Top 10 Best Wireless Security Cameras of 2017 – Reviews


Given how affordable even the most high-tech security systems have become over the years, it would be foolish not to at least invest in a security camera to keep an eye on your household throughout the day. In this respect, wireless security cameras are perhaps the most user-friendly, as they allow you to access them via the internet from anywhere at any given time. We should point out, however, that not all wireless security cameras can be expected to perform up to the same standards. For this reason, we took it upon ourselves to find out what are the ten best wireless security cameras the market has to offer and what features make them stand out among the rest.

Best Wireless Security Cameras Reviews 2017

10SHIELDeye RSCM-13601W Security Camera

amazon buttonThe HooToo Wireless Camera for Indoor/Outdoor is an all-around brilliant device to ensure the security of your home, office or any other property. It brings 24/7 live recorded surveillance for all users. It is absolutely easy to use and is compatible with Windows PCs, Mac PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Let us also point out that video recording gets done in stunning 1280 x 960p HD quality and it also features a 4x zoom capability which helps users check recordings thoroughly. Furthermore, the camera is waterproof and comes with night vision and infrared capabilities.

9DBPOWER 1280x720p Pan/Tilt Wireless Camera

amazon buttonDBPOWER as a brand is well-known for their amazing electronics and their Pan/Tilt Wireless Camera is a stunning piece of equipment that delivers stunning HD quality recording and live streaming. This camera can add up to 3 additional cameras for the ultimate security features. The wireless camera has a range of up to 450 feet and can be used indoors as well as outdoors and delivers high-quality picture and audio.

8iZtouch IZSP-007 Security Camera

amazon buttonIdeal for both indoor and outdoor utilization, the iZtouch IZSP-007 Security Camera comes with an easy setup and installation process that only requires plugging in. Equipped with a 4MP lens sensor with 2560 x 1440 HD-quality for videos, this high quality, high performing security camera ensures proper monitoring of your home and property. Easily accessible via your smartphones, PC’s and tablets, this handy security camera immediately sends alerts in the form of emails to let you know of any unfamiliar movement in your home.

7IdeaNext WiFi IP Network Camera

amazon buttonView, record, and stream anytime, from anywhere with the IdeaNext WiFi Camera IP Network Camera via 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. This security camera comes with a motion detector that sends emails and alerts directly to the app informing you of any movement that is not common. Made from high-quality waterproof materials, this device can also be utilized outdoors and comes with an IR-LED illumination that is perfect for night vision. Featuring an inbuilt storage space of 16gb, the camera automatically records and offers replaying so you can keep a check on any happenings, even when you are not at home.

6TRENDnet Wireless N Pan Surveillance Camera

amazon buttonThe TRENDnet Wireless N Pan Surveillance Camera is a high quality, water-resistant device that is ideal for both night and day supervision. Featuring a video transmission that ranges up to 500 feet, this security camera is unlike any other standard security device. For better daytime color balance, it comes equipped with an infrared cut-filter switch. With no A/V wiring that needs installation; this security camera can be easily set up in minutes. This camera is also compatible to work with a variety of video surveillance systems without any issues to speak of.

5ZOSI 1000TVL 960H Security Surveillance CCTV HD Camera

amazon buttonThe FZOSI 1000TVL is a robust 1MP camera that is perfect for remote viewing on the go. Accessible from your smartphones and tablets, this security camera can be controlled via an app that comes with the camera. Get alerts on any unfamiliar movement via emails, view clearly for up to 80 feet even when in complete darkness. This camera is wireless and comes with a video clarity of 720P HD with 1280 x 720 video size that is bigger and wider than most security cameras. The high-quality recording features are also among the best a security camera can have.

4JOOAN HD 720P Network Wireless Camera

amazon buttonThe JOOAN HD 720P consists of a high-quality camera capable of full-HD quality recording and a construction that makes it suitable for both indoors and outdoors usage. Equipped with voice recognition, you can control the device with ease. Thanks to its free app, you can view recorded footage, or stream live videos directly from your smartphone, PC or tablet. Featuring magnetic mounts and a wireless design and construction, you can easily position this security camera in any way you desire. These cameras are equipped with motion a sensor that picks up any kind of movement and sends you an alert via email informing you of the incident immediately. Owing to its weatherproof design, it can be placed outside your home to monitor everything that is taking place.

3Trivision NC-335PW Waterproof Wireless Home Security Camera

amazon buttonWith the Trivision NC-335PW Waterproof Wireless Home Security Camera, you get one of the best security cameras available online. The camera records video in 1080p HD quality and can be operated on smartphones, tablets, and PC’s alike. The camera records video in day and night as well with stunning night vision recording. The camera holds MicroSD cards for added storage space which can take up to 128 GB of memory. It can also be connected to other memory devices like NAS and NVR drives. Get notifications in your email or directly on your smartphone or tablet so you can always check what’s happening around you. The camera is completely waterproof and is encased in rust-proof metal case.

2Wansview Wireless IP Camera

amazon buttonThe Wansview Wireless IP Camera allows remote access, recording videos, live streaming at any time with motion alerts to help keep you updated. Thanks to its plug and play feature, this camera can be set up easily and can be utilized efficiently owing to its unique Foscam app. Equipped with motion detection technology; it alerts you with real-time images while you are not at home. Perfect for 24/7 usage, the camera works great during the night as well, thanks to its high powered LEDs. Delivering HD quality videos with crisp clarity, this security camera offers wide-angle viewing with a precise color balance.

1Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P Camera

amazon buttonAmcrest’s IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P Camera is perhaps one of the very best wireless security cameras on the market today. With the ability to produce crisp, excellent clarity images and videos, it comes equipped with 1000 TV lines of resolution. Thanks to its 2.8-12mm varifocal lens, it produces a fairly wide angled viewing range, with an IR range of approximately 98 feet for videos in complete darkness. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, this camera is made with high quality waterproof and damage proof materials. Featuring an Auto gain controls along with backlight compensation, this camera can produce high-quality pictures in any light condition.