Top 10 Best Underwater Lights of 2017 – Reviews


If you’re on the lookout for clever ways to decorate your pool, then why not consider underwater lighting for the job? If you are creative enough, you can use underwater lights to completely shape the aesthetics of your pool into whatever theme you want with no limitations whatsoever. Needless to say, underwater lights can be a bit more demanding than regular lights when it comes to maintenance, but when you consider how good they can make your pool look, it will make all the effort be worth it in the end.

Even if you know exactly what to look for, you’re still going to have difficulties finding the underwater lights that best suit your needs simply because of the wide variety the market has to offer. To give you a better perspective on the matter, we put together a list of the ten best underwater lights money can buy.

LEMONBEST 10w 12v RGB Multi-color Ip67 LED


amazon buttonUniquely assembled with the most durable materials possible, LemonBest Underwater Light is perhaps one of the strongest, most durable underwater lights. Speaking of construction, this light is made of robust silver aluminum, a rubber seal ring, and an arc-shaped glass to top it off. Powered by 12 watts of input voltage and 10 watts output, this lighting device is equipped with the latest underwater technology providing the best illumination possible. It features an ingress protection rating -IP67 and is water-resistant but it cannot be submerged into water for very long, lest it will show a decrease in performance.

AquaLife Magnetic LED Light


amazon buttonLoaded with some of the most impressive features possible, this LED light is entirely waterproof, which means that it can be mounted on the walls of your pool with the help of magnets and attachable steel sides or vinyl. Mechanized by 13 LED lights, this device can brighten up your surroundings and create a stunning ambiance for you to swim in. The light comes with a remote control that allows users to change the settings to either high light settings or low light settings depending on your needs.

Brinkmann 800-1515-0 Starfire Underwater Lighting


amazon buttonThis underwater lighting device from Brinkmann was designed for fishing purposes. It includes a 10-foot cord and a bright halogen bulb that is uniquely cased inside a tube made of durable, water-tight, Pyrex material. Offering an ample amount of radiance, this particular lighting device is also surprisingly compact and easy to use. The unit also comes with two battery clips for energy-saving purposes.

TH Marine LED-51867-DP Underwater Lighting


amazon buttonThe TH Marine LED-51867-DP is a high-intensity underwater lighting device that you will find to be extremely affordable compared to most underwater lights out there. Furthermore, this device is compact and lightweight, can be mounted on any sturdy surface, and comes with a small hole for easier wiring work. Powered by 6 super bright LED bulbs, this light consumes less energy and is much more durable than other standard LED lights of its kind. The total lifespan of this device covers 100,000 hours approximately ensuring the best performance throughout.

Game Solar Underwater Lighting Unit


amazon buttonThanks to its strong construction, this device can be utilized underwater as well as indoors or outdoors. With the help of rechargeable batteries, the Game Solar can go up to 6 to 8 hours
of use on just a single charge. The entire device is sealed tightly to ensure there are no leaks, especially when it’s deep underwater. The uniqueness of this device is that it is solar powered and can be placed anywhere around the house or on the lawn if you need it to. It also comes with an integrated hanger so that you can move the device with ease when needed.

Game 9015 GalaxyGlo Large Waterproof Lighting


amazon buttonThe GalaxyGlo Solar Powered Lighting Device is 100% water-resistant, which makes it perfect for any pool installations. It works with 100% solar power and features 5 different color changing modes, which is surprising given its relatively small size. Speaking of which, it is just 12 inches in size, a lot smaller than some of the underwater lights you find on sale nowadays. Thanks to its natural energy source, you can enjoy up to 6 hours of running time underwater without worrying about it switching off.  For ease of use, it also comes with a remote control to help you control the device from a distance.

Illuminorb LED Decorative Ball Light


amazon buttonWell-known for its creative design, the Illuminorb LED Ball Light is perfectly crafted to provide powerful lighting and is a very decorative device as far as design goes. Equipped with a versatile glowing feature, this device comes with 13 assorted color changing modes and 3 setting modes. This multipurpose device can hang or float, can be used indoor or outdoor and comes with a handy remote as well.



amazon buttonThanks to its top notch quality and easy to use functionality, the LOFTEK LED light is considered as one of the best of its kind. Extremely stylish, providing a new generation of output lighting, this rechargeable lamp comes with an assortment of different color modes. Equipped with the best waterproof technology, this device can withstand dust and low-pressure water jet sprays. It works great both indoors and outdoors and can be used for parties, decoration of your homes as well as a lamp on your lawn. Considered as an eco-friendly device, it does not let out any UV rays, mercury or harmful radiation that may affect your body in the long run.

Jebao PL1LED-3 Pond Light


amazon buttonThe Jebao PL1LED-3 Pond Light is an easily submersible light with a variety of colored lenses for enhanced beautification. Made from high quality, waterproof materials, this device is ideal for waterfalls, ponds, lakesides, or fountains. Powered by twelve 1.6 watts batteries, this lighting gadget can last up to 100,000 hours. Not only that but you will find this device a lot easier to install thanks to its ingenious design.

Intex LED Pool Light


amazon buttonSpecially crafted to work on above ground pools and non-metal walls, the Intex LED Pool Light can be fastened to flat surfaces with relative ease. It also features an inbuilt flotation case that easily separates from the magnet if needed. Also worth mentioning is that not only can this LED light provide brilliant illumination but that it also consumes very little energy overall, meaning that it can work continuously for long periods of time. Last but not least, this pool light is surprisingly affordable given its high-end capabilities.