Top 10 Best Surround Sound Systems of 2017 – Reviews


Surround systems are pretty much the best thing you can get in terms of performance and fidelity as far as acoustics go, every person who is serious about their music already knows that. This being said, there are so many surround systems out there to choose from that it can be quite difficult to pinpoint the one that best suits your needs.

In this respect, you should perhaps find out what exactly you’re looking for in a sound system before seeing what the market has to offer. With that taken care of, all that remains is that you figure out which one to buy. You’re in luck here, because we went ahead and put together a list of the ten best surround systems on the market for you to choose from.

10Theater Solutions Surround Sound Home Entertainment System

amazon buttonOwning this home theater system will represent a complete transformation of your home entertainment experience. The system has 600 watts of power, and it has also been finely tuned to offer quality sound as well, whether you are listening to music, watching movies, or playing video games. In addition to its amazing performance and power, the system is also energy efficient because of its standby function.

9Acoustic Audio AA5102 800W 5.1 Channel Home Theater Surround Sound Speaker System

amazon buttonAll the booming antics of your favorite movies will come to life through this great 5.1 home theater system. The system will also connect seamlessly with other electronics in your house, including televisions and gaming consoles. The quality of sound on this system is incredible,and its all due to its effective use of magnetic shielding. Not only that but the system’s overall construction is ages ahead most of the surround systems in its class.

8Pyle PT798SBA 7.1 Channel Home Theater System

amazon buttonWith this 7.1 channel home theater system, you can expect sound quality unlike any other. Other than that, this is one of the few modern systems that will give you access to unfettered Bluetooth connectivity. So, having this system play music from your smartphone, iPod, and MP3 devices will be a bliss. The bass quality on this system is also worth a special mention: it has been refined to become one of the most well-balanced bass sounds you have ever heard.

7Samsung 5.1 Channel 1000-Watt Blu-Ray Home Theater System

amazon buttonWith this home theater system, it will not matter if you are watching movies or listening to your favorite pieces of music, you will feel lucky you bought this home theater system. The audio output on this system is crisp, thanks to the system’s inbuilt Dolby Digital audio capabilities. The system also supports HDMI connections, which needless to say, is definitely something to look for in a surround system.

6Sony DAVTZ140 DVD Home Theater System

amazon buttonAs a perfect complement to the brand’s shining reputation in the cutthroat home electronics industry, this Sony home theater system has won the hearts of many consumers. The system consists of a powerful subwoofer, and 50-watt front, rear, and center speakers. The DVD player that comes with this system offers 1080p upscaling. Other features you will enjoy as the owner of this home theater system includes the latest USB connection port, HDMI connectivity, and the ability to control multimedia content on all devices using a single remote control.

5Frisby FS-5010BT 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theater System

amazon buttonEver dreamed of having a wireless audio ecosystem? This home theater system might bring your dreams to reality. The Bluetooth capabilities of this system are such that you can connect virtually ever Bluetooth device you can think of to the speaker system and enjoy high-quality sound without the need for inconvenient wires and cables. In fact, the system is also able to read directly from memory cards and USB drives, which means it is perfectly capable of being a powerful standalone audio system.

4Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System Z906

amazon buttonThis 5.1 home theater system has a peak power rating of 1000 watts. One of the highlights of this home theater system is its deep clean bass provided by its powerful woofer. The system can also be linked to six different devices, and through a process that is very easy. The remote control is also particularly intuitive so that your experience of the system is as satisfactory as the superior audio quality it delivers.

3Onkyo 5.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver/Speaker Package

amazon buttonFor an immersive cinematic entertainment experience, this home theater system will get the job done. This 5.1 audio system has genuine surround sound that will bring out the best in every audio signal you feed to it. The technology on this system is also quite advanced, as it will handle even the latest Dolby TrueHD sound technology sounds on Blu-Ray DVDs. Connectivity options on this system include its Bluetooth.

2Logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z506

amazon buttonLogitech has a history of producing top-ranking home electronic devices, and this home theater system clearly demonstrates why this has been the case. The sound that comes out of this system has been processed to a whole new quality level. Besides the impressive sound quality, this home theater system also comes with lots of other extras.

They include compatibility features for TVs, DVD players, computers, and mobile devices. The system is also able to take stereo sound and turn it into immersive high-quality surround sound easily. The subwoofer is also quite powerful, and capable of reproducing those booming sounds you love with unimagined perfection.

1Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System

amazon buttonThe sound quality on this sound is very high quality, which means the sounds are as real as you can possibly expect them to be. At the center of this amazing sound system is a 200-watt subwoofer with its thoughtful front-firing port for superior sound projection. The cabinet used on the subwoofer is also state-of-the-art, being of the MDF sort.

One of the reasons this speaker system is so powerful and effective include its patented audio technology that promises to offer a crisp and smooth sound as you play games, listen to music and watch the television. Overall, it is perhaps the best surround system money can buy.