Top 10 Best Toilet Plungers of 2017 – Reviews


Just because they’re common in most homes nowadays doesn’t mean that toilet plungers are all the same. As a matter of fact, as soon as you start researching the subject, you find out that some toilet plungers are definitely more maneuverable, durable, and reliable than others.

Although most of them are cheap and easy to come by, you have to think long-term when making such a purchase, which is why you should probably get yourself one that is proven to meet all the required criteria. To make things easier for you, we put together a list of the ten best toilet plungers money can buy.

10Korky 93-8

amazon buttonAlthough featuring a simple and unique design, this plunger offers one of the best user experiences you can hope for. To begin with, the plunger is made using premium quality materials. The manufacturer also paid special attention to the airtight sealing on this plunger to ensure that it has all the pressure it needs to do its job properly. In fact, because of this feature, you do not have to plunge more than one or two times before the blockage in your toilet clears up. Finally, this plunger will not leave marks or scratches on your toilet after use.

9G.T. Water Products, Inc. MPS4

amazon buttonThis black themed plunger stands out for several great features. To begin with, its design is like no other. But beyond the looks, this plunger can truly perform. The unique design makes it capable of generating a pressure level that few toilet clogs can resist. Furthermore, this plunger is made of very high-quality materials so that it can serve you for a lot longer than a regular plunger would. Finally, you will be happy with how affordable this plunger is.

8Korky 99-4A

amazon buttonSimilar to the other Korky plunger on the list, this is a very effective and high-quality plunger. However, this particular model stands out for its fairly compact size, despite which it is able to deliver superior performance. Its ergonomic design also makes it easier to use and more functional that larger sized alternatives. Users also like that, unlike most other plungers, this version does not trap odors after use.

7Molla 780

amazon buttonYou can tell that this plunger is one of a kind just by looking at its unique head design. Because of this unique design tweak, the Molla 094 is able to generate an incredible amount of suction force, which is why it is so effective at unclogging toilets. The plunger also stands out for its durability and ergonomic design on the aluminum handle. Because of this potent combination of features, this plunger is ideal to use in public toilets with high amounts of traffic.

6Get Bats Out Plunger

amazon buttonThis plunger can serve lots of roles. This is also why it is very sturdy and durable, not to mention very easy to store. The design of this plunger is such that it can retain its functionality even after being used several times. But the overarching benefit of owning this plunger is that it will do its job a lot better than most typical plungers, mostly due to its long-lasting durability and due to how easy it is to operate.

5Kleen Freak Antibacterial Plunger

amazon buttonWith Kleen Freak, you will not just get the plunger, but its convenient holder as well. This plunger features a unique design that makes it ideal for dealing with particularly problematic toilet clogs, especially where a high level of traffic is involved. The plunger is also particularly light, and capable of working with different types of toilets. The rubber head is pliable, and much more resistant to cracking that garden variety plunger versions.

4Simplehuman Toilet Plunger

amazon buttonIt is not just the white theme that sets this plunger apart from so many others in the market, its capabilities are also commendable. This is the plunger you should buy if you want a version that will work well with most modern and traditional toilets. To make your work easier, the head has been made using pliable rubber which makes it easier to create the pressure needed to unclog your toilet. The quality of this plunger is also beyond average, which is why it comes with a generous 5-year warranty on all defects.

3OXO Good Grips Hideaway

amazon buttonOXO Good Grips Hideaway is a combo package that consists of a high-quality plunger as well as a holder. As simple as this plunger’s design may seem in comparison to other alternatives on this list, it has won the hearts of many shoppers for its amazing performance. For instance, the plunger is highly resistant to stains and retention of bad odors. The plunger is also especially easy to maintain, and one of the best alternatives for seekers of sanitary plungers.

2Mr. Clean 440436

amazon buttonStyle is not the only thing you will love about owning this plunger. This plunger is very well suited to its job, thanks to the manufacturer’s use of a pliable high-quality rubber material that delivers results and a long life of service. The handle is also rubberized for an easier user experience. Finally, it comes with a caddy set for easier storage, a feature that will definitely prove useful in the long run.

1Neiko 60166A

amazon buttonThe rubber head uses an all-angle design that will work with most toilets. The quality of this plunger is also quite impressive since it can handle regular use without falling apart. Despite this quality construction, the plunger is very light and easy to use. One other reason it is such a hit with shoppers is that it is also very affordable, and able to offer an undeniable value for money proposition.