Top 10 Best Tricep Bars & V-Bars of 2017 – Reviews


Everybody knows that most bodybuilders focus on the triceps and biceps during their workouts and understandably so given how important these muscles are for achieving a sleek, manly look. In order to achieve massive, toned triceps, you need to focus on a series of triceps exercises, most of which involving triceps lifting.

Here is where good equipment comes into play, as a good set of weights can make all the difference in the world for anyone committed to improving themselves. Over the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at some of the best tricep bars the market has to offer, triceps bars designed to provide you with balance and reliability when you work out.

10Tricep Press Down V Bar Attachment with Rubber Grips

amazon buttonSome tricep bars pay no attention to particular ergonomics during their design. This is not a problem you will have when using this Ader tricep bar. Thanks to its rubber contoured hand grip, you can keep going without feeling like the bar is cutting through your hands. And that’s not all – this piece of exercise equipment will do more than make your triceps pop: you will also give your arms, lats, and shoulders a pretty good workout as you use it.

9CAP Barbell Chromed Triceps Press Down V Bar

amazon buttonThis tricep bar will be a very handy addition to your home gym. Beyond the sleek chrome finish is a piece of gym equipment that will do lots of justice to your efforts to build better triceps. Breaking a sweat won’t end with the bar slipping out of your hands either, this press down bar features knurled hand grips and a design that will ensure a steady hold until your workout is complete.

8Macy Threaded Tricep Bar

amazon buttonIf all you are going for is functionality as you shop for a tricep bar, then Macy Threaded Tricep Bar is precisely what you need. Thanks to its robust steel construction, a chrome finish, knurled hand grips, and a capacity to accept most standard weight plates, this is is a tricep bar that is truly designed to please. Furthermore, the fact that it is surprisingly lightweight given its construction makes it easy for you to configure the exact weight you’re planning on working with.

7Regular 34” Tricep Solid Bar With 1” Spring Collars

amazon buttonDespite spotting a regular tricep bar design, what this bar has to offer is anything but ordinary. To begin with, this bar will also help your biceps get a workout even as it helps focus your workout efforts on your triceps. The construction quality on this bar is also noteworthy; and with a weight of 17 pounds, you will not need much additional weight to make it useful during your workouts.

6Power Systems Premium Tricep Press Down V Bar

amazon buttonFor those on the lookout for a comfortable tricep bar, this Power Systems bar is a good place to start. While most manufacturers are happy to stop with a streamlined chrome finish, Power Systems went a little further with this bar to enhance its comfort by giving it comfortable rubber grips for a more rewarding workout experience. It is thanks to these rubber grips that you will be able to get the most out of your workout session due to how good of a grip you’ll have throughout the entire process.

5Power Systems Pro Olympic Tricep Bar

amazon buttonNot many regular style tricep bars try to go as far as this bar did when it comes to ergonomics. Besides the smooth zinc-plated alloy steel construction, the bar has textured grips that should be a welcome relief for you if a regular knurled chrome finish tricep bar feels a little uncomfortable. Other than that, its weight of 24 pounds should make it quite effective for workouts even without the addition of other weights. If you consider a tricep bar an invaluable part of your home gym, this is the bar for you.

4Sunny Health & Fitness 24-inch Threaded Chrome Tricep Bar

amazon buttonOn a very light budget, you can be the proud owner of this tricep bar. It can handle 1-inch hole weight plates. The threads ensure that the weights are locked in safely using the star-lock collars that accompany this bar. The bar is also very well constructed. In fact, it weighs about 13 pounds right out of the box, and the addition of a few additional weights should make it an indispensable piece of workout equipment.

3CAP Barbell Deluxe Tricep V-Bar with Rubber Hand Grips

amazon buttonIf you already have a home gym, a Smith machine, and so forth, this simple bar could be all you need to add a lot more functionality to your existing workout equipment. With its thoughtful end caps and textured rubber grips, this tricep bar should make for a wonderful workout experience. The bar features a professional feel that should make you glad you opted for this particular model.

2CAP Barbell Standard Chrome 34-inch Tricep Bar

amazon buttonIf a traditional no-frills tricep bar does it for you, this standard bar will be all you need and more. It has all the basics – threaded ends with collars, the ability to accommodate 1-inch weight plates, and a sleek chrome finish. Additionally, the tricep bar can handle 200 pounds, which should be more than enough for most people. Not only that but thanks to its chromed steel construction, this particular tricep bar is a lot more durable than most.

1Yes4All Tricep V Shaped Press Down Bar / Closed Handle Cable Attachments

amazon buttonCan’t decide whether to get a straight or a V press down tricep bar, or even a tricep rope for that matter? With this unique package from Yes4All, you won’t have to. At the price of just a single tricep bar, you will be the proud owner of all three cable workout devices. The high-quality steel bars feature knurled handles for a more comfortable and firm grip, while the tricep rope’s end is designed to prevent slipping during workouts. Given the high-quality construction of the three pieces and what they have to offer, this package is truly a steal.