Top 10 Best Survival Knives of 2017 – Reviews


A good survival knife stands out by being both resilient and easy to use. Not only that but you should always expect a survival knife to be relatively lightweight and easy to sharpen up on the go, without any of the tools a regular knife would require. In fact, one should always look at a survival knife as a tool in itself, both in terms of practicality and durability. In this respect, let us point out that although most survival knives can be expected to meet certain standards, only a select few stand out for meeting all the necessary criteria. Long story short, here are the ten best survival knives money can buy.

10Schrade SCHF3 Extreme Fixed Survival Blade

amazon buttonExtreme situations call for extreme measures and one such is the use of the SCHF3 Schrade Extreme knife. One of its catch features is its high and tough carbon 7Cr17 blade (stainless steel) blade which is not only perfect for survival but also for combat. Its drop point blade makes formerly challenging tasks such as skinning; chopping and carving appear easy and simple! Moreover, it is easily graspable owing to its Micarta handle.

9Columbia River Knife And Tool M16-01KZ Black Blade

amazon buttonThe deceiving looks of this survival knife make it mistakable for a typical kitchen knife. It comes with a 6.3” long full tang (carbon steel) blade. Moreover, the tip of its blade is modified but boasts full width which boosts its durability especially in purposes of penetration. The knife has deep grooves for the fingers a factor facilitated by the handle which is Zytel injection-molded.

8Fallkniven Wilderness Knife

amazon buttonFallkniven Knife sets itself apart from typical survival blades first for its blade length of 7.95” and its material composition which unlike other blades boasts a blend of multiple hard metals. The blade’s core boasts VG10 stainless steel (high carbon) complimented by a tough coating of 420J2 steel making it a durable drop point survival blade ideal for both slicing and chopping.

7Tom Brown T010 Tracker Knife

amazon buttonThe TO10 tracker is a multi-purpose blade knife (fixed) that can perform numerous tasks including engraving, chopping, hammering, and carving, splitting and even sawing. Its 4.25” steel blade (1095) comes with a slightly different and exceptional shape as opposed to standard survival knives. Its wide steel blade (carbon alloy) has a serrated top and comes with a tough handle made of Micarta and a sheath characterized by Black Kydex all for easy gripping.

6Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie

amazon buttonThe Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie is a complete amalgam of sturdiness, economy and real-world properties. It has a 10” long steel blade boasting carbon steel material. Its applications span far and wide including slicing through bushes, thickets and thick branches almost effortlessly! Moreover, its handle made from thick Micarta is easy to detach while the knife is accompanied by a standard tactical sheath.

5Cold Steel 39LSF Leatherneck

amazon buttonThe 39LSF cold steel knife is one razor sharp knife that is capable of handling multiple tough tasks particularly since its blade boasts German 4116 (stainless steel) material and is subsequently safeguarded by a non-reflexive Tuff-Ex coating. Its handle which is deeply textured comes in handy when griping since it has Kray-Ex as it underlying material. Moreover, it protects the fingers from hurt using its steel made strong finger guards on its handle.

4SOG SEAL Team Elite Knife

amazon buttonBeautifully crafted, dependable and superiorly strong, this SOG knife has a 7” long steel AUS-8 blade. Its blade is completely resilient to all forms of wear owing to the fact that it was made using exclusive cryogenic heat process of treatment. Likewise, it comes with a Glass-enforces Nylon (GRN) handle; this and a combination of other feature justify its polarity with outdoorsmen and military professionals.

3Recon Tanto Cold Steel 13RTK Knife

amazon buttonBeautifully crafted, this is a 7 inch long durable blade that boasts Japanese AUS type of stainless steel material which is characteristically coated using Tuff-Ex material. It additionally comes equipped with a Kraton-Ex (Western style) comfortable and long heavily studded handle which provides a better handling experience. Moreover, this wonderful knife which facilitates even bush slashing is complimented by a typical Secure-Ex Sheath for good measure.

2Gerber Infantry LMF II Knife

amazon buttonFor anyone looking for a multi-purpose survival knife, then the Gerber Infantry knife is the perfect tool. Aside from just chopping firewood, it is applicable in shelter creation and also even cutting through vehicle seat belts; It can also surprisingly using fishing spears be tied onto a pole. It also boasts a black 420H (4.84-inch drop) stainless steel and comes both rugged and electrically insulated.

1Ka-Bar BK2 Becker Fixed Blade Companion Knife

amazon buttonThe Ka-Bar BK2 Companion Blade Knife is designed to fit anyone’s hand with ease, a versatility that makes it stand out among the rest. The drop point .25” blade of this knife is designed to be particularly useful when performing functions such as prying, chopping, skinning and splitting. It is also crafted off Cro-Van 1095 steel which makes the core extremely tough and resilient. Moreover, the Grivory material that allows its handle to offer a much required strong grip when using it, an integral feature of any survival knife.