Top 10 Best Winter Boots For Women of 2017 – Reviews


Unlike winter boots for men which are designed with sturdiness in mid above everything else, winter boots for women must also be trendy and fashionable from an aesthetic point of view. This being said, they must still be sturdy enough to last you for as long as possible throughout the seasons. For this to happen you must acquire a good enough understanding of what makes a pair of winter boots stand out and what to look for when shopping for some.

With that out of the way, all it remains is that you aim toward the type of boots you would actually enjoy wearing in public, because as we all know, some winter boots aren’t exzactly fashionable as far as design hoes. To give you a better idea of what the market has to offer, we put together a list of the ten best boots for women money can buy.

10KEEN Women’s Wilma Lace Winter Boots

amazon buttonThe KEEN Wilma winter boots are some of the most commonly purchased pieces of footwear by women everywhere. They are built to last and made from superior quality leather to ensure their long-lasting durability in any weather conditions, while their synthetic soles ensure that the boots won’t wear and tear easily. There is also a KEEN Dry membrane on the inside of the boots to keep the feet warm and dry at all times. Weighing just 1.2 pounds, the boots do not add extra weight to the feet and makes for comfortable walking in any kind of weather.

9Teva Women’s Little Cloud Boots

amazon buttonMade from top quality imported leather, the TEVA Cloud winter boot for women is definitely a must-have. It has a solid rubberized sole that is resistant to wear over years. From the arch to the top of the boot, the footwear measures 8 inches. There is a heel as well for added height that measures 1 inch. The mouth of the boot is 11 inches wide that fits any foot size. The boot tightens with the help of a dual loop that can be pulled. There top of the boot is lined with fur for an absolute trendy look. Also worth mentioning is the fact that each boot weighs 2 pounds but that it feels absolutely comfortable on the foot.

8KEEN Women’s Hoodoo II Winter Boots

amazon buttonWinter shoes are made to be durable and KEEN is among the few manufacturers that know how to make them last. The Hoodoo II is made from 100% pure high-quality leather which is imported. The sole is made from hardened rubber which provides a kind of durability that cannot be matched. There is a membrane that keeps the feet dry and warm in any kind of weather. There is a multi-texture feature on the boot which provides a better look and faux-shearling on the collar of the boot. Weighing in at just 1.1 pounds, this pair is extremely comfortable to wear during any weather and terrain.

7Ariat Women’s Legend Western Cowboy Boots

amazon buttonDo not let the name fool you, these particular boots can be worn in almost any weather condition on any terrain. It is made from imported 100% leather and is fitted with a Duratread sole which is made to last. It is 11 inches from the arch to the top of the boot. The heel is 2 inches high, which is perfect for women who love to follow fashion trends. With the 13.75 inch mouth at the top, the boot can fit any foot size. It is made with ATS or Advanced Torque Stability for a great pair. The welt is made from Goodyear leather and there is a square toe finish to it.

6Madden Girl Women’s Cactuss Boots

amazon buttonMade from high quality imported synthetic materials, both the shaft and the sole of these boots are made from top quality synthetic materials and measures 16.25 inches from arch to top. They also boast a one-inch heel for that adds a bit of style to an already stylish boot design. In this respect, these boots are detailed with buckles and studs to boost their looks as far as aesthetics go. At the same time, they have a zipper on the back for easy access, which is always something to look forward to.

5Sorel Women’s Glacy Snow Boots

amazon buttonThese boots are made from high quality imported leather which is made to last for years regardless of how often they are being worn. The rubber is made from hard rubber and weighs just 1.2 pounds for easy wearing through any weather. It also measures 9 inches from the arch to the top of the boot and has an opening of 13 inches to fit any sized foot. Furthermore, its outsole is extremely durable and can be worn in practically any terrain.

4Sorel Women’s Joan Of Arctic Boots

amazon buttonThese cleverly named Joan of Arctic boots are some of the best the market has to offer at this point in time. Made from high quality 100% pure leather and is fitted with a rubberized sole, these boots will not only be easy to put on but also extremely easy to take off when needed. Interestingly enough, the felt that lines these boots is recycled and can be removed easily if you want to. Not only that but the boots are waterproof and extremely cozy when worn for long periods of time.

3DailyShoes Women’s Military Combat Lace-up Mid Calf Money Wallet Pocket Boots

amazon buttonThese combat boots are some of the best winter boots available and understandably so when considering their high-end construction. Made using the best 100% leather, these boots will complement the soles of the boots that are made from hardened rubber for long lasting durability. One of the stand-out features is the 3.5-inch zipper pocket that can be used to store cash, credit cards, jewelry, or pretty much anything else you might need to store.

2Dr. Martens 1460 Originals Eight-Eye Lace-Up Boots

amazon buttonMade from premium quality imported leather, these top of the line boots from Dr. Martens will boost your looks while still being tough enough to withstand almost any weather conditions. For instance, these boots use synthetic soles that are made to provide the boots with not only sturdiness but flexibility as well. They also boast 1.25-inch heels that are catered for women who love to follow fashion trends along with keeping their feet warm during the winter. Interestingly enough, these boots are made from Goodyear leather which guarantees their long-lasting durability.

1Bearpaw Women’s Emma Tall Boots

amazon buttonMade from high-quality imported suede, these boots will last you a lot longer than virtually any other pair of winter boots out there. They owe their durability to a combination of quality sheepskin and wool, which when combined with a 12-inch shaft with a flexible platform, make the boots stand out among the rest. Also worth mentioning is the fact that these boots use woven heels and logos, a design that vastly boosts their looks. Last but not least, these boots are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear in any weather, which may explain why they’re so popular to begin with.