Top 10 Best Yoga Shorts For Men of 2017 – Reviews


There are some people out there who believe Yoga to be an exclusively female-oriented activity and they couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, there are no restrictions to who can practice Yoga and to what extent, a fact made obvious by the fact that most of the Yoga-related gear on the market is unisex.

Now we already talked about the best yoga shorts for women and what to look for when shopping for a pair, so it was only natural for us to take the time and figure out what men have to look for in this respect. After careful consideration, we put together a list of the ten best yoga shorts for men on the market today for you to look at.

10Maya Men’s Yoga Shorts

amazon buttonThe first thing you notice about these men’s yoga shorts is that they are fashionable, affordable, and more than capable of handling sweaty workouts of any kind. This last feature is possible because the shorts are made using moisture-wicking fabric. And like good yoga shorts, this pair can accommodate the broad range of motions that yoga requires. While at it, the shorts will also snugly stay in place without becoming uncomfortable, all thanks to an inseam gusset design. Other than that, the shorts are also really light, and they are also designed to ensure that odor does not build up during use.

9Gary Majdell Sport Men’s Quick Drying Stretch Yoga Workout Shorts

amazon buttonMany design features on this pair of yoga shorts are of premium quality. To begin with, the shorts are made using flat seams so that they don’t dig into your body as you do your yoga. Other than that, the shorts are made using nylon and spandex, which gives them a perfect blend of durability and elasticity. Other perks of using this particular brand of yoga shorts include the fact that they are specially designed not to irritate the skin. The shorts are also quite comfortable, all because they feature an elastic 2.5-inch supportive elastic band.

8Eros Sport Core Vibe Yoga Cross Training Workout Shorts

amazon buttonAlthough these shorts have a premium look and feel, they are surprisingly affordable. Made of nylon and spandex, the shorts are also sturdy and yet elastic enough to handle the unique demands of a yoga workout. Furthermore, the shorts are able to keep away bad odor and absorb sweat. The shorts are also comfortable, in part because they come with flat seams which we all know to be among the most comfortable any sports gear can have.

7Pillar Dryflex Men’s Yoga Shorts with Inner Liner

amazon buttonThis particular pair of men’s yoga shorts has proven to be a hit among yogis everywhere. To begin with, because of its use of drawstrings on the waist, the shorts pretty much guarantee a proper and comfortable fit. The design of these shorts also makes them ideal for other forms of workouts. Other pros include premium quality material, ability to absorb moisture and the elasticity to handle the demanding motions yoga workouts entail.

6Eros Sports Core Energy, Yoga Cross Training Shorts

amazon buttonThese shorts have an elastic band that will secure them to your waist as you workout. Additionally, the fashionable design will make you feel more comfortable during your workouts. In addition to yoga, these shorts can handle other forms of exercise, including the highly varied and high-energy cross training and martial arts workouts. All the while, these shorts will keep you cool and comfortable since they will absorb the sweat as you work out.

5Eros Sports Core Vibe, Yoga Cross Training Workout Shorts

amazon buttonThe strength of the material used to make these shorts make them suitable to most workouts, including yoga. The shorts can even handle martial arts training; all because of an elastic band that keeps them in place. As with other premium workout shorts, this particular pair is able to keep you dry during your workouts. Also worth mentioning is the fact that these shorts are designed to be just as flexible as they are durable, mainly due to their versatility.

4Yoga Addict Men’s Yoga Shorts

amazon buttonThese shorts are specially designed to accommodate all moves in yoga. The fabric is able to absorb moisture and keep you comfortable throughout the entire workout. As a matter of fact, these shorts can even be used in other sports, including tennis and martial arts. If you are keen on getting a pair of yoga shorts that will not disappoint you at all, this pair of Addict yoga pants is a good place to start.

3Eros Sports Core Active Mid-Thigh Yoga Cross Training Workout Shorts

amazon buttonDespite being slim fit, these yoga pants are truly designed for an optimum range of motion. Actually, these pants can comfortably handle martial arts training, cross training, TRX, swimming, and other demanding workouts. Other advantages of these yoga pants are that they look really good, and they are designed to keep you dry as you work out. Needless to say, dryness is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to shorts of any kind and these shorts are extremely good at letting air flow without impeding movement in any way.

2Pillar Men’s Yoga Shorts with Inner Liner

amazon buttonThese yoga pants are both tight and comfortable, which makes them ideal for yoga workouts. The shorts feature a special dry flex inner liner that absorbs sweat and makes sure your range of motion is not restricted during your workouts. The waistband is also specially designed to ensure that the shorts do not slip off during your workouts. Furthermore, the materials used in making them are of the highest quality possible, which recommends them for a variety of sports-related activities besides Yoga as well.

1Yoga Addict Men’s Yoga Shorts

amazon buttonUnlike most other yoga pants on this list, these yoga pants are much longer. Even so, they are quite elastic, comfortable, durable, not to mention well suited to yoga workouts. The pants feature drawstrings and an elastic waistband so that they remain in place during workouts. So, if you are particularly not in favor of briefs, this pair of Addict yoga shorts is one of the best choices you have; which is clearly part of the reason they are so popular in the first place.