and is perfect for utilization with laptops.

5Roku LT 2700R

amazon buttonWith over 1500streaming channels, the Roku LT 2700R gives you the option of choosing from a wide range of entertainment including TV shows, Movies, Music, News, Sports and much more. Streaming videos up to 720P in crystal clear HD quality, it comes with free subscriptions to Pandora and Crackle while you can get complete access to your subscriptions with Hulu Plus and Netflix. The device is wireless and does not require any tools or cables for setting up. It also features easy to use channel shortcuts that allow you to select your favorite shows/streams with just one push of a button on the remote.

4Roku 2710X-B Roku 1

amazon buttonEnjoy over 2000 entertainment channels and select from a wide variety of different streams including TV shows, movies, music, videos, sports, and much more with the Roku -2710X-B Roku 1. Offering you a high-quality HD video experience, this device supports 1080P HD. Extremely easy to setup, it does not require any tools or wires as the device works wirelessly. Featuring special shortcut buttons for dedicated channels, you can go right to your favorites with the help of the remote controller. You can also make the most of the one-stop search where you can choose from the top channels including Netflix, VUDU, Hulu Plus and more, to switch on your favorite shows instantly.

3Roku 4 4K UHD 4400R

amazon buttonChoose from a wide selection of over 2500 online streaming channels and get the latest TV shows, Movies, music, international news, sports, Kids TV and much more with the Roku 4 4K UHD 4400R. Offering you top notch, stunning HD quality and captivating picture quality on 4K Ultra HD televisions, it comes with next gen streaming technology. The device can also upscale 720p and 1080P HD streaming to 4K Ultra HD streaming on 4K TVs. Equipped with the latest voice search technology, just let it know what you would like to watch and it provides quick results by title, actor etc.

2Roku 3 4200R

amazon buttonUnlike other similar devices, the Roku 3 4200R is a faster and more powerful device that offers a wider range, with optimized wireless performance and increased speed, thanks to its dual band technology. Giving you high quality 1080P HD videos, it comes with an easy to use remote control with a headphone jack that enables late night viewing, without disturbing anyone at home. Equipped with 4 easy access buttons and a special one-touch access to famous online streaming apps, it also comes with a unique one-stop search that gives you all the best, top entertainment available for you to select from. The device also features on a special app on your Android and iOS devices that allow you to control the TV like a remote. You can also stream your music and photographs from your smartphone directly on to a TV screen of your choice.

1Amazon Fire TV

amazon buttonThe Amazon Fire TV is among the best online streaming players available right now. Supporting 4K Ultra HD TVs, you can now watch real-life picture quality and HD streams on Youtube, Netflix, and more without a 4K television. Get access to over 15,000 applications and games and over 300,000 TV episodes and all the latest movies and flicks on Netflix, HBO Now and more. With the help of Alexa and its special voice remote control, you can ask for what you want to watch and it will be displayed on your Television screen. If you do not have cable, you can watch TV shows, News, sports online with the CBS all access feature. Unlike other devices of its kind, this device comes with a powerful graphics engine, enhanced Wi-Fi support, 8GB storage with 200 GB expandable memory, and 2GB of RAM memory for good measure.