Top 10 Best Wetsuits of 2017 – Reviews


When looking for a good wetsuit, one must always settle on a suit that is both tight yet comfortable at the same time. For obvious reasons, you don’t want the suit to allow water to squeeze underneath it because that kind of defeats the purpose of wearing a wetsuit to begin with. At the same time, you would do well to wear one that doesn’t constrict your movement in the water because that can be equally uncomfortable.

In fact, you should perhaps figure out exactly what type of wetsuit best fits your needs before making any sort of purchase, To help you in your quest, we put together a list of the ten best wetsuits on the market today.

10TYR Sport Men’s Wetsuit

amazon buttonWhatever water sport you like, this great Hurricane suit might just be the thing you need. You can swim, paddle board, surf, snorkel, kayak, dive, and do some serious boating with this suit. The suit’s design has been specifically created to improve sporting performance, thanks to its form-fitting nature. And for your added comfort, the suit comes with flat stitching and unique armpit panels for freer movement. The fabric used to make the suit also makes it more comfortable to wear as you enjoy your favorite water sports.

9Hyperflex Men’s 3/2mm Full Wetsuit

amazon buttonThe one thing you will love about this wetsuit is the amazing thermal protection it offers. Even when you are dealing with cold water, this suit will keep you warm and comfortable. Speaking of comfort, the suit is also made of a snug and comfortable form fitting material so that you can try out all your favorite moves as you enjoy your time in the water.

8NeoSport Men’s 3 Men’s Shorty Wetsuit

amazon buttonAlthough this suit is incredibly light and capable of withstanding heavy use, it also stands out for its ability to offer its wearers an opportunity to enjoy their favorite sports without inhibition. The wetsuit can handle swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, and surfing among other water sports. The suit also comes with foot stirrups that keep the suit in place at all times.

7Cressi Playa Men’s Short Wetsuit

amazon buttonIf you are looking for a suit that is especially easy to put on, this is one of the best options you have. The wetsuit has its zip on the front. Other innovations on the suit include the seal on the legs and arms, which reduce water infiltration. The suit also offers thermal protection. So, it should come as no surprise that this suit can be used in all kinds of water sports, including snorkeling and swimming.

6O’Neill Men’s 2mm Reactor Shorty Wetsuit

amazon buttonThis suit offers a unique blend of performance and comfort. It is made using Neoprene, spandex, nylon and other materials. Each critical part of the suit has been designed to offer optimum performance and comfort. For instance, the knees have knee pads for added comfort, while the neck features an adjustable Super seal. The rest of the suit is also well-designed to ensure you have a comfortable form-fitting suit as you play various water sports.

5Phantom Aquatics Full Suit Wetsuit

amazon buttonOther than serving as a perfectly adequate wetsuit, the Phantom Aquatics full suit can also make a perfect base layer if you would like to slip on a Neoprene suit. The suit can stand up to the most demanding of water adventures; all because it has foot stirrups that keep the suit in place as well as a long front zip for faster donning and doffing. If you are also concerned about various sea creatures like jellyfish ruining your water sports fun, this Lycra wetsuit will be perfect for you.

4Seavenger Full Suit Men/Women Wetsuit

amazon buttonWhether you are diving, surfing, snorkeling, or engaging in any other kind of water sport, the Seavenger is up to the task. Black in color, this suit is designed for mobility. This is despite the fact that the wetsuit has been designed for performance as well, thanks to its form-fitting design. The armpits can stretch a little more than the rest of the suit so that your arm movements are not restricted in any way. Other than that, this suit can handle all kinds of water conditions, including warm and cold water.

3US Divers Adult Wetsuit

amazon buttonThis full body suit is without doubt one of the best currently in the market. Among other great features, this wetsuit spots 3 mm titanium blend chest panels, which can reflect heat radiating from your body in order to keep you warm even in cold conditions. More importantly, this wetsuit blends performance, style, and comfort in a way very few other alternatives can.

2O’Neill Wetsuit Men’s Full Suit

amazon buttonThis 3/2 mm full suit is a class of its own for a number of factors. For one, the suit can offer optimal performance, keep you warm, and fit snugly without being uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, this suit is extra comfortable, thanks to the manufacturer’s innovative design tweaks. While the lining is completely made of Neoprene, the knees consist of spandex and nylon. The collar is made entirely out of polyester.

1NeoSport Full Body Wetsuit

amazon buttonThe are many reasons this NeoSport wetsuit has won the hearts of many water sports fans. Firstly, it can protect you from the sun and the irritating sea life such as sea lice and jellyfish. And that’s not all. The wetsuit is made of Lycra, which means that in addition to being very comfortable and form-fitting, it can easily serve as a base layer as you wear a Neoprene wetsuit. So, whether you are swimming, diving, snorkeling, or enjoying some other form of sea adventure, this is the perfect suit for you.