Top 10 Best T-Shirt Heat Press Machines of 2017 – Reviews


There is perhaps no better way to design your own T-shirt than with the help of a heat press machine. These machines are designed to help you print whatever logo, inscription, or graphic design you may have straight onto a T-shirt of your choice with minimal effort.

It used to be that you had to get in touch with a textile printing provider to get the job done in the old days, usually at a steep price. In this respect, a T-shirt heat press machine is a worthy investment if you’re in the business of printing shirts on a regular basis. This being said, let us find out what are the ten best t-shirt heat press machines on the market today.

10Zeny Heat Press Machine

amazon buttonFor the results-driven printing jobs, this machine will be a real treasure. One of its key features is an adjustable multi spring balancer, which is able to retain the pre-set position of the machine and ensure it delivers precise results. The machine has other features that will help you get more accurate results from your work and even get faster results. In particular, the machine is able to provide accelerated heating, which means you can print great designs on your t-shirts, hats, mugs, plates, and other items you like with speed.

9IglobalBuy Digital Heat Press Machine

amazon buttonMany users would swear by this heat press machine because of the many great features it brings to the table. It can work on mugs, t-shirts, and other materials while delivering premium results regardless of the fabric. For better quality work, the machine has a swinging arm that can rotate a full 360 degrees, a feature that will definitely come in handy in the long run and not with t-shirts alone either.

8Professional Multifunctional Heat Press Machine

amazon buttonIf you want a truly painless experience as you print designs on your t-shirts, this heat press machine will leave you very satisfied. The machine is very easy to use, and very versatile for users with mixed design needs. In fact, this machine does not just handle t-shirts, you can print on wood, glass, fabric, plates, and other materials as well. So, if you are looking for a high-quality heat press machine that truly delivers, then this is the unit you want to get.

7Swing Away Heat Press Machine

amazon buttonWith its Teflon coated heating surface, this is one of the best heat press machines you can get your hands on at the time. The printing surface measures 11 by 12 inches, and it can heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which means you can get very high-quality work from this machine. And in case you are worried about where to stow this machine after you are done using it, you should know that it has a very compact design that is sure to save you lots of space.

6PowerPress Industrial Quality Heat Press Machine

amazon buttonFor the quality conscious buyers, this heat press machine has plenty to offer. To begin, it has a?power of between 280 and 1000 watts, which means its capabilities as far as good prints are concerned can be rivaled by very few competitors. As a matter of fact, this press is able to generate heat of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, this machine was designed to be very easy to use regardless of the type of fabric being printed.

5ePhoto Digital T-Shirt Heat Press Sublimation Machine

amazon buttonWith a surface of about 15 by 15 inches, this machine can address many printing needs. The machine comes ready to go, so no complicated assembly will be required to get it working. The machine also uses a very compact design. Therefore, in addition to providing high-quality prints, the press will also be very easy to store if space is a concern for you. At the same time, you might find this heat press to be a lot easier to use than most other presses in this price range.

4Promo Heat Swing Away Heat Transfer Press Machine Pro-230B

amazon buttonAmazing designs on t-shirts and other materials will be a reality with this heat press machine, especially because its printing surface can reach temperatures of 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Durability is also one of the many upsides to owning this great heat press machine. This makes it appropriate even for commercial applications. Also worth mentioning is the fact that this particular heat press is one of the most efficient in its class, which strangely enough, doesn’t affect its affordable price.

3Digital T-Shirt Heat Transfer Machine

amazon buttonOther than its ample 15 by 15-inch printing surface, this heat press machine has plenty more to offer. Firstly, its sturdy construction has been one of the reasons behind its great popularity in the market. This means that if you need a machine that can handle heavy use, this model is a good option for you. The quality of its work it also exemplary. Furthermore, for added convenience, it can be easily plugged into regular power outlets.

2Gecko T-Shirt Sublimation Heat Press Machine

amazon buttonWith a large non-stick printing surface, premium construction and a broad temperature range, this is one of the leading heat press machines in the industry. The machine uses 1500 watts of power, which means it is able to produce superior results every time. So, if you are not willing to make any compromises as you shop for a heat press machine, you will not go wrong with this particular unit.

1PowerPress Industrial Quality Digital T-Shirt Heating Press Machine

amazon buttonThis heat press machine uses digital technology that is able to produce very high-quality work. The quality of the results it produces is what has earned it such a prestigious position in the sector, a popularity owed mainly to how easy it is to operate in regards to how efficient it is overall. More importantly, it does not take a whole lot of work to get premium results out of this machine as it is very easy and convenient to use, which of course, explains its popularity.