Top 10 Best Waterproof Cell Phone Cases of 2017 – Reviews


We tend to take our smartphones with us everywhere we go nowadays and this includes humid environments. While most of us are accustomed to leaving our phones out of sight whenever we go for a dip in the pool or by the seaside, we would do well to remember that there is such a thing as a waterproof cell phone case and it can be quite a game changer. With such a case, you can not only rest assured that your phone will not take damage if you leave it by the pool but you can very well take it with you for a swim. To give you a better idea of what type of case to look for, we put together a list of the ten best cell phone cases money can buy.

10iPhone 6 Waterproof Cell Phone Case

amazon buttonOther than the deluxe design of this phone case that will make your phone look very attractive, the waterproof case from oneCase protects your iPhone cell phone from water, dust, sand and snow. What’s more, the case is durable and highly shock-resistant, giving your phone extra protection from falls. Getting this case for your phone allows you to enjoy unlimited freedom in any humid environment without having to worry about your phone getting damaged in any way.

9oneCase Protection Case Cover

amazon buttonThis tried and tested waterproof cell phone case will not allow any leaks whatsoever into your phone thanks to its incredibly watertight design. Its bulky design might be inconveniencing but it does its job perfectly despite being so affordable. A plus is that the protective screen film is touch-sensitive, meaning you can use your phone while it is in the case. Furthermore, this case cover takes only a couple of seconds to put on and take off.

8Levin Waterproof Iphone 6 Plus / 6s Plus Case

amazon buttonDesigned specifically for the iPhone 6, this is a waterproof case that oozes superiority in the way that it has been designed. In addition to protecting your phone from water damage, it is also sand proof, dust proof, and shock-resistant. An inbuilt screen guard ensures that your screen survives nasty falls and doesn’t get scratched up from use over time. Overall, it is also one of the sturdiest iPhone cases out there.

7Lifeproof NUUD Series Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

amazon buttonSpecifically made for Samsung Galaxy S3 users, this waterproof case features a minimalistic yet attractive design that perfectly conforms to the shape of the phone. A nice rubber border on the sides and back will also act as shock absorbers in case you drop your phone while a clean film at the front allows you to use your phone without getting it wet and also prevents scratches. Also worth mentioning is that it comes in a trendy black color to add to your phone’s aesthetics.

6Dry Pak DP-46 Waterproof Cell Phone, GPS and MP3 Case

amazon buttonThe versatile design of the Dry Pak DP-46 allows you to conveniently store not only your cell phone but also your mp3 player or GPS in a waterproof casing for extra protection. The attractive plastic casing will keep it dry while still allowing you to use it easily. A strap allows you to carry it conveniently wherever you go, a mobility that many other cases simply do not offer.

5Lifeproof Waterproof iPhone 5S Case

amazon buttonFeaturing one of the trendiest designs in this list, this waterproof iPhone 5S case provides much more than just protection from water, sand, dust and the elements. Its durably rugged build will protect it from nasty falls while an in-built screen guard ensures that your screen is well protected from scratching and tumbles. The build quality is top notch, meaning you get the best protection for your phone when you buy this waterproof case.

4SafeWays Waterproof Seal Case

amazon buttonIn addition to being extremely good at protecting your phone from water, dust, and even snow, this cell phone case for iPhone 6 also features a very trendy design with a rugged back cover that protects it from falls and a clear, touch-friendly screen film that will allow you to use the phone as usual. Its creative design also features some space at the back where you can hide the USB charging cord. The waterproof case gives the phone a premium look.

3Universal Waterproof Case for iPhone

amazon buttonThe simplistic design of this waterproof case together with the convenient strap lets you protect your phone and carry it very easily wherever you go. The Wildtek waterproof case is a bit bulky but keeps your phone totally dry even in the wettest conditions. Specifically made for iPhone handsets, it also allows you to use your phone easily while keeping it protected. Not only that but it can also accommodate a variety of cell phones and smartphones.

2Frieq Universal Waterproof Cell Phone Case

amazon buttonThis case features a similar design as the previous ones but boasts of a higher build quality, which makes it look extra special. The waterproof case is available in black, pink and light blue and enjoys a trendy design and with a strap that allows you to carry your phone easily around your neck. Other than cell phones, it can also be used to protect mp3 players and cameras, provided they fit inside the case.

1Joto Universal Waterproof Case

amazon buttonIn addition to providing waterproof protection for your device, this universal cell phone case is also scratch-resistant, dustproof and even snowproof, letting you use your phone conveniently wherever you are. The protective film at the front is touch-friendly, meaning you can enjoy seamless operation and a realistic feedback even when the phone is inside the case. It is also compatible with the iPhone 5 range, the iPhone 6 range, and with Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5. Overall, it is perhaps one of the most reliable waterproof cases out there.