Top 10 Best Teeter Hang Ups of 2017 – Reviews


Finding a good teeter hang up is no easy task, especially if you don’t know what to look for. You see, it often happens with fitness equipment that what is being advertised doesn’t always fit the standards you can expect from the actual product, which is exactly the case with teeter hang ups. The main purpose of such a machine is to provide inversion therapy functions, so you shouldn’t be rushing to buy the first one you see. To give you some perspective on the matter, we put together a list of the ten best teeter hang ups the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Teeter Hang Ups Reviews 2017

10Teeter Hang Ups 970 LTD

amazon buttonThe word simplicity can be used to best describe this particular Teeter Hang Up, one that makes the cut as a Teeter Hang Up precisely since it sets out to relieve pain in the lower back. It comes with a flexible chest belt convenient for anyone requiring additional traction together with a bag to make storage easier. It comes with a compact and lightweight design not to mention its utilization of proven techniques for spinal decompression to easily and naturally relieve pain in the back. Moreover, this easy to utilize accessory is equipped with a typical telescopic pole that enables you to tailor the tension settings to promote maximum impact. It is further accompanied by a DVD (instructional) and a manual not to forget a carrying bag and chest strap.

9Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table

amazon buttonAmong the best tables, the market has to offer; this simple to put up and easy to fold table makes the number one spot. Applicable for inversion therapy and core workouts, this table brings inconvenience particularly with the availability of several rotation angles ranging from 60, 40 and 20 degrees. Aside from offering precision balance, this sturdily constructed table as exhibited by steel parts and base characterized by a finish that is scratch resistant and boosted with distinctive pivot bearings is an investment worth undertaking for your health.

8Teeter Hang Ups EZ-Up Gravity Boots with Conversion Bar

amazon buttonThis Teeter comes fully equipped with gravity boots and a set of typical conversion bar. Besides the standard role of decompression and inverted stretching, this machine offers a perfect way of performing different exercises such as core strengthening and leg workouts. Additionally, the gravity boots boast dual buckles (self-locking) which secure at your ankle area and region of the lower calf offering a fit that is comfortable. It is accompanied by calf loops that are optional and a typical CV bar. It comprises specialized material like 40% alloy and glass-nylon which means unrivaled strength and durability. Although there is a likelihood of its clips opening when not fastened properly, its offers optimal comfort as inspired by its
super-soft liners.

7Teeter Hang Ups Vibration Cushion for EP Series

amazon buttonTeeter EP Series Vibration Cushion is the latest addition to facilitating energized tired and sore muscles and a wonderful relaxed time for you. When utilized together with therapy inversion tables, it offers optimal relaxation and enhanced blood circulation not to mention effective spine decompression. It is equipped with 10 distinctive massage motors boasting diverse intensities together with infrared heaters (2) that provide neck arch complete support guaranteeing you receive all the necessary therapeutic benefits. Nevertheless, although it is only functional with EP series type of inversion tables, this easily cleanable and user-friendly accessory adds a host of other aspects to its long features list with a remote control boating a typical LCD panel enabling comfortably setting of your cushion, intensity, heat amount, and speed.

6Teeter Hang Ups EZ-Up Inversion & Chin-Up System

amazon buttonWith an assortment of features ranging from gravity boots, chin-up rack, and an EZ-Up inversion, this is an amazing and effective exercise platform. Its gravity boots are particularly captivating especially on how they comfortably wrap around every ankle safeguarding the user with ratchet self-locking buckles. Its racks easily install in typical doorways devoid of interference with the normal operations of the doors and its simple-to-lock mounting brackets that ease storage. This system also has comfortable and easily reachable handles that boost grip. Nonetheless, precaution should be taken when jumping to perform pull-ups since its bar is fixed at one place.

5Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Decompression and Extension Machine

amazon buttonReputed for providing inverted extension and depression on a platform that is both versatile and effective, this machine surpasses standard Roman chairs or hyperextension benches in numerous ways. Whether it is the design which offers proper hip support or its forward rotating, the differences are numerous and distinctive. This machine also boosts flexibility enabling its base to be utilized in performing reverse dips and modified push-ups. It boasts an ergonomic design which allows effective back workouts reducing significantly the chances hyperextension and maximizing pressure on core muscles as opposed to thighs only. It comes with an efficient cushion (vinyl lap) for proper holding from your hips allowing you to effectively perform inverted exercises comfortably.

4Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 Inversion Therapy Table

amazon buttonEP-550 is a fantastic option for anyone looking to purchase a quality Hang Up table accompanied by a comprehensive warranty. Not only will it significantly lessen your day to day stress load, but its better alignment provides you with proper posture not to mention lesser back pain for you. This model is simple to use not to mention its convenient ability to allow you to adjust the height to where you need it and pre-set the angles how you want them. This sturdily and well-constructed table is equipped with Flex Technology at its backrest to facilitate wide motion ranges and better mobility. It also has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and comes accompanied by a convenient instructional DVD to ease the setup.

3Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Inversion Table

amazon buttonThe manufacturers of the EP-950 model have produced a better version of the Inversion Table known as EP 960 which is accompanied by a DVD for the relief of back pain. It can be utilized in back pain relieving, core muscle strengthening and performing various exercises. It accommodates a weight capacity of 300 pounds maximum and a subsequent height provision ranging from 4-feet 8-inches to 6-feet 6-inches. Additionally, besides boasting a power coating that is scratch resistant, it is constructed off superior-quality materials. Aside from its traction handles (EZ Stretch) that provided enhanced benefit for stretching and inverted decompression, it also features an exclusive ComforTrack Bed which enhances spinal comfort and joint mobilization.

2Teeter 800IA Inversion Table

amazon buttonConveniently adjustable to fit your type of body and easy to both fold and store, the Teeter 800IA is a perfect description of comfortable to utilize Inversion table for anyone fighting back pains. It is equipped with extra long EZ-Reach handles which reduce the need to bend by offering extra support. It also comes with additional exceptional security patented features like auto-locking hinges and cam locks, charcoal accents and a blue-gray finish. Even though its user-weight maximum capacity is at 300 pounds, its characteristic features such as Embrace Ergo cups plus some exclusive foam for holding you comfortably and reduce pressure in inverted positions. Moreover, it comes with a pressure minimizing design with a complement of FlexTech bed which boosts spinal comfort and offers better motion ranges.

1Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table

amazon buttonWith an assortment of features that guarantee safe and efficient exercises, this is an ideal buy by all standards. The table accommodates a maximum weight provision of 300 pounds not to mention a height range for users between 4-feet 8-inches and 6-feet 6-inches. Moreover, it is equipped with Flex-Technology that enables wider motion ranges not to mention its exceptional tether strap (EZ-Angle) which allows adjustment to angle variations ranging from 40, 60 and even 20 degrees. With this table, be sure of evenly distributed weight particularly around your feet and heel which allows more security and a comfortable inversion. Although not exactly lightweight, the sheer versatility of this table should make it a must-buy for anyone who understands what a good teeter hang up device should be able to do.