Top 10 Best Unicycles of 2017 – Reviews


There are many reasons for buying a unicycle at this point in time and none of them are related to the novelty of owning such a vehicle. If you’re in the market for a unicycle, then you will have undoubtedly went over the pros and cons of owning a unicycle. When it comes to choosing one for yourself, we should point out that it isn’t as easy as some of you might think. We say this because not all unicycles are built to the same standards, which is why you want to make sure that the one you will end up buying is worth the time and the investment. In order to give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best unicycles money can buy.

10Avenir Deluxe Unicycle

amazon buttonThe Avenir Deluxe Unicycle is a 20-inch unicycle, featuring extra large chrome plated framework. The seat is specially cushioned with scuff-guard protection for that enhanced comfort and durability. The sturdy Cotterless crank arms and robust pedals made from nylon come with Chromoly spindles. The adjustable saddle offers added convenience and can be moved upwards, downwards, forward as well as backward. It also features new wheel mounts and sealed bearings that can withstand heavy weight. This unicycle is extremely easy to assemble, space efficient and travel-friendly.

9AW Yellow 18 Inch Wheel Unicycle

amazon buttonThe AW 18 Inch Wheel Unicycle is the perfect choice for your outdoor sporting and fitness needs. It is a great product for beginners as well as experienced professionals. Featuring an 18-inch wheel with a 1.78inch tire, this product also comes with a skid-proof outer tire that is ideal for mountain terrain and an inner tire that contains a leak-proof Butyl tire. The framework is constructed with durable manganese and is free from outer damage. And the adjustable seat adds to the comfort and convenience levels of the rider, making this unicycle the best buy among many.

8AW 20 Inch Wheel Unicycle

amazon buttonThe AW 20″ Inch Wheel Unicycle is an impressive, strong and well-designed product, perfect to aid in enhancing your balance, coordination and exercising needs. Owing to its superior construction, this product can be used by children as well as adults. Providing optimized levels of support and stability, this unicycle comes with a 16-inch wheel, a high-end inner leak-proof Butyl tire, a skid-proof outer mountain tire, and is brilliantly designed according to somatology and movement features. Its compact design makes it easy to transport and is space efficient.

7Torker Unistar LX Unicycle

amazon buttonWith a 17.5 inch wheel, 22 inch pedal to seat dimension, this unicycle is perfect for those with a leg length of 21 to 29 inches. With minimal effort required for assembly, this product enables children to enjoy a new and unique sport, improve their balancing skills and adults can use it for working out. Compact in size and lightweight, this product can be easily carried and will make the perfect gift for your child. Using a helmet, kneepads and gloves are suggested.

6Fantasycart 16″ Unicycle Cycling in & Out Door Chrome Colored with Skidproof Tire

amazon buttonThe Fantasycart 16″ Unicycle is the perfect gear for fitness training both indoors and outdoors. Featuring chrome colored finishing with skid-proof tires, this unicycle can be utilized by both professionals as well as any novice. Uniquely designed to offer high levels of support and stability, this unicycle comes with a 16-inch tire, an aluminum crank PVC quick release, and a steel cotterless crank. This particular unicycle can be easily assembled, transported and maintained, which makes it the perfect gift for your child.

5Fun Chrome 20″ Unicycle with Alloy Rim

amazon buttonWhether it is for professionals or beginners, the Fun Chrome 20? Unicycle offers a versatile, creative way to learn how to balance and enhance your sporting and fitness skills. Loaded with an adjustable saddle to give users the option of varying height levels, this unicycle is extremely comfortable and durable. Featuring a 20-inch wheel made of aluminum, a frame with chrome finishing, hardy cartridge bearings with an alloy rim, a clamp with quick release mechanism, and a Kenda tire, this product can be utilized on a rocky road and rough plains without the worry of taking any long-term damage.

4AW 16″ Inch Wheel Unicycle Leakproof Butyl Tire

amazon buttonThe AW 16-inch Wheel Unicycle is a high quality, premium grade unicycle that helps boost the riders balancing and coordination skills. Offering optimal durability and stability, this unicycle is crafted with a robust frame made of steel, a 20-inch knobby off-road tire, a double bolt clamp on the seat to prevent the rider from slipping off and cotterless 3 piece cranks. The wide 2.5-inch tire helps with added support and rides well over rough terrain and smooth streets. It also comes with an extra padding on the seat for a high standard of comfort at all times.

3Fun Chrome 16″ Unicycle with Alloy Rim

amazon buttonPerfect for enhancing your sporting and exercising needs, the Fun Chrome Unicycle is the perfect blend of durability and top-notch quality. Ideal for beginners or experienced users, this unicycle is uniquely crafted to provide comfort, support, and style. It features a 16-inch aluminum wheel, chrome finished frame, a robust Kenda tire, an adjustable saddle for your preferred height, cartridge bearings with an alloy rim and a quick release clamp on the seat post.

2Uno 20″ Unicycle

amazon buttonThanks to its brilliant performance levels and high-quality design, the Uno 20in Unicycle is one among the best that offers stability and support enabling users to boost their coordinating and balancing skills. Ideal for teens as well as adults, this unicycle is extremely durable and hardy and can be used by beginners too without worrying about injuries. Featuring a 20-inch aluminum wheel, a vibrant blue color frame, strong cartridge bearings, a fast release, and seat post clamp and an alloy rim, users can adjust the seat according to their required height. Offering optimized support, this unicycle can be used both outdoors and indoors.

1Koxx Fluo Trials Unicycle

amazon buttonUniquely constructed on a robust frame made of steel and long-lasting 20 x 2.5-inch tires with double wall rims drilled with aluminum, the Koxx Fluo Trials Unicycle is suitable for both adults and children. The unicycle can glide well on any surface, whether rough or smooth, without any worry of outer damage. It is perfect for those exercising or who want to improve their skills with balancing and coordination during any sport. It also comes with 140 mm drive train cranks and a 250 mm alloy seat post.