Top 10 Best Workout Towers of 2017 – Reviews


Try as you might, you won’t find a more versatile all-in-one workout device than a workout tower, especially one that won’t take much of a toll on your budget. These towers are usually made using the most sturdy and durable of materials, which explains why they are so popular among professional bodybuilders and regular users alike.

This being said, let us point out that there are a few differences between the most popular types of workout towers and you must know about them before making any sort of purchase. To give you a better idea?of what the market has to offer, we put together a list of the ten best workout towers money can buy.

10Body Champ

amazon buttonThis great all-in-one workout setup will save you from spending lots of money on gym memberships or having to leave your own house for a good workout. With this sturdy steel rig, you can exercise your arms, shoulders, and even back among other areas of your physique. The Body Champ is also specially designed to offer you optimal comfort during your workouts, which is always a big plus with such a device.

9Beverly Hills Fitness Pro SPP089

amazon buttonThe SPP089 is more than a basic home fitness piece of equipment; it is even appropriate for commercial gyms. That means you can expect to have high-quality workouts of all types on this tower, including Pilates. The tower can take up to 300 pounds of weight, thanks to its robust heavy-duty steel construction. The workout setup even comes with a yoga pad and a base pad to keep your floor safe. So, you can work out on this tower without worries; it does not matter if you are toning, sculpting, reshaping, conditioning, or strengthening your body.

8Soozier Fitness

amazon buttonThis professional grade tower will let you work out comfortably and safely in the comfort of your own home as if you were in a first-class gym. Soozier is made using reinforced steel, and it can handle up to 330 pounds. In order to offer greater comfort, the tower also comes with padding on the arms. The tower is also ideal if you need a workout station that does not take up too much space or cost too much money.

7Gold’s Gym XR 10.9

amazon buttonIn addition to being very easy to setup and maintain, this workout tower has a lot to offer for anyone looking to begin and sustain a life of fitness. The tower is made using high-quality metal in order to handle all the demands of a serious workout session. So, as you do your knee exercises and other workouts, you can rest assured that this workstation can take it without any problems.

6ProGear 275

amazon buttonIf you are truly serious about your fitness life, this is one of the best workout towers you can own. ProGear 275 can handle both light and demanding physical workouts. And because of its extensive padding, you should enjoy your workouts a lot more. The workstation will also remain stable under all conditions. It is also quite versatile since it can handle workouts for teens and people with smaller body frames.

5Bowflex BodyTower

amazon buttonThis workout tower lets you try up to 20 workouts – that’s how versatile it is. And even then, it is very affordable and easy to use, not to mention made using quality standards that most market alternatives cannot match. In fact, the tower can take up to 300 pounds of weight, and it comes with a limited warranty. So, this is a workout that you should buy if you like to really keep changing up your workouts to avoid boredom.

4Xmark XM-4434

amazon buttonThis is a workout tower you will truly love. It is very effective at ensuring you enjoy your workouts, keeping them varied and keeping you comfortable the entire time. The tower is very strong, all because of its 14-gauge steel that is rust and corrosion resistant. In this respect, this device allows you to do pull-ups, knee raises, push-ups and other kinds of workouts on this workstation comfortably.

3Body Vision PT600

amazon buttonFor an all-around workout, this is one of the best workout towers you can own. Body Vision PT600 is great for exercising the lower and upper body. In addition, it is very stable, not to mention made using very high-quality materials for better durability. For comfort, it has been padded in all the right places. Also notable is the fact that despite its premium quality, it is very fairly priced.

2Weider Power Tower

amazon buttonDurable, affordable, sturdy and versatile are some of the flattering adjectives that can be used to describe this workout tower. You can work both the lower and upper body with this workout station. So, it does not matter if you are trying to tone your body, increase your strength or maintain your cardiovascular health; this workout station will help you achieve your fitness goals.

1Stamina 1690

amazon buttonIts deceptively simple design aside, this workout has won the hearts of many serious and amateur fitness fans. The 1690 tower is able to save on time, provide a setup for serious workouts and handle various kinds of workouts. In fact, it can support weights of up to 250 pounds. This tower has also even been padded to keep your floor safe at all times, because as we all know, sometimes intense workouts can cause fitness machines to move along the floor.