Top 10 Best Tents of 2017 – Reviews


What you want from a good tent is to be spacious, durable, and above all, easy to set up. To some extent, you also want a tent to be comfortable and easy to store, but these are the type of features you can expect from any tent if your budget is big enough. For the most part, a tent has to accommodate you and your family with ease, in any environment and regardless of the weather outside. Construction-wise, a reliable tent should also be lightweight and easy to carry, which is why it pays to have a good understanding of what to look for. In this respect, we put together a list of the ten best tents the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Tents Reviews 2017

10Coleman Tenaya 8-Person Tent

amazon buttonThis excellently-designed tent is roomy enough to accommodate up to eight people at a time. If you’re hiking as a group, it is therefore much more convenient to carry than individual tents. The spacious tent is also made from 100% waterproof materials that are reinforced with inverted seams and welded floors. Inside, there is plenty of storage space for all your gear and in-built closets where you can neatly store your clothes. Furthermore, the Coleman Tenaya is 55% easier to set up than the average tent, making it an excellent choice all around.

9Coleman Instant 4-Person Cabin

amazon buttonThe Coleman Instant Cabin is durably made from 150D polyester fabric that is waterproof and very resilient. Its seams have been taped together to ensure no moisture gets into the tent no matter the conditions. The tent comes with pre-attached poles that make it possible to set it up within a minute, an inbuilt rain fly that ensures the atmosphere inside is comfortable, and Coleman’s proprietary WeatherTec system, which ensures that the air inside the tent is properly conditioned.

8Coleman 6-Person Floorless WeatherMaster

amazon buttonDespite being floorless, the Coleman WeatherMaster is comfortably warm to sleep in when hiking outdoors. The tent is over 6 feet high at the center, making it possible for tall individuals to walk comfortably within it without having to crouch. The spacious 6-person tent is made from high-grade 75D Taffeta fly polyester fabric, which is waterproof, weatherproof, and UV-resistant. An additional 68D polyester lining ensures that the tent’s material is even more resistant to the elements, making this a tough traveling companion for outdoor enthusiasts.

7Wenzel Klondike 8-Person Tent

amazon buttonPerfect for hiking, camping, and backyard adventures, the 8-person Wenzel Klondike tent is a well-made all-rounder. It features a spacious awning on the front where you can relax and enjoy the scenery while staying protected from the sun. In addition to being made with waterproof materials, the tent’s seams have also been sealed to ensure no moisture gets in. The tent comes with sizeable windows and roof vents for proper aeration.

6Coleman 6-Person Evanston Tent

amazon buttonThis tent is popularly used in warm areas because it comes with screened windows that allow proper ventilation while maintaining the privacy of the occupants. It is made from tough 75D Taffeta fly polyester that is rip-resistant, waterproof, UV-resistant, and generally weatherproof. Four generously-proportioned windows allow the interior to be well-aerated while keeping out bugs and prying eyes. The tent can be installed using its simple one-step installation system.

5Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent

amazon buttonThe 8-person Coleman Montana tent is made from weatherproof, water repelling fabric that is also fade-resistant and quite resilient. It features plenty of space inside, angled windows for better ventilation, a hinged door, and an awning where you can relax. Its durable fabric is rip-proof and doesn’t develop leaks easily, making this a solid option for outdoor enthusiasts wanting to camp in virtually any environment.

4Coleman Two-Roomed 8-Person Tent

amazon buttonThis spacious Coleman tent is uniquely designed to have two rooms, each of which can accommodate up to four people. Despite the additional partitions, it is still easy and fun to assemble and set up. The tent features waterproof walls and welded floors that keep all the outdoor elements outside. Its material is not only weatherproof but is also capable of filtering out UV rays quite efficiently. The setup includes Coleman’s exclusive WeatherTec system that keeps the climate inside cool and controlled.

3Sundome 4-Person Tent

amazon buttonThis is a simple and comfortable 4-person tent that is easy to set up and very comfortable to be in. The tent features 8.5mm-thick fiberglass poles that are lightweight but sturdy enough to hold the 1000D polyethylene fabric that the tent is made of. The tent also has a maximum center height of about 59 inches so it is relatively comfortable to walk in. This roomy 4-person tent has a comfortably warm interior that stays dry thanks to the material’s ability to control dampness.

2Coleman Red Canyon 8-Person Tent

amazon buttonThe massive Coleman Red Canyon can comfortably accommodate up to 8 adults in its roomy interior. The tent is supported by sturdy shock-corded poles that can withstand impressive amounts of weight and pressure. It has a center height of 72 inches, which is enough to walk upright in without too much fuss. Other features include its tough weatherproof material and Coleman’s WeatherTec system that keeps the air inside cool and properly conditioned.

1Pacific Breeze 1-Person Tent

amazon buttonWeighing a meager 4.5 pounds, this 1-person tent is easy to transport and set up without needing any help. The tent has well-placed windows for maximum aeration, sand pockets that ensure it remains stable, water-resistant PE fabric, a convenient carry case for storage and transportation, and an advanced setup hub that makes it even easier to assemble. It also comes with a one-year warranty for good measure. Overall, it is definitely one of the very best tents out there with a popularity to match.