Top 10 Best Yoga Mats of 2017 – Reviews


Under the right circumstances, a good Yoga mat can make all the difference between a failed and a successful session. The reason we say that is because, by definition, Yoga exercises are supposed to be liberating, calming, and relaxing. For this to happen you’re going to need to use proper gear, just like any other exercises out there. Speaking of Yoga, in particular, let us point out that a good Yoga mat has to be comfortable, relaxing, and non-slippery, to name just a few of all requirements. Over the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at the ten best Yoga mats the market has in store at this point in time.

10Kharma Khare Eco-Friendly Legacy Yoga Mat

amazon buttonHypoallergenic mats such as these are perfect for those with sensitive allergies that can be triggered by the material of the mat they use. Measuring at 72 inches in length by 24 inches in width, this 7mm-thick yoga mat is comfortable enough for prolonged use. It also boasts of a very optimized grip that surprisingly gets better the more you sweat. Thanks to its ingenious construction, this particular mat will provide you with an almost therapeutic experience in the long run.

9Square 36 Yoga Mat

amazon buttonFor those with an extra-large need for space, this 96-inch yoga mat is the perfect solution that combines comfort, grip and a highly durable build to ensure years of use. The yoga mat is also 72 inches wide, making it appropriate for use by more than one individual at a time. It is also made of lightweight, non-toxic materials, which is an absolute ‘must’ when it comes to buying a Yoga mat.

8XR-Size Premium Yoga Mat

amazon buttonThis is the best eco-friendly option when it comes to yoga mats since it is made entirely from organic tree rubber and no additional chemicals that may potentially harm you. The yoga mat is also deodorized to remove the smell of rubber, which can be unpleasant for some. Power grip technology ensures a non-slip performance as the mat will grip onto the floor even when you become sweaty. The mat measures in at 72 inches in length and 5mm in thickness.

7Manduka PRO Lite Yoga Mat

amazon buttonDespite its very lightweight build, the Manduka yoga matt still delivers great quality and comfort for yoga enthusiasts. It is especially useful when it comes to activities that require support as it provides unmatchable balance for those intricate yoga poses. The yoga mat is available in 71 inch and 79-inch options for the novice and the expert looking for more space. It comes in a variety of tasteful colors that soothe the soul.

6Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat

amazon buttonThis folding-panel gymnastics/yoga mat is intended for professionals and institutions with advanced users. The design of the mat incorporates 4 cushiony folding panels that can be folded up for easy storage. In addition to yoga and gymnastics, the mat can be used for wrestling or martial arts and even dancing. It is highly durable and comes with handles that make it easy to carry around.

5Gaiam Prints Yoga Mat

amazon buttonThis is a moderately affordable and acceptable yoga mat for any novice looking to make his/her first yoga mat purchase. The yoga mat is comfortably designed with a 3mm thickness and a wonderfully textured surface. Made out of PVC, the mat is surprisingly lightweight despite its thickness and is available in a wide range of colors. You can also choose the textures that best suit your tastes.

4Aurorae Print Yoga Mat

amazon buttonFor the novice with a keen taste in style, this 5mm-thick yoga mat with tasteful prints is the way to go. The yoga mat is 72 inches long and 24 inches wide, which is sufficient for any yoga training activities that need to be done. In addition to the lightweight yet durable build of the mat, it comes with a 2-year warranty and 11 different color options to suit your personal preferences.

3Manduka PRO Yoga Mats

amazon buttonAvailable in 71-inch and 85-inch options and a variety of colors, these Manduka PRO mats are made tastefully with using the best non-slip technology to ensure that delivers optimized yoga performances every time. The professional design of these yoga mats also put into consideration the durability, weight and texture of the mat to ensure that the user gets nothing but the best yoga experience every time.

2Professional Jade Harmony Yoga Mats

amazon buttonAlthough its versatile design allows for use by both beginners and experts, this professional yoga mat is made with people who require balance and stability in all their yoga sessions. It features the perfect non-slip technology that will let you perform your poses for as long as you need to. On top of this, let us point out that this particular Yoga mat is a lot more affordable than you would expect such a quality mat to be.

1Sivan Yoga Mat for Health and Fitness

amazon buttonIf you’re looking for unwavering support in all your yoga training exercises, the Sivan yoga mat will never disappoint no matter how strenuous the activity is. The 12mm-thick yoga mat is 71-inches long, meaning you have plenty of space to do even the most complex yoga activities. Its thickness makes it utterly comfortable whilst its texture allows it to hold on to the floor so that your position doesn’t change during the exercise. A provided carry strap allows you to take the mat with you easily from one place to another. All in all, a great Yoga mat in terms of both utility and affordability.