Top 10 Best Vacuum Sealer Bags of 2017 – Reviews


A good way to preserve food for a much longer time these days is by using vacuum sealing. Highly effective, vacuum sealing keeps food preserved for a very long time regardless of whether we’re talking about dry or liquid foods. Furthermore, the process doesn’t rely on electric-powered systems like freezers or refrigerators, making it ideal for when you’re traveling or camping outdoors.

In order for the process to be effective, you will need to use only the best vacuum sealer bags out there, because, at the end of the day, there is no real substitute for quality no matter how you look at it. When we say this we don’t necessarily mean expensive bags by any means, although you can expect some of the best bags on the market to cost you a bit more than the standard ones. This being said, let us find out what are the ten best vacuum sealer bags money can buy.

10Vac-Fresh Rolls Embossed 4mil Vacuum Sealer Bags

amazon buttonYou can use these sealer bags with almost any type of vacuum sealer thanks to their accommodating design. They’re not only accommodating, however, but thoroughly resistant at the same time. In fact, they are strong enough to protect food against freezer burn, spoilage, or any type of odors from the environment you store them in. At the same time, they have venting channels on the inside of the bags for maximum air extraction.

9SpaceSaver Premium JUMBO Vacuum Storage Bags

amazon buttonThanks to the Double-Zip Seal and the Triple-Seal Turbo Valve, these bags will enable you to get the air out of the bag almost completely before sealing it. As a result, you can rest assured that the food won’t grow any mold, mildew, or bacteria. These bags are made from anti-microbial materials that are 100% sterile, which when you think about it, is much more than you can ask from standard vacuum storage bags.

8Seal-A-Meal 11-Inch by 9-Foot Rolls

amazon buttonThese 11-inch bags are designed to be used with Seal-A-Meal vacuum food sealers or any other sealers of the same size. Durable and accommodating, these bags will keep refrigerated and frozen food fresh more a much longer period of time, preventing it from getting freezer burn in the process. The great thing about these bags is that they’re made almost entirely from heavy-duty plastic, meaning that they are safe to be used in the microwave or in boiling water.

7Weston 8-by-12-Inch Vacuum-Sealer Food Bags

amazon buttonThese 8-by-12 inches vacuum-sealer bags will enable you to keep food fresh for up to 5 times longer than you would when using standard plastic bags. Made of 2-ply, 3-mil nylon with a layer of polyethylene mesh, these bags are also surprisingly durable by all standards. We should point out, however, that they are designed to be used with Weston-brand sealers and external-clamp vacuum sealers, although pretty much any vacuum sealer that fits should do the trick.

6Vac-Fresh Roll 11″ x 50′ Vacuum Seal Bag

amazon buttonThanks to their accommodating design, these universal vacuum bags should work with virtually any type of vacuum sealer. We all know how important it is for these type of bags to be durable and resistant, which is why you should know that these particular bags are made from heavy-duty 3.5 mil plastic with cross venting channels to facilitate maximum air extraction. As a result, they will protect food against any sort of damage up to five times longer than normal bags.

5Home-Complete Space Saver Bags Storage Bundle

amazon buttonYou would expect a space saver bags bundle to come with high-quality vacuum sealer bags and you would be right to do so. This particular bundle features 15 variety bags of different sizes intended for different purposes. As such, these bugs will protect your food against mold, mildew, and bacteria without being inconvenient to use in any way. We say this because they are made from anti-microbial materials that will ensure the bag won’t pick up any odors over time.

4Commercial Bargains 2 Pack Vacuum Sealer Saver Rolls

amazon buttonThe great thing about these particular bags is that they can be used in any clamp style vacuum sealer with no limitations whatsoever. Intended to eliminate freezer burn and dehydration, these FDA approved, BPA-free bags are some of the safest out there. They owe their high degree of safety to their commercial grade embossed materials and to the fact that they are 100% freezer and dishwasher safe.

3FoodSaver 44 Quart-sized Bags

amazon buttonDesigned to work with FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing Systems, these are among the best vacuum sealer bags on the market today. The reason we say this is because of how these particular bags are made when compared to other bags. For instance, they feature multi-ply materials that not only prevent freezer burn for the foods that are being stored but they also block oxygen and moisture through specially designed channels.

2Save It Fresh Vacuum Sealer Bags

amazon buttonThanks to their ingenious construction, these bags will not only work with virtually any type of clamp style vacuum sealer but they can also be boiled or frozen as well. Due to their versatility, they can help you preserve literally any dry or liquid type of food without having to worry about it getting freezer burns or any particular odor. Also worth mentioning is the fact these bags are a lot thicker than most of the bags you find on sale these days, which enables them to be used when cooking a wide variety of dishes.

1Commercial Bargains Vacuum Saver Rolls

amazon buttonMade from heavy-duty 2-layer 3.5 mil plastic, these high-quality sealer bags from Commercial Bargains are without a doubt some of the best on the market today. As you would expect, these bags are compatible with all types of clamp style vacuum packaging machines, a versatility they owe to their accommodating design. We should also point out that these bags are boilable, freezable, reusable, both microwave and dishwasher safe, and entirely BPA free.