Top 10 Best Vehicle Laptop Mounts of 2017 – Reviews


If you are among the people who take their work with them when driving, then you will undoubtedly be in need of a reliable vehicle laptop mount. These gadgets will enable you to set up a laptop or a notebook as a permanent fixture inside your car, without the risk of them falling down or sustaining any damage you would otherwise expect such a device to sustain under normal driving conditions. With this in mind, let us point out that it isn’t all that easy finding a good laptop mount for your laptop, especially given how many there are out there nowadays. To give you some insight on the matter, we put together a list of the ten best vehicle laptop mounts money can buy.

10FantasyCart Notebook Laptop Mount Desk

amazon buttonThe metallic frame and tubing of this car laptop mount have been expertly built with strength and stability in mind. This car mount is easy to install to allow you to turn your vehicle into a mobile workstation in less than ten minutes. The mount can be adjusted in a lot of ways, including tilting, rotation and other minor adjustments facilitated by the height and angle adjustment knobs. Furthermore, its universal design makes it compatible with laptops of all sizes.

9Arkon Tablet Holder for Cars and Trucks

amazon buttonAlthough it involves a bit of drilling and heavy installation, this tablet holder for cars and trucks provides stability like no other. It is highly compatible with most 7” to 12” tablets from leading brands and features an adjustable 18-inch gooseneck that enhances its flexibility. The mount installs easily using just a few screws and features slim grips on the docking station that keep the tablet secure.

8Arkon 22-Inch Tablet and Keyboard Holder Mount with Seat Rail Pedestal

amazon buttonThe innovative design of this car tablet holder mount allows you to also install a keyboard to fully optimize your workstation. With a maximum height of 22 inches, you can conveniently use your gadgets without straining. The tablet bracket is compatible with 10-12 inch tablets and installs quickly using the seat’s track bolt. Adjustable arms on the keyboard tray allow you to fit keyboards of all sizes for maximum convenience.

7Mount It! Under-Seat Car Laptop Mount MI-7411

amazon buttonThis under-seat car laptop mount offers nothing but stability and durability with its incredibly strong stainless steel frame and heavy duty tubing, knobs and clamps. A ball-joint base allows the stand to be very stable yet mildly adjustable to suit your needs. Customizable angles let you position your laptop in the most convenient way possible and allow for movements such as tilting, rotation, and telescoping. The docking station also allows lock installation to give you a more stable mount in your vehicle. It is best suited for 12 inches to 15.6-inch laptops.

6Onyx Laptop Car Mount Holder

amazon buttonThe sturdy build of the Onyx laptop car mount holder makes it one of the top-rated products, with numerous customer reviews appraising its high build quality. Its frame is made of lightweight but very sturdy aluminum with all the necessary pivot joints to help you get the right angles and adjust the laptop as you wish. Holes in the laptop tray provide cooling spaces to prevent the overheating of your gadgets while you use them.

5Mount It! Carbon Fiber Cup Holder Laptop Mount MI-7321

amazon buttonWhat the design of this car laptop mount offers you is true convenience and ease of installation thanks to its unique design. Instead of requiring under-seat installation, it fits easily into your vehicle’s cup holders without screws or any drilling required. This translates to easier adjustment, a better view and a much smaller mount in your vehicle. What’s more, every pivot joint features locks that will facilitate maximum stability for your gadget.

4Mobotron Vehicle Laptop Mount Kit

amazon buttonThis laptop mount helps you create a fully optimized workstation within your vehicle. The laptop mounting kit includes an easy to install laptop mount that clips and fits on to the interior of your vehicle without requiring drilled holes. The angles of the mount can be adjusted using quick-release levers and knob screws. The frame of the docking station is also adjustable to accommodate laptops of all sizes. The laptop mount kit also includes screen stabilizers and a cooling fan to allow you to work for long periods of time from within your vehicle.

3Mobotron MS-426 Standard Car iPad Laptop Mount Holder Stand

amazon buttonWith this car laptop holder, you can be done with the installation in just a matter of minutes. The laptop mount fits under your seat in a simple manner that gives it all the flexibility it needs to make your car a versatile workstation. Rather than metallic knobs that can damage your gadgets when tightened too much, this laptop holder uses two pairs of Velcro straps to firmly secure your laptop and ensure there’s no wobbling or misplacement even when driving on rough terrains. The tray is highly adjustable to fit smaller or larger gadgets and also comes with two cup holders.

2Arkon 22-inch Tall Seat Rail Tablet Mount

amazon buttonIf you prefer working with your tablet from within your vehicle since it is more versatile, this is the tablet mount you should go for. The bracket is highly adjustable to fit most mid-sized tablets (8.9 inches to 12.9-inch tablets). Its adjustable gooseneck holder is also very adjustable and has a maximum height of 22 inches. Extendable brackets grip your gadgets tightly to keep it in place even during bumpy rides. Furthermore, this tablet mount installs easily to the passenger seat rail bolt using a socket wrench.

1Mobotron MS-526 Heavy-duty Car VAN SUV iPad Laptop Mount

amazon buttonThis versatile docking station will also allow you to conveniently mount your tablet or notebook thanks to its highly adjustable design. Extendable grips with the help of slider knobs on the docking station give you the freedom to lock your gadgets onto the docking station for more convenience. The heavy duty stainless steel mount guarantees you extended durability and stability even when holding heavier gadgets. Interestingly enough, this mount is customizable enough to fit in small vehicles as well as SUVs and trucks.