Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits of 2017 – Reviews


Tattoo artists everywhere agree on the fact that tattoo kits are the one thing you shouldn’t be afraid to spend money on. This is because a good tattoo kit should be seen as a long-term investment more than anything else, one that will definitely pay for itself in good time. These kits contain everything an artist needs, from caps and inks to sterile tattoo needles, disposable tubing, and antiseptic wash.

In this respect, you should always look for a kit that contains as many accessories as possible. To give you a better idea of what the market has to offer, we put together a list of the ten best tattoo kits money can buy.

10DGT Starter Tattoo Kit

amazon buttonAs the name suggests, this tattoo kit is ideal for beginners. The user-friendly apparatus is perfect to help newbie artists improve their skills and even perfect them if given enough time. The kit includes some great tools like a tattoo machine gun, a digital power supply, a mini foot pedal and a clip cord, an aluminum tube with 2 inch grips, 2 stainless steel tattoo tips, an adjustable rubber Allen key Grommets kit, an 8”x6” practice skin, 10 replacement O-rings, 1 ink cup holder, 10 assorted throwaway needles, 5 tattoo inks and a case to carry the entire kit.

9Solong Complete Tattoo Kit

amazon buttonThe Solong Kit is a great tattoo set for starters and new tattoo artists. The tools provided in this package ensure that upcoming artists are given the right amount of guidance in developing and refining their tattooing skills. The kit features 3 tattoo guns that can be used both for shading as well as lining, a special LCD power supply, a foot pedal along with a clips cord, 50 assorted needles, 40 tattoo ink colors that are sterile, bright and safe to use, 50 tattoo tips, 100 ink cups in various sizes, rubber gloves, a reusable practice leather skin, transfer stencil paper, an adjustable tool kit and a custom carry case.

8Rehab Ink Complete Tattoo Kit

amazon buttonThe Rehab Ink complete Kit is the ideal kit for professional tattoo artists. It includes all the tools that are required by a skilled artist along with a supply set. The kit features two main tattoo machines along with varied gel-grip tubes, 40 needles – 20 for shading and 20 for lining, a power supply as well as a foot pedal, 18 disposable tips, 75 grommets, 2 leather sheets for practice purposes, 4 round silica tubes, 75 spare o-rings, 50 cushion rings, a 5-ounce bottle of Tribal Black ink, ink cups, rubber bands and gloves, a custom carry case and an eBook with all the necessary instructions.

7Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit

amazon buttonFor newbie upcoming tattoo artists and those fresh tattoo artists who are using a tattoo kit for the first time, this particular kit might just be a perfect choice. Not only does the kit feature helpful tools, the company also has a specialized online course that prepares and provides guidance to such artists. Furnished with the kit is a DVD guide that gives the user an in-depth training to aid in improving his skills.

The package includes 3 user-friendly and easy to handle tattoo machines, 7 different colored tattoo inks along with ink cups, 50 branded professional needles from the same company, 50 throwaway tips, 3 aluminum grips, 10 stainless steel tips, stencil paper, disposable gloves, a changeable tool-kit, rubber bands and also a special carrying case.

6Ordertattoo Professional Tattoo Kit

amazon buttonThis professional tattoo kit is among the best the market has to offer at this point in time. The package comprises of customized tools that have been specifically suggested by experienced and skilled tattoo artists. The tattoo gun included in this kit is designed and insulated with unique parts to help provide flexibility and conductivity.

Other tools in this kit include a curved gun with a unique grip, 2 stainless steel grips along with rods, another purple grip rod, and power supply with a foot pedal, 18 throwaway tips, 50 cushion rings and disposable needles, 2 leather sheets for practicing, 100 ink cups, rubber bands & gloves, a very stylish aluminum carrying case and a special CD with instructions.

5Eyepower Tattoo Kit

amazon buttonThe Eyepower kit is uniquely put together to aid and assist upcoming tattoo artist who are ready to explore their tattooing skills. The kit features some great tools that include two high-performance and easy to use tattoo guns with a resilient power supply and foot switch with a clip cord, 50 assorted tattoo needles, 2 unique empaistic grips, 7 tattoo inks, 2 stainless steel grips, 100 ink cups, 8 stainless steel tips, 18 disposable tips, disposable gloves, a reusable leather practice skin, stencil paper, a CD with instructions, a carry case and an adjustable tattoo kit.

4Eye Power 6 Gun Tattoo Kit

amazon buttonThis 6 gun kit is specially designed and assembled with the most basic yet efficient tools to help upcoming tattoo artists. The stand out feature of this kit is its compact design and storage space for the tools provided with the kit. It features 6 tattoo grips, reliable source of power supply with a foot pedal, 50 tattoo needles, 100 ink cups with 7 tattoo inks, 27 throwaway tips, 8 stainless steel tips, practice leather skin, disposable gloves, transfer stencil paper, a special CD for beginners, and an adjustable tool-kit.

3Dragon Hawk Complete Professional Tattoo Kit

amazon buttonThis tattoo kit is strictly for professional tattoo artists. With the help of some truly well-built tools, this kit provides high standards of reliability. The package comprises of 4 different Dragon Hawk machines made with copper coils and a sturdy steel frame, especially for shading and for lining respectively, a top notch power supply, 50 sterile superior assorted needles, 2 pieces of leather reusable tattoo practice skins, 4 steel machine grips, a set of tools for adjustments, 20 bottles of vibrant, safe to use and vegan-friendly immortal tattoo inks, a large sized carry case with keys, a CD guide, 304 steel tips as well as throwaway grips.

2GRINDER Complete Tattoo Kit

amazon buttonThe Grinder tattoo kit is great for all levels of tattoo artists, whether it is for a beginner or a professional. It is extremely easy to work with and has been put together keeping in mind a tattoo artist with professional skills. The supply of power is steady and rugged. It comes with a 24-page instructions booklet, 4 tattoo machines with 10 wrap coils, 4 grips / barrels, 50 various needles for shading and lining, 7 different tattoo inks made in the USA, 24 throwaway tips, 1 adjustable tattoo tool kit, 8 stainless steel tips, 1 practice skin that can be reused, one set of disposable gloves, 100 ink cups, transfer sheet stencil and a welcome DVD. Compared to other kits, this tattoo kit has almost everything that a pro artist requires.

1Dragon Hawk Complete Tattoo Kit

amazon buttonThe Complete tattoo kit by Dragon Hawk is a special kit assembled together to fit an intermediary tattoo artists needs. This complete kit includes 2 dragon hawk machines which can be used for lining and shading, 10 assorted colored inks, a foot pedal and power supply with a special clip cord, EO tattoo needles, tips as well as grips and a ton of other tattooing tools along with a special instructions CD that would help any user with his tattooing expertise. With this tattoo kit, professionals can develop and progress on their designing and tattooing abilities while still benefiting from the fact that it’s rather inexpensive as far as tattoo kits go.