Top 10 Best USB Car Chargers of 2017 – Reviews


Be it a smartphone, a tablet, or a notebook, everyone has a mobile device these days, and they all need charging. Because of the constant need to make mobile devices smaller and slimmer, manufacturers have no other choice than to make the batteries of these devices smaller in proportion. As a result, most mobile devices have to be recharged constantly, which is tough to do when you’re away from home.

Thankfully, there is such a thing as USB car chargers, devices that are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. This being said, not all USB car chargers can be held to the same standards, which is imperative that you do your homework before making such a purchase in the first place. To give you a better idea of what the market has in store, we put together a list of the ten best USB Car Chargers money can buy.

10BoxWave Dual Micro Car Charger

amazon buttonCharging your phone while in your car should not be a hustle, as this car charger clearly demonstrates. With 2 USB ports and 2.1 amps of current, this charger will make charging your devices a lot easier. There are also safety features with this charger, but of note is the intelligent chip meant to prevent overcharging. The charger is available in both black and white, which gives you more color options depending on your car’s interior.

9KWE Titanium Car Charger

amazon buttonIf aesthetics is something you want as you buy a car charger, then you will have no problem picking this particular charger over several other alternatives in the market. The charger is made using high-quality materials, and it has an undeniable premium appeal. But away from the looks, the charger is also capable of catering to the unique desires of its users. This is because it can provide fast charging, dual charging, protection from overcharging, overheating, and short circuiting.

8TopG Smart Mini Dual USB Car Charger

amazon buttonWith a design that is all too familiar, this car charger is still able to offer a user experience that makes it one of the best choices buyers currently have in the market. The charger enjoys a very high-quality construction and a performance to match it. With its ports, you can charge all mobile devices that can handle USB charging. The device is also very safe to use thanks to its clever design.

7MediBridge Car Charger

amazon buttonIf you are looking for a charger that will do more than an average car charger can accomplish, this version will leave you satisfied. This charger can offer regular charging with its 1 amp USB charging port, but it can also offer fast charging through its 2.4 amp charging port. Besides that, it is very easy and convenient to use. Its unique design is also quite fascinating from an aesthetic standpoint.

6BiruGear Metallic USB Car Charger

amazon buttonThis high-quality charger has both a 1 amp and a 2.1 amp USB charging port. Therefore, in addition to regular charging times, the charger is able to provide fast charging for added convenience. For much-needed safety to your devices, the charger also has a short circuit protection. Using this charger will also be quite easy all things considered, thanks mainly to how small and maneuverable it is.

5Scosche USB Car Charger

amazon buttonJust from its design, you can tell this is a serious charger by pretty much all standards. First of all, it is very light in weight. Other than that, it can charge your mobile devices at a surprisingly fast pace. Its compatibility with many devices is also quite a convenience. Not only that but you can even charge two devices at the same time using this particular charger, which is a big plus nowadays.

4New Trent Arcadia Car Charger

amazon buttonIn today’s market, the power and efficiency of this car charger make it one of the best discerning car buyers can hope for. You can charge your mobile devices using any of its two USB ports, regardless of the brand. The charger is designed to be compact, and it also comes with very important safety features that make sure that your devices do not get overcharged or short circuited during the charging process. The charger also has a 1 amp and a 2.1 amp charging port, values you would expect from any modern charger.

3Anker PowerDrive 2 USB Car Charger

amazon buttonWith its sleek shiny exterior, this charger has a look and feel that should make any car lover proud. The same can be said of its abilities when it comes to charging convenience. The charger also features special extras, which are its PowerIQ and VoltageBoost features for improved charging performance. The charger is also made in a way that ensures that your devices cannot get damaged during the charging process.

2AmazonBasics Car Charger

amazon buttonThis car charger is better than many other alternatives in the market for a number of reasons. For one, it is very affordable, and this is despite its premium features. You can charge two devices at the same time with this charger. It will also have no trouble charging both large and small mobile gadgets, thanks to its 20 watts of power. There is also an indicator to tell you when it’s time to disconnect your device. It is also very sturdily made, which is why it also comes with an ample 1-year warranty.

1PowerGen Dual USB Car Charger

amazon buttonOther than its unique and captivating design, this car charger also offers a very high-quality performance. Thanks to its ingenious circuitry, this charger will provide you with high-standard charging regardless of how sensible your device may be. Furthermore, this charger is engineered to stop charging your devices as soon as they are fully charged, thus saving you the hassle of keeping a constant eye on the device as it charges.