Top 10 Best Vibram Five Fingers of 2017 – Reviews


Those of you who have had the pleasure of wearing Vibram shoes at some point should know by now just how comfortable and flexible these shoes can be. They are designed to provide an impressive amount of mobility without constricting your feet in any way, not even when you’re performing physically-intense moves. It is for this reason that Vibram five fingers enjoy the tremendous popularity they do, a popularity that seems to be growing more and more these days. With that in mind, let us find out what are the ten best Vibram five fingers the market has to offer.

Best Vibram Five Fingers Reviews 2017

10Vibram Five Fingers Women KomodoSport LS

amazon buttonWomen athletes find the Vibram Five Fingers Women KomodoSport LS training shoe best suited for their feet. It has a Vibram sole that provides the ultimate responsiveness and 2mm seamless footbed insole that brings comfort to the feet. The shoe is absolutely stitch-free which reduces friction significantly. The shoe also comes with heel, loop, and in step hook closures for the best grip. Furthermore, the toe cap is made from sturdy PU to provide protection during training.

9Vibram’s KMD LS Women Cross Training Shoes

amazon buttonWith the Women’s KMD LS Cross Training Shoes from Vibram, athletes performances are significantly enhanced. The shoe offers splendid support, grip, and flexibility to take on any sport. It is made from polyester fabric and nylon mesh that keeps the foot dry and cool. There is a sturdy rubber sole for added traction and durability. The upper side of the show is made from high-quality mesh and polyester while the shoe itself has a circular lug pattern that is very helpful when moving laterally. Furthermore, the outsole is an XS Trek one and offers increased support and grip.

8VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoes for Women

amazon buttonThe Women’s VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoe can be a great addition to your running gear. It comprises of high-quality imported textiles and materials that make it extremely durable and powerful. It has a rubber XS Trek Outsole, an antimicrobial fiber insole, and a rubber 3.5mm thick midsole. The top of the shoe is made from polyester mesh and is finished with PU printed reinforcement for added comfort and flexibility. The shoe also has a serrated blade lug design that is great for any type of surface.

7Vibram Yoga Shoe for Women

amazon buttonPacked with a remarkable performance, the Women’s Alitza Loop Fitness Yoga Show from Vibram gives women that much-needed comfort and support while they work out. The shoe is made from stretchable polyamide that is imported and of the highest quality. This unique shoe features a rubber sole that offers excellent traction on any surface. The upper portion of the shoe is made from polyester mesh that has a PU printed reinforcement, which not only keeps the foot dry and cool but it also helps in terms of flexibility. The shoe has a serrated blade lug design that adds to the grip and comfortability.

6Vibram Bikila for Women

amazon buttonFor runners, the Women’s Bikila Evo Road Running Shoe from Vibram is an excellent shoe to have. The shoe is made using materials such as imported synthetic and mesh that offer comfort, breathability, and flexibility. The outsole is an XS Run outsole that is durable and offers just the right amount of traction for maximum speed. The laces come in a unique style that requires minimal effort. The shoe is perfect for medium distance runners and the FiveFingers design offers maximum comfort. We say this because it has a heel to toe drop which makes it perfect for running. It also features an antimicrobial Drilex sock liner, EVA foam midsole, and an XS Run outsole for absolutely perfect performances.

5Vibram Men Trail Running Shoe

amazon buttonOne of the most purchased training shoes for men is the Spyridon MR Trail Running Shoe from Vibram. The shoe is made from imported high-quality polyester which keeps the feet dry and cool at all times. The rubber sole of the shoe is built to last and offers fantastic traction even on semi-vertical surfaces. With bungee lacing and a lug design, this shoe truly grips the foot snugly. The midsole is made from molded nylon mesh which offers breathability and great protection. At the same time, the outsole has a wave grip design that is built for off-road adventures.

4Vibram Five Fingers SEEYA Running Shoe for Men

amazon buttonThe FiveFingers SEEYA LS Running Shoe from the house of Vibram is one of the best-selling Vibram shoes out there. The shoe is made from excellent quality synthetic materials and offers years of performance. The Vibram sole ensures that every user gets perfect traction on every surface. The insole is made from polyurethane and is stitched into the show to reduce friction on the foot during long hours of training. The midsole is made from soft TPU that increases flexibility while the upper portion is made from breathable mesh that keeps the foot both dry and cool.

3Vibram Cross Training Shoe for Men

amazon buttonThe Men’s KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe from Vibram is a stand out product that delivers on every aspect. It is made from the best quality imported materials that not only add to its comfort but ensure an impressive performance overall. The sole of the shoe is made from synthetic material which offers maximum traction, even on wet floors, while the tongue of the shoe is lightly padded to maximize comfort levels and the quick lacing system minimises time spent on tying the shoe. Furthermore, this shoe also has an XS Trek Outsole for an insane durability on every type of surface.

2KMD from Vibram For Cross Training (Men)

amazon buttonThe Men’s KMD LS Cross Training Shoe from Vibram is one of the best available trainers. The shoe is made from extremely breathable polyester and nylon mesh that keeps the feet dry and cool even under extreme circumstances. The durable rubber sole brings superb traction and durability on any type of surface. We should also point out that it comes with a circular lug pattern that offers excellent grip on the foot. Also worth mentioning is that this shoe’s outsole is an Ice Trek one, a model that keeps the foot snug at all times.

1KSO Vibram for Men

amazon buttonThe KSO-M Trail Runner for Men from Vibram is a favorite among many athletes who enjoy activities such as parkour and freerunning. It is made from a mix of high-quality polyamide, Hypalon, and polyester which makes it durable and breathable. It also has a sturdy rubber sole that offers both grip and durability. Not only that but it also comprises an upper material construction designed to be stretchable and completely abrasion resistant. Last but not least, this shoe is fastened through a single Velcro loop and hook system that makes it easy to put on and take off.