Top 10 Best Under Cabinet Can Openers of 2017 – Reviews


Everyone needs a can opener in their kitchen, that unless you want to struggle opening cans with a knife, which is both hazardous and difficult. Now, the type of can opener you choose determines the speed of your can opening, with under cabinet can openers being by far the most efficient and practical. You install such an opener underneath a cabinet and you rest assured that you won’t have to struggle finding it whenever you need to open up a can. When it comes to traditional can openers, people always seem to misplace them, because how often do you open up cans anyway? For your consideration, we put together a list of the ten best under cabinet can openers money can buy for you to look at.

Best Under Cabinet Can Openers Reviews 2017

10OxGord Opener

amazon buttonThe OxGord Opener is precisely made for arthritis patients who either find it painful when opening cans or have simply lost their grip since it opens virtually all twist stop secured jars with a single swift move. It is designed using stainless steel material that renders it not only durable but also sturdy enough to handle any jar top without snapping. What’s more, it boasts a stylish look that is rust-resistant and amazingly appealing. It comes with a wonderful adhesive that renders it easy to store under any countertop or table, and it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

9Under Counter Zim Jar Opener

amazon buttonThe Under Counter jar opener is a durable home accessory that boasts a low-profile design that functions effectively under virtually any cabinet. It is made using stainless steel which renders it not only rust resistant but also quite durable. What’s more, besides coming in different sizes, it also comprises properly structured edges which neither dull nor chip over time. Furthermore, it exhibits a universal design that not only accommodates but also opens any lid size between 1/2-inches and 4-1/2 inches quite easily.

8Krava Inc. EasyTwist Jar Opener

amazon buttonEasyTwist Krava Inc. is a handy jar opener that brings convenience to a whole new dimension. It comes with an efficient system where with a single swift motion that allows you to quickly and safely open any jar type. This accessory is not only compact but also quite simple to install. What’s more, it also comes with a space-efficient design that functions well under wooden countertops and tables in homes-eradicating the need for professional assistance or reliance on special tools. Furthermore, it also comes with a rubberized grip that boosts its overall grip making it an excellent product even for people with degenerative illnesses that influence their ability to hold a firm grip.

7Black & Decker EC600 Opener

amazon buttonEC600 Can opener is a space-efficient and clutter-free functional opener that wonderfully fits under most cabinets and countertops. Moreover, besides coming with an exclusive universal design that allows it to open most available can types, it also boasts a retractable face that closes subsequently saving on space. Also, this feature also makes it difficult for grime and dust to accumulate on this system. The Spacemaker EC600 can opener is an affordable, durable and efficient product that also boasts a detachable blade assembly which allows it to be popped out and easily washed.

6Black & Decker Spacemaker Opener

amazon buttonThis model is particularly popular for its durable, universal and space-efficient design that ensures it does not clutter on your home space.It has a durable power-pierce cutter that works with most cans and also has a firm grip that is flexible to allow it to work on different jar sizes for an easy opening. What’s more, this multifunctional accessory also comes with a fully functional bottle opener not to mention a handy inbuilt knife sharpener

5CM Can Opener

amazon buttonCM opener is a space-efficient and durable accessory for anyone with a somewhat weak grip or has trouble opening cans. Besides cluttering space, it is also relatively easy to install on many tables or shelves without any significant challenges. With just some few dollars, you can own this perfectly efficient and durable accessory that allows you to quickly open any tight-sealed cans or jars of several size provisions with ease.

4Proctor Silex Power Opener (75400)

amazon buttonThe 75400 PowerOpener is a versatile, convenient accessory that comes with a space-efficient design that perfectly fits under virtually any cabinet. What’s more, this Proctor Silex opener is not only simple to mount, but is also clutter-free courtesy of its cord storage. It also comprises an onboard exclusive bag slitter which accesses to any bagged foods like rice and sausages and comes with its detachable cutting lever.

3Black & Decker Spacemaker (CO85)

amazon buttonThe CO85 model is an artistic accessory that comes with a functional power pierce cutter. The tool is durable, sturdy and offers proper grip besides opening almost any type of jar. What’s more, it is also accompanied by an effective knife sharpener which functions well with many knives. Furthermore, other than an impressive clutter-free design, it is also very space–efficient thanks to its compact construction.

2Black & Decker Spacemaker (CO100B)

amazon buttonThe CO100B Spacemaker model comes with an inbuilt jar opener that easily glides through many available can types in seconds not to mention a typical knife sharpener and an accompanying bottle opener for your convenience. Also, comprises an automated design that is comfortable with most cans and an auto-shutoff provision that automatically turns the device off after use. Finally, it features a cord storage that reduces clutter and a swing-like open door which conceals its components in instances when it’s not being used.

1EZ Off Jar Opener

amazon buttonTo quickly open any can or jar at home, all you need is a functional opener like EZ Off opener. So although not as technologically advanced as some of the other models on our list, is by far the most practical. It is an easy to use opener that comes with a convenient adhesive (peel and stick) that allows its easy storage under any surface. Made in the US, this accessory that boasts a space-efficient design that does jot clutter space also comprises three screws included to maximize its stability and reduce the risk of falling off or dislodging.