Top 10 Best Toddler Beds of 2017 – Reviews


Every parent wants their little ones to be as comfortable as possible at all times, which is why you want your toddler to sleep in a comfortable bed. When it comes to beds for toddlers, however, one must always consider the materials used in its making as well as its comfort levels, because toddlers are very picky when it comes to their resting needs.

In this respect, nothing but the absolute best will do, which is precisely what we have in store for you right now. After careful consideration, we figured out what are the ten best toddler beds the market has to offer at this point in time.

10KidKraft Princess Toddler Bed

amazon buttonGiven its obvious design, this cute bed is intended for your baby girl. With its cute and feminine pink theme, and elegant decorations including crowns on the posts, the headboard and footboard, your child will love the special pampering experience that will come with sleeping on this bed. This bed can handle children weighing up to 50 pounds. It is also close to the ground for easy access and safety.

9Delta Children 3D-Footboard

amazon buttonThis toddler bed is made of high-quality plastic that will keep your child safe as they transition from sleeping in a crib. The highlight of this bed’s design its 3D footboard, which features a fun Sesame Street character that will make your child excited to get to bed every time. The bed is also very light, and it comes with a stable low-profile design that is sure to make it a delight for your child to access.

8DaVinci Modena

amazon buttonThis bed features a great modern design that is sure to keep your kid comfortable as they move from sleeping in a crib. The bed is very well constructed, which means it will offer a long life of service. Additionally, its low profile means that your child will have an easy time getting to and out of bed. The railings on the side will also ensure that your child does not roll off the bed and fall during the night.

7DaVinci Sleigh Toddler Bed

amazon buttonThis one can be considered a high-end kid’s bed by all standards. The bed is made of wood, and it is very stable, strong, and durable. Its premium design will also make it great for your home décor. There are also various color options available depending on what you or your kid would prefer. The manufacturer also offers a warranty on parts, which is always something to look for when shopping for items aimed at toddlers and small children.

6DaVinci Elizabeth II

amazon buttonThis bed, ideal for both boys and girls, will ensure that your child has comfortable sleep and enjoys themselves in the process. The bed is simplistic in its design, and yet very well constructed to ensure your child has an easy transition as they say goodbye to sleeping in a crib. The bed is also convertible and it can fit a standard sized crib mattress. The high quality of this bed also means it will offer a long life of service.

5The Shrunks Travel Bed

amazon buttonThis portable bed also happens to be one of the most popular toddler beds in the market today. It can be inflated in just 5 minutes. And although it is meant to go on the floor, it has special guard rails to keep your child safe during sleep. The mattress on this bed also means you can easily tuck the blankets your kid used on their crib comfortably under it as your kid sleeps.

4Dream On Me Classic

amazon buttonWith its exciting cherry theme, this kid’s bed has found many admirers. The bed is made of wood, and its organic feel makes it perfect for your home’s décor in addition to offering a safe place for your child to sleep. The bed is just the right height and it comes with safety railings to keep your child safe in case of rolling during the night. Not only that but its comfort levels are also of the highest quality, which is a big plus when it comes to toddler beds.

3KidKraft Nantucket Toddler Bed

amazon buttonFor parents who feel that their kids are now ready to move from a crib to a bed, this kid’s bed is a good place to start. Its simple elegance and perfect size will make it easier on your child to make the transition. Its low profile design will also ensure that your kid can easily get on and off the bed, ensuring that in the unlikely event of any accidents, they will not suffer too much harm.

2Orbelle 3-6T Toddler Bed

amazon buttonThis bed, made entirely out of wood, is one of the best kid’s beds in the market today. The bed features an elegant contemporary design that will help your child have an easy transition as they explore their new-found independence. The bed is of low height so that the kid can easily get on and off the bed. The bed is also very strong and fitted with guard rails to keep your kid even safer. Putting this bed together will also be pretty easy.

1Regalo My Cot Portable Bed

amazon buttonDespite its simple design, this kid’s bed has won the top position for the amazing features it has to offer. The bed is very portable, and putting it together is also a bliss. Still, it is very durable and strong. Finally, its steel frame construction makes it very safe for your child, as does its low height. So, whether at home, camping, or having a sleepover with his/her friends, your kid will be perfectly safe and comfortable on this bed. In this respect, Regalo My Cot is perhaps the most versatile toddler bed on the market today.