Top 10 Best Thermal Laminators of 2017 – Reviews


We should start off by pointing out that laminators have many uses, either at home or in a working environment. At home, they allow you to laminate family photos, while at work, they allow you to laminate important documents or pretty much anything paper-related.

This being said, there are quite a few thermal laminators to choose from, so if you’re in the market for a good one, you should perhaps do your research first. To help you in your quest, we put together a list of the ten best thermal laminators money can buy at this point in time, laminators that are both effective and easy to maintain.

10Black & Decker Flash Pro 9.5″ Fast Heat Thermal Laminator

amazon buttonThanks to its ingenious design, this laminator can be ready to go in less than 60 seconds after being turned on. Once it’s ready to go, it will laminate photos, documents, and crafts up to 9.5 inches wide. It also features an integrated corner punch, and auto shut-off feature, and a built-in carry handle for good measure. Furthermore, you will find that it is also one of the most affordable thermal laminators on the market today.

9Apache AL9 9″ Thermal Laminator

amazon buttonAs the name suggests, this laminator will handle any photos, documents, or crafts that are 9-inch wide or less. It does so by using two silicone rollers, a quality grade motor, and a powerful heating element. At the same time, this laminator has power and ready LED indicators for greater accessibility, an ABS release button, and an overall compact, lightweight design. Interestingly enough, it also comes with 20 laminator pouches that you can use any way you see fit.

8Blusmart Thermal Laminator

amazon buttonBluesmart’s Thermal Laminating Machine is perfect for both home & office use thanks to its convenient design. We say this because it is a lot smaller than most laminators while still being high-end in terms of both functionality and convenience. For instance, it has a quick warm-up that will get the job done in less than four minutes. Not only that but it does so while being eco-friendly and energy saving, consuming less than 50W at all times.

7Bonsaii L403-A A4 Document Photo Thermal Laminator

amazon buttonThis particular laminator stands out by having a ham-release (ABS) switch which features a jam release lever designed to quickly release items. It can also laminate documents up to 9 inches in size in a matter of just a couple of minutes, which is a great feature to have. On a related note, we should point out that it has a quick 3-5 minutes warm up, which is definitely something to look for in a laminating machine.

6Fellowes Laminator Saturn3i Laminating Machine

amazon buttonThanks to its rapid 1-minute warmup, this thermal laminator can rightfully be considered one of the fastest on the market. It owes its quick operation to an InstaHeat Technology which allows it to warm up twice as fast as most laminators out there. At the same time, it features a jam release lever designed to disengage the pouch for re-centering or removal and an auto shut-off to save energy while preventing overheating.

5Scotch PRO Thermal Laminator

amazon buttonScotch Pro Thermal Laminator has a 5-minute warm-up time, light signals to tell you when the machine is ready, a jam prevention feature to prevent misfed items, and a few other equally useful features. This is a 2-roller machine designed to laminate at speeds of 15 inches per minute while using 3-5 mil thick thermal pouches that have to be up to 9 inches wide. Furthermore, the machine has an auto shut-off feature and a surprisingly easy-to-use interface.

4AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator

amazon buttonThis thermal laminator handles documents up to 9 inches wide, which means that it is compatible with letter-size, legal-size, business-card-size, and photo-size papers. It also has a two-heat setting that allows you to choose between a 3 mil heat setting for normal documents and a 5 mil setting for thin papers. Not only that but it also works with virtually any 3 or 5 mil laminating pouch with no issues to speak of.

3Scotch Two-Roller Thermal Laminator

amazon buttonJust like the name suggests, this high-end laminator from Scotch uses a two-roller system aimed at giving you the ability to choose between two laminating settings. As such, you can choose between the machine’s 3 mil or 5 mil pouches along with 2 letter sized scotch thermal pouches for good measure. At the same time, it has a portable design with a hidden cord storage that makes the machine very easy to store.

2Swingline Thermal Laminator

amazon buttonSwingline’s thermal laminator is designed to provide fast and easy one-step lamination in the shortest time possible. As a matter of fact, this laminator warms up in just 4 minutes, benefitting at the same time from a ‘ready’ indicator that lights up when the warm up procedure is complete. Afterward, the machine will be able to laminate at a speed of 9 inches per minute any document that is either 9 or 12 inches wide depending on the model you buy.

1Scotch Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System

amazon buttonThere is perhaps no better thermal laminator on the market today than Scotch’s 2-roller thermal laminator. This high-end machine laminates items up to 9 inches wide in just a couple of minutes without having to spend too much waiting for it to warm up. Furthermore, this ingenious machine features a two-roller system with two different temperature settings to choose from depending on the task at hand. Last but not least, it will laminate pouches up to 5 mil thick almost twice as fast as most thermal laminators would.