Top 10 Best Swingline Staplers of 2017 – Reviews


Those of you who are familiar with Swingline staplers should know by now just how much better they are than your average office stapler. Even among them, however, some stand out as being much better than others, not to mention how versatile some of them are. In this regard, it should be said that each particular model is designed to meet specific standards, both in terms of stapling capacity and reliability. After taking into consideration everything Swingline has put out over the years, we figured out what the ten best Swingline staplers are and what characteristics make them stand out among the rest.

Best Swingline Staplers Reviews 2017

10Swingline Mini Fashion Stapler

amazon buttonHow many times have you found yourself looking for a stapler while on the go and just couldn’t get your hands on one? With the Swingline Mini Fashion Stapler, you can have a small, convenient, and powerful stapler right in your pocket at all times. It is stylish and square shaped, which makes it great for any on the go paper stapling you might need to do. It can also hold a quarter magazine at any given time, which means that the stapler can be used on 12 pages on a single charge.

9Swingline Heavy Duty Stapler 160 Sheets Black/Gray

amazon buttonStanding out as one of the most reliable staplers out there, the Swingline Heavy Duty Stapler 160 Sheets Black/Gray is definitely a piece of office equipment every office desk should have. It can staple an impressive 160 sheets at a time and reloading is extremely easy. The entire stapler is made from durable metal which ensures a long lasting life. It allows users to staple sheets with precision while making sure the staple is properly fastened. The tool allows different size staples to be used ranging from 1 inch to 3 inches in size.

8Swingline High-Capacity Desk Stapler Reduced Effort 60 Sheets

amazon buttonThe Swingline High-Capacity Desk Stapler Reduced Effort 60 Sheets is by far, one of the best-looking staplers available. But style is not the only feature it brings. It can staple up to 60 sheets at a time and requires up to 30% less effort as compared to regular staplers. The metal and plastic construction make it a durable and long lasting device. It also comes with 500 included staples, which recommends it for any office environment.

7Swingline Optima 70 Desk Stapler Reduced Effort 70 Sheets

amazon buttonWhen you buy the Swingline Optima 70 Desk Stapler Reduced Effort 70 Sheets, you get one of the best looking and performing staplersĀ on the market. It requires just 50% of the effort needed as compared to regular staplers. It is designed ergonomically and fits comfortably in the hand. It can staple 70 sheets of paper at a time and offers a 100% jam-free performance every single time it’s used. Construction-wise, we should point out that the stapler is made from durable metal and is covered in tough plastic and rubber.

6Swingline Commercial Desk Stapler 20 Sheet Capacity

amazon buttonFor businesses that deal in a lot of paperwork, the Swingline Commercial Desk Stapler 20 Sheet Capacity is definitely one the best options out there. The device is fitted with a specialized inner rail that keeps all kinds of jams away. It can staple up to 20 sheets of paper at a time and can be reloaded easily without any hassle. The metal construction ensures a durable and long-lasting performance while the toughened plastic exterior keeps the metal safe from scratches. The locking latch keeps the staples in place at all times and the rotating anvil allows users to staple paper in two different ways.

5Swingline 747 Classic Stapler 20 Sheets

amazon buttonWhen it comes to staplers, no one does it better than Swingline, no doubt about it. The 747 Classic Stapler for 20 Sheets is a clear example of their exquisite performance. The stapler is made from hard, durable, and long lasting metal. It can be used to staple a maximum of 20 pages and can be reloaded easily. The stapler opens up for with ease, which is something that makes it easier to clean or reload. It is also built so as to fit comfortably in almost anyone’s hand.

4Swingline Compact Lighttouch Reduced Effort Stapler

amazon buttonIf you have faced the problem of difficult staplers, then you know the importance of an easy to use one. The Swingline Compact Lighttouch Reduced Effort Stapler is a perfect example of this. Because of the reduced effort, it is easier to staple more sheets of paper in a relatively lower amount of time. It can hold up to 25 staples at a time and can be reloaded easily with minimal effort. The durable plastic housing ensures that the metal construction is protected at all times. Its small size ensures it can be placed on any table or in any draw. It also features an indicator that lets you know when the stapler needs refilling.

3Swingline Stapler 747 Business

amazon buttonThe Swingline Stapler 747 Business is a unique stapler by most standards. The stapling mechanism ensures that every staple is neatly placed and without any loose staples to speak of. It also features ingenious inner rails which ensure that none of the staples get jammed. The stapler can hold a total of 25 staples and as you would imagine, it can be used on 25 pages. Perhaps the best feature this stapler has is the rotating anvil that provides temporary locks for all the staples.

2Swingline Stapler Optima 40

amazon buttonOrganizing your documents has never been easier that with the Swingline Stapler Optima 40, which is a great office and home desktop piece of equipment that delivers on performance and affordability like no other. It requires a very small amount of force to operate and holds a total of 40 pins which can staple 40 pages on a single charge. The stapler can be loaded from the top and can be filled easily – even with just half a magazine. It is made from durable metal and has a flat clinch for stapling papers neatly. It is also available in black and silver color options for good measure.

1Swingline Lighttouch Reduced Effort Stapler 20 Sheets

amazon buttonWhen you get the Swingline Lighttouch Reduced Effort Stapler, you get the best value for money you can get from a stapler. With a maximum of 25 sheets stapling capacity at a time, this stapler is made for both professional casual use. Furthermore, its metal construction ensures its long-lasting durability, the type of sturdiness you can expect from none but the very best staplers out there. This stapler’s plastic housing keeps the metal safe from any kind of moisture or scratches, while its soft grip allows you to comfortably use the stapler without any pain or discomfort to speak of. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best staplers ever made.