Bridal Shower Gifts


Bridal showers are a lovely time for friends. It’s a time to celebrate the love that your dear friend has found and the new life that is about to embark into with her future spouse. Whether you are the one planning the occasion or you’re just one of the guests, it can be daunting to choose the right bridal shower gift. Choosing what’s appropriate can be tricky so here is a guide that will help you pick the best gift for the bride-to-be.

Depending on your group of friends, one might organize the gift-giving and set a theme for the shower so that nobody goes astray. But if there is no such organizer, you’re out shopping on your own.

Is It Different from the Wedding Gift?

Do not mistake your bridal shower gift for the actual wedding gift. Yes, you are expected to buy two gifts. That is why it’s a good idea not to spend too much on the bridal shower gift. The bridal shower gift is more of a fun gift for the bride-to-be. It’s to let her know that you support her in her decision to get married and that you are excited about the new chapter of her life. It can also be funny, naughty, or anything that gets her ready for the big day. It doesn’t have to be anything serious. As compared to the wedding gift, which should be intended for the couple to start a new life together.

Typically, bridal shower gifts are smaller than the wedding gift, both in cost and maybe in size. There is no set amount on what to spend but just know that you aren’t expected to buy anything luxurious.

General Guidelines

  • What to Spend?

    As mentioned, there is no set amount for guests to spend on the bridal shower gift. But typically, gifts can cost anything from $25 to $75, nothing over the top. Close members of the bride’s family may feel inclined to spend a little bit more and that’s okay. On some occasions, the hostess might also collect funds for buying one large gift for the bride-to-be.

    It is really up to the guests to decide on their own budgets and they have the freedom to follow their own tastes and ideas. Those who are close to the bride may have better ideas of what she would like. Acquaintances, on the other hand, can consider asking for ideas from her close friends.

  • Strategies and Themes

    Usually, the hostess of the bridal shower would set a theme for the party. The invitation for the shower should give you clues about the kind of gifts that should be appropriate for the shower unless it’s obviously specified.

    Some themes, like a bridal tea theme, may call for girly gifts or lingerie as well as fashion accessories for the bride. The theme should steer the guests to specific gift categories. Luckily, there is often a gift registry so you should have a good guide and just pick from the list for your bridal shower gift.

    It’s also a good strategy to relate your bridal shower gift to the wedding gift you are planning to give. It will remind the bride of you and she will surely be pleased to put them together when they are finally moving to their new home. For example, you can give rice bowls and chopsticks for your bridal shower gift, then give a wok for the wedding gift. Napkin rings may be the shower gift for a wedding gift of a set of luxurious linen napkins.

    If you’re not familiar with the bride’s tastes, you can always ask the hostess for some pointers.

  • It’s Not the Bachelorette Party

    Keep in mind that the bride’s family are usually present in the bridal shower, including her mom and sisters. So, it’s safe to not set up a theme too raunchy. Save that for her bachelorette party if she’s having one, which is only among her close friends. Then, you can be naughty and a little dirty.

    The bridal shower doesn’t have to be all clean fun but set some limitations and save the good stuff for the other party.

Traditions and Superstitions

Bridal shower traditions come a long way. It is said in the superstition that it’s good luck if the first gift that the bride opens is the first gift she uses.

There is another lore that says the giver of the third gift that is opened will be the next in line to get pregnant.

One of the traditions is that the maid of honor should gather all the ribbons from the gift wrappers after all gifts have been opened. She is supposed to make a ribbon bouquet out of them and the bride will use that for her wedding rehearsal. She tosses it afterward. Sometimes, the bride can also save the ribbons to make a keepsake pillow.

Choosing the Best Bridal Shower Gift

The best bridal shower gift you can give depends on your budget, taste, and most of all, your relationship to the bride. It can be a personal item such as lingerie or appliances for the home. If there is no registry, consider what gifts would be useful for the newlyweds after the wedding like cooking, entertaining, bad, or bath items. Your bridal shower gift can also be something that the couple could use instead of just the bride.

Here are some great bridal shower gift ideas that are readily available.

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