Top 10 Best USB Cables of 2017 – Reviews


Most of us use mobile devices on a daily basis yet not all of us own the appropriate accessories that go with them. It happens ever so often, for example, that you do not have the right cable on hand when trying to copy some pictures or work files from your smartphone onto a computer. Although most modern computers have Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities, it may happen that they’re not working properly or well enough, which is why having a USB cable available on a short notice is so important. We should point out, however, that not all USB cables are built to the same standards, which is why we though it would be a good idea to find out what the ten best USB cables out there were.

10AmazonBasics MicroUSB to USB Cable

amazon buttonSimple, reliable and a must-have accessory in this day and age, the AmazonBasics USB to micro USB data transfer cable will let you share files between your computer and mobile devices quickly and very easily. The cable is capable of supporting transfer speeds of up to 480MB/s. It feature’s gold-plated ends that are corrosion proof and comes with a lightning connector head that is compatible with all cases. Furthermore, this cable is 3 meters long and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

9iOrange ETM 6.6ft Braided Cable with Reversible Connector

amazon buttonThis product has been made with durability in mind since it features gold-plated connectors, one of which is reversible for added convenience, and a sturdy aluminum housing that protects it from damage. The 6.6ft long braided cable is made of tough nylon fiber, which means it is not easy to cut at all. It is also long enough to allow you to charge your phone conveniently from wherever you are.

8XCORDS 8 Pin Lightning to USB Syncing and Charging Cable

amazon buttonThe cable consists of braided nylon to ensure that it doesn’t get cut easily and lasts for a long time. It is also easier to untangle. The iPhone lightning head is compatible with most cases and delivers high speed, uninterrupted data transmission. The cable connects easily with most devices, charging systems, and power banks. Additionally, it will also connect to older devices if needed, which is a very useful feature to have.

7Anker Premium Foot-Long Micro USB Cables

amazon buttonExpect blazing fast transmission speeds of up to 480MB/s with Anker’s Premium USB cables which are built to be compatible with all USB 2.0 ports. We say this because this particular cable is long enough to give you enough mobility with your devices but short enough to prevent unnecessary tangling. It also supports quick charge and sync functions and offers you a perfectly secure fit with your device’s ports. The pack of three USB cables comes with an 18-month warranty.

6AmazonBasics 6 ft – Micro-USB to USB Cable

amazon buttonIf you’re looking for a reliable data transfer and charging cable for your USB devices and other PC peripherals, this 6-foot cable from AmazonBasics has everything you need. It is capable of data transmission speeds of up to 480MB/s and comes with corrosion-proof gold-plated connectors and a compact lightning head that will fit with most cases. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

5iOrange-ETM 6ft Type C Braided USB Cable with Reversible Connector

amazon buttonThe features that make this USB to micro USB cable stand out from the rest are the braided nylon design of the cable itself that makes it less susceptible to getting cut, the reversible design of the connector that makes it easier to plug in and the 6.6ft long cable that promises plenty of mobility when charging your phone. The connectors have a premium aluminum housing to prevent corrosion.

4EzoPower 6ft Extra Long Micro USB to USB Cables

amazon buttonIf all you are looking for is freedom to use your phone while connected to the charger or computer, then this micro USB cable is the right product for you. With it, you get 6 feet of cable length to allow you maximum flexibility when you charge or transfer data from your phone to your PC. It also supports simultaneous data transfer and charging and syncs at lightning-fast speeds.

3AmazonBasics A-Male USB 3.0 to Micro USB Cable

amazon buttonThis micro USB cable is suitable for connecting your devices to your computer in order to transfer data at lightning-fast speeds, courtesy of USB 3.0 technology. The A-Male USB cable has a maximum data transmission speed of 4.8GB/s, meaning there is virtually no waiting period when transferring items from your device to your PC or vice versa. The connectors have been gold plated to prevent corrosion and interference during data transmission.

2Matter SR Super Speed USB 3.0 to Type-A Micro USB Cable

amazon buttonWith data transfer speeds of up to 5GB/s, you will experience data transfer rates like never before with this USB to micro USB cable. Compatible with a wide range of devices, it allows you to send data from your computer to your devices quickly without any interruptions. It combines gold-plated connectors with copper conductors to ensure that the transmission of files or pictures from any device of your choice is done uninterrupted and as quickly as possible.

1AmazonBasics Apple-Certified Lightning-Fast USB Cable

amazon buttonPerfect for charging and transferring data from your computer to any Apple devices you might own, this Apple MFi-certified cable is compatible with iPhones, iPods, and iPads. It stands out by having a lightning head designed to fit with all cases, a versatility that isn’t all that common for regular USB cables. At the same time, it enjoys a peculiar construction that will prevent fraying of the ends to enhance durability without affecting the cable’s flexibility in any way. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best USB cables out there.