Top 10 Best TV Stands of 2017 – Reviews


Everyone has a TV stand in their home nowadays and understandably so given how practical these stands are not only as furniture but also as a support for the many accessories a TV set can have. Recently, these stands have also become very popular among gamers for obvious reasons, especially console gamers who require their TVs to be at a specific height and at a specific angle at all times. The many benefits of using a reliable TV stand far outweigh the disadvantages if there are any, so you should regard the purchase of a TV stand as an investment into your own future comfort in the long run. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best TV stands on the market today.

Best TV Stands Reviews 2017

10Modern Tv Console Stand – Driftwood Finish

amazon buttonFeaturing stunning, rich driftwood finishing, the New 58” Modern TV Console Stand is among the best stands available on the market today. Made from top quality MDF and long lasting laminate, this stylish TV stand is solid, sturdy, and super durable. With the ability to hold and support up to 250lbs, this stand can accommodate almost all types of flat screen TVs that are up to 60 inches in width. It also comes with a special spacing for your DVD player. You also get added space for your books, photo frames or even your speakers and home theater system. The entire framework is textured making it exceptionally stylish and would enhance the look of your living room space perfectly.

9Kanto MTM65PL Mobile TV Stand

amazon buttonThe Kanto MTM65PL Mobile TV Stand is a movable piece of furniture that features a set of very practical wheels. With special quick-release locks on the wheels, this TV stand can be easily rolled around your home or office and placed anywhere you desire. The stand can fit TVs from 37 to 65 inches with ease, with an adjustable height mechanism that can increase or decrease the center columns allowing you to position your TV for optimal viewing. Made from durable high-quality steel with a special powdered coating, this stand can take up to 100 pounds of weight and is perfect for presentation rooms, schools, and offices. Featuring a sleek design, this stand comes with an accessory tray and a top shelf to enable you to store accessories like remote controls, webcams, and audiovisual players.

8Mount Factory Rolling TV Stand

amazon buttonPerfect for televisions sized between 40 to 60 inches, the Mount Factory Rolling TV Stand is a universal, durable shelf that is compatible with most television sets. Featuring an extra shelf for DVD players or cable boxes, this TV stand comes with wheels and can be easily moved around the house and placed in any room. Uniquely designed with a single steel base attached to a heavy-duty steel frame, this stand can take the weight of televisions that are up to 100 pounds with no issues whatsoever. Thanks to its special locking casters, it is guaranteed to stand securely in place so as to not roll around over time.

7Sonax FB – 2600 Fiji TV Stand

amazon buttonWith the capacity to accommodate almost all TVs that are up to 64 inches wide, the Sonax FB – 2600 Fiji TV Stand is a top-notch, premium quality stand that features a unique Ravenwood finishing in a stunning black color. The doors are made of high-quality tempered glass and feature magnetic clasps that enable smooth opening and closing just by a single touch. Adding style and flair, this stand also comes with an adjustable center shelf that can be utilized for placing family photographs, centerpieces or just for your audio and video players.

6Furino 11257BK/GY Turn-N-Tub TV Stand

amazon buttonUniquely constructed and extremely stylish, the Furino 11257BK/GY Turn-N-Tub TV Stand is the perfect piece of furniture to enhance any room. Made from a highly engineered particle board with durable PVC tubing, this product is not only space efficient, convenient, and top quality, but is also extremely affordable. With an assembly time of 10 minutes, this stand will not require any additional tools or heavy equipment to be set up. Perfect for placing on a flat surface, it is compatible with almost all size TVs and ultra sleek and charming to look at.

5Convenience Concepts Designs –2– GO Swivel TV Stand

amazon buttonFeaturing a fiberboard design and construction with wood grain finishing, the Convenience Concepts Designs –2– GO Swivel TV Stand comes with a 360-degree rotating base and can be placed on another TV stand, counter, or table. It is equipped with high-quality stainless steel posts that are sturdy and durable by design. Thanks to its 2 tiered design, it offers a great space to place your DVD or music player. Extremely easy to assemble, it will require no additional tools or equipment to set up. Weighing 60 pounds on average, this attractive TV stand can hold a 20-inch flat screen TV with a weight of 60 pounds with relative ease.

4Altra Furniture Galaxy TV Stand

amazon buttonThe Altra Furniture Galaxy TV Stand is a compact, space efficient, high quality, ultra deluxe TV stand that also comes with a mount for good measure. With the capacity to hold a 50-inch flat screen TV wit ease, it will surely hold an average weight of 70 lbs on average with no issues to speak of. Ideal to be utilized in small rooms and offices including bedrooms, apartments, and dormitories, this TV stand will surely add a bit of style to any room thanks to its ingenious design that involves floating shelves of different widths to enhance the overall look of the piece.

3Atlantic Universal Table Top TV Stand

amazon buttonFeaturing an adjustable height, the Atlantic Universal Table Top TV Stand can hold up to 66 lbs of weight and all TVs that are 42 inches in width or smaller. Equipped with high quality felt padding on the base of the stand, it helps to prevent scratching and damaging the surface on which it is placed over time. This stand is also uniquely designed and can be used on a dressing table or even your computer table with no issues whatsoever. Not only that but it also comes with decorative covers that are made of durable plastic materials, enhancing the overall look of the stand itself.

2WE Furniture Wood TV Stand

amazon buttonThe WE Furniture Wood TV Stand comes with the capacity to hold all flat screen TVs that are up to 60 inches wide. Featuring adjustable shelves, this stand can easily store other items including audiovisual devices and DVD players. Made from premium grade materials along with MDF components, this stand is considered heavy-duty by most standards and rightfully so. It also features special laminate materials that make durable and reliable in the long run. It also comes with cable management holes at the back of the stand to help maintain a neat and tidy space at all times.

1Home Carson TV Stand

amazon buttonThe Home Carson TV Stand is a unique contemporary designed piece of furniture that is perfect for flat screen TVs that measure 50 inches in width with a weight of 60lbs or less. Offering an open and closed storage space, this stand contains ample storage space to hold all audio and video devices, DVD players and other components you might own. Featuring a stunning laminated cherry wood grain design, this ingenious piece of furniture also stands out through its stylish look. Speaking of which, this stand benefits from a black particle wood construction with heavy duty metal tubes that enhance the overall look of the stand in any room decor. It also comes with special cable cord holes to help with managing and organizing the wires, keeping the space neat and clean in the long run.