Top 10 Best Zero Gravity Chairs of 2017 – Reviews


If you’re in the market for a zero gravity chair, you should know straight from the start that buying a good one isn’t as easy as some of you might be lead to believe. The main reason behind this being the sub-par zero gravity chairs that have flooded the market in recent years, chairs that not only break down easily but don’t even have the required structural integrity to begin with. To save you the trouble of trying to figure out which is best, we put together a list of the ten best zero gravity chairs money can buy.

Best Zero Gravity Chairs Reviews 2017

10PARTYSAVING APL1060 Infinity Reclining Chair

amazon buttonIf you are looking for ideal chairs to suit any outdoor patios, PARTYSAVING’s Infinity reclining chair should be one of your best options. The APL 1060 chair boasts a comfortable headrest not to mention flexibility in adjustability that allows you to rest your back comfortably. Furthermore, this recliner chair comes with a powder-coated frame which boosts its durability, a feature to look for when buying such a chair.

9Ollieroo Blue 2-Pack Chair

amazon buttonThe Ollieroo zero gravity chair is a wonderful product that comes equipped with numerous features among them a dual finger locking system which guarantees that you are held tightly in your most comfortable sitting position at all times. This chair is ideally designed to suit several sitting options, a versatility that also allows you to use it as a therapeutic aid if you’re suffering from chronic back problems.

8GoPlus 2PC Chair

amazon buttonIf you are concerned about appeal and fashion sense when shopping for a zero gravity chair beside the exemplary comfort aspect, GoPlus 2PC is then your best option. They are good patio accessories made from strong fabric which allows you to stretch simplifying the process of cradling your backbone while you gradually adjust to comfort. It also comes with a cup holder which allows you to place your glasses and cups while relaxing conveniently and a new locking system that ensures safety as well as simplicity as you adjust from a position to another.

7XtremePowerUS Reclining Chair

amazon buttonThis Gravity comfort chair is an adjustable reclining accessory that comes in two exclusive packs enabling you to chat with your comrades while comfortably resting actively. This makes it an ideal option for both camping and partying and many other outdoor events. What’s exceptional with this chair is that you can simply fold it to ease its storage. They can stretch to about 65inches by 27 inches when opened giving you a large area for added comfort.

6Black Lounge Chairs

amazon buttonThe Black Lounge is a 2-piece package zero gravity chair that features an easily collapsible steel design for trouble-free transportation. This set of chairs also features a detachable headrest which can be put around your lumbar area for enhanced comfort. Moreover, compared to other competitor brands, this model is wider when opened since it can simultaneously accommodate two individuals.

5Oversized XL Timber Ridge Gravity Chair

amazon buttonTimber Ridge’s Oversized Gravity Chair is a solid and sturdy chair that supports loads of up to 350lbs and is quite comfortable to lay on. It comes with an easy to use touch on both its sides to guarantee secure locking. If you need to remove its headrest pillow, it is well adjustable although it is properly padded to massage your neck area properly. What’s more, it also features a simple plastic holder that holds cups and glasses while you are relaxing.

4Belleza 2 Pack Chair

amazon buttonThis zero gravity chair is precisely designed to offer exceptional comfort. It features an ergonomic design that is quite amazing in that it raises both your legs straight allowing better blood flow. Additionally, it features a breathable PVC material that is durable and a smooth recline function that ensures that you are free to enjoy numerous sitting positions of your preference. This seat is made to offer maximum support alleviating your lumbar region as well as providing adjustable headrest positions.

3Best Choice Product Zero Gravity Chairs

amazon buttonBest Choice chairs are zero design accessories that boast several interesting features. Among them, the use of elastic cords which make them adjustable to accommodate any size not to mention being lightweight and easily foldable for easy storage. Available at a fairly reasonable price, this is an amazing option for any outdoor activities making it great for numerous outdoor activities.

2Outsunny Lounge Chair

amazon buttonThis quality Lounge Chair from Outsunny is yet another amazing zero gravity chair. The chair has gradually forged its repute as an ideally comfortable accessory courtesy of its breathable mesh fabric. This makes it particularly convenient since no individual wants to rest on solid bare fabric. Furthermore, this seat is made using UV-resistant fabric and is as such can offer long-lasting and uncompromised comfort and reliability. At the same time, this chair features an angle lock that allows you to set it to your desired position devoid of the typical risks that come with unlocking.

1Caravan Sports Infinity Chair

amazon buttonAvailable in an array of color options, Caravan Infinity is an ideal comfort chair. It features among others a smooth recline function that allows you to be flexible and adjust your sitting/relaxing position easily along with an exclusive dual lock system which allows it to prevent mishaps. Furthermore, the Infinity Chair can fold down to approximately 6.3 inches which lifts off a bit of its weight off your back. Finally, aside from being ideal for both kids and adults alike, it can accommodate a total weight of up to 300lbs, which needless to say, is quite impressive for such a chair.