Top 10 Best Walking Shoes for Men in 2017 – Reviews


Finding good sports shoes isn’t all that hard these days, given the wide variety the market has to offer right now. Finding good walking shoes, on the other hand, is nowhere near that easy, unfortunately. The reason behind is that while most manufacturers put a lot of effort into making quality sports shoes, walking shoes don’t really sell that well. In this respect, a good pair of walking shoes can be hard to come by, which is why you must always pay attention to buying trends and to what people tend to wear. To give you some insight on the matter, we put together a list of the ten best walking shoes for men that money can buy.

10Nike Flyknit Racer Shoes

amazon buttonYou rarely go wrong with a nice pair of Nike sneakers, which is why this pair is one of the best you can get if you’re looking for style and functionality. The shoes feature the bold Nike logo low on the side of the shoe, which makes them look very classy. Cushioned bottoms on the soles enhance your comfort levels and also give you an extra bit of spring in your pace when walking and running.

9Ryn Nazca Sympatex Running Shoes

amazon buttonWith seven layers of cushioning compressed within the soles of these very optimized shoes for walking and running, you can expect enhanced performances and extra comfort no matter what terrain you’re running on. Available in four color choices, these running shoes are perfect for a wide range of uses including running, walking or just as fashion items. Furthermore, you will find these shoes to be a lot more affordable than most.

8Altra Instinct II Men’s Running Shoes

amazon buttonThe addition of a toe box to the design of these shoes guarantees that they are a lot more comfortable for walking and running. The shoes’ uppers consist of highly durable mesh which enhances air circulation within the shoe. The midsole of the sneakers was optimized to maximize on comfort with the addition of EVA foam. The shoes are extra comfortable for walking and running.

7Nike Men’s Air Max Dynasty Running Shoes

amazon buttonNike Air Max sneakers ooze youthful pomp from their tastefully finished construction. The shoes are wonderfully made with streaks of silver and platinum combining to make a very good-looking shoe. One of the deluxe design trends of these shoes is the see-through rubber soles that enhance comfort and support while making the shoes attractively unique. Not only that but they are also a lot more comfortable than most shoes in this price range.

6New Balance ML515 Men’s Modern Classics Sneaker

amazon buttonEvery man deserves some trendy walking shoes in his wardrobe, and the New Balance ML515 sneakers are exactly that. The shoes are made to be extra comfortable even for people with wide feet and feature a thick rubber sole for maximum traction. Other features of the walking shoes include a supported heel unit, a cushioned mid-sole, and uppers with mesh material for enhanced breathability. The shoes are available in three stylish color combinations.

5New Balance Men’s MW759 Countryside Walking Shoes

amazon buttonThe MW759 New Balance shoes for men proved to be a bit of a disappointment for most. The fit was narrow although durable as usual, making it a lot harder for some men to feel comfortable in them. Other than that, the shoes still feature their trusty leather uppers and traction-inducing rubber soles melded together using strong stitches. Other than the slightly narrow fit, the shoes are made as durably as you would expect.

4New Balance MW928 Men’s Walking Shoes

amazon buttonNew Balance shoes are usually designed to be comfortable above all else. The MW928 walking shoes for men provide not only stability and balance but comfort all round especially for men with wide feet. Rollbar technology provides optimum support to the arch of the foot while an odor-proof lining inside the shoe is soft and comfortable, allowing you to wear the shoes all day without worrying about foot odor, blisters, and bruises.

3Rockport World Tour Classic Men’s Walking Shoes

amazon buttonThe durable leather construction of these Rockport men’s walking shoes makes them worth every penny spent. The shoes are comfortably wide and built superbly to last many long walks through all types of terrain. These shoes also have plenty of space inside for those who prefer to use doctor-prescribed insoles. On top of that, you will find these shoes to be a lot more comfortable than most other shoes in this price range.

2Skechers Slip-On Performance Walking Shoes for Men

amazon buttonSlip-on shoes are the epitome of walking comfort for men, especially when the brand is as respectable as Skechers. These shoes are not only plush and comfortable inside, they are also very breathable, thanks to the premium integration of mesh in the uppers of the shoes. Rubber soles make them great for walking on slick surfaces. Casual shoes don’t come as classy as this deluxe pair of walking shoes from Skechers.

1New Balance MX608V4 Men’s Training Shoes

amazon buttonThese New Balance walking shoes guarantee you unlimited traction even on slick surfaces thanks to their reliable rubber soles. The shoes still feature New Balance’s trademark tough leather uppers that were designed to provide optimum protection along the foot, which in turn makes these shoes some of the most comfortable out there. In fact, these shoes come with comfortable odor-resistant insoles and a design that focuses on supporting the arch of the foot when walking. Overall, they are perhaps some of the best walking shoes out there.