Top 10 Best Winter Gloves for Women in 2017 – Reviews


Gloves are seen as an essential accessory for both men and women during the cold season, and yet it seems that women are far more inclined to actually wearing them. For this reason, women’s winter gloves have to be not only warm and comfortable but fashionable as well. In fact, there are many women out there would gladly sacrifice the warmth factor in exchange for an improved design and added practicality overall. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best winter gloves for women to consider if you’re looking to buy a pair.

10HDE Fingerless Winter Gloves Insulated Thermal Texting Mittens

amazon buttonHDE Fingerless Winter Gloves Insulated Thermal Texting Mittens are the perfect companion in cold winter circumstances. This model has an underlying composition of resilient Acrylic which boosts their durability and subsequently guarantees warmth. Alki’i utilizes a simple fingerless design which facilitates ease of use with Smartphones without removing them which is convenient for many women. This design is conveniently unisex which comes in handy even for the male counterpart. Moreover, they are available in either black or brown colors for you to choose from.

9MATSU Casual Winter Leather Gloves

amazon buttonMATSU gloves are a gorgeous looking well-designed women’s model that comprise fine lambskin composition and a subsequent soft interior. They are custom made to ideally fit all female hands provided the size is correct. This model boasts quality finishing all under a decent price tag. They also come available in three dissimilar color options and multiple size provisions to suit women of all walks of life.

8GSG Ladies Winter Genuine Leather Driving Gloves

amazon buttonFor any lady with a preference for leather gloves, these gloves will surely and ideally fit your inclinations. Aside from boasting superior quality leather composition, the gloves are harmonized by a cuff (V-shaped) and a resulting soft lining. Its interior is both silky and soft while its exterior is resilient and safeguards the hands against water, wind, and cold. In comparison to other leather models boasting genuine leather composition, this model is considerably fairly priced and is available in a single black color only. Moreover, its fingertips
design allows them to function properly while operating on touch screens.

7Yan & Lei Winter Gloves

amazon buttonYan & Lei despite being a relatively small brand is reputed for its quality products. Aside from being comfortable, their knitted women winter gloves are also surprisingly quite affordable. Their composition material-Acrylic fiber provides warmth even on extremely cold days. By being knitted, this means that they slightly compromise on wind protection but they compensate this with maintaining warmth even in unbearably cold conditions. They offer diversity in color options although all the gloves maintain a similar pattern.

6Dreamy Outdoor Winter Gloves

amazon buttonDreamy outdoor winter gloves are among the few types of gloves that guarantee diversity of use ranging from skiing, cycling just to mention but a few. The gloves get better with their design well able to allow working with touch screens a characteristic that eases phone use devoid of removing the gloves. Aside from coming in 4 dissimilar color provisions, these gloves are complimented by a slim insulation which safeguards the hands against cold and wind. Their underlying design is set to feel great; offer warmth and of course look good. Moreover, they have a waterproof exterior fabric and a subsequent interior that boasts a characteristic anti-slip coating.

5Metog Suede Thermal Insulation Winter Gloves

amazon buttonIf you happen to be the type of lady that dislikes pulling off your gloves to answer or use your phone, then Metog Suede women gloves are the ideal match for your needs. They comprise half finger gloves-complimented by mitten-which can either cover all fingers completely or even be removed. The gloves are decently comfortable and although their knitted characteristic works against them on windy days, they still provide sufficient warmth. Moreover, besides being reasonably priced they are also really soft by pretty much most standards.

4Womens Knitted Long Winter Warmer Braided Fingerless Thumb Hole Gloves

amazon buttonLet us point out that these gloves enjoy a significantly forged repute not only for their build quality but also for their subsequent design. It comes in the fingerless provision and an accompanying reasonably-priced price. Although they are no good for winter, they are still a decent option to guarantee warm hands. This model is made from Acrylic and is characterized by a characteristic thumb hole. Better yet, this model comes in 6 diverse color options and multiple size selections.

3Warmen Traditional Winter Gloves

amazon buttonElegant, finely designed, comfortable and decently priced all define the Warmen traditional winter gloves. They boast of a superior quality leather exterior complemented by fleece lining which safeguards the hands from water, cold and even wind. The manufacturers avail it in 200 varied options all at diverse color options and sizes boasting superior quality underlying material composition.

2ELMA Wool Knit Winter Gloves

amazon buttonELMA women gloves make the list as among the select models that comprise almost pure wool. In reality, it comprises wool (70%), nylon (20 %) and surprisingly rabbit fur (10%) with a characteristic polyester interior. Moreover, they are complimented by unique fingertips that facilitate their with Smartphone touch screens devoid of removing them and they come in multiple sizes and colors all at a decent price.

1Fownes Cashmere Lined Leather Winter Gloves

amazon buttonFownes Cashmere gloves are a premium model particularly designed using the fine quality material in the form of authentic leather and cashmere. It comprises natural lambskin which safeguards the hands against the wind and even water. Their interior is silky and soft while the exterior is supple against all weather conditions. The gloves come in several sizes and color options and despite carrying a fairly exorbitant price tag, the quality and service justify it. Overall, they are perhaps some of the best winter gloves for women that money can buy.