Bridal Shower Ideas


Planning the bridal shower is traditionally a task for the maid of honor. But today, family members or other close friends can also host it. Whether it’s your first time to plan and host a bridal shower or you’re just looking for new bridal shower ideas, these great tips can come in handy and are sure to make your party rock.

The bridal shower is intended to make the bride-to-be feel special and let her know that her friends are there to support her in what would be one of the happiest days of her life. It should be an unforgettable event before the bride’s big day.

When looking for bridal shower ideas, it’s important to be prepared for the numerous preparations at hand. There are invitations that need to be done and sent out, preparing the guest list, planning who would bring the food and drinks, entertainment, and party favors.

All these would be easier when you pick out a specific bridal shower theme. Choosing the right theme which is ideally one that the bride would enjoy the most, would help you in sorting through your bridal shower ideas. And don’t forget that along with the theme, you should pick out the appropriate bridal shower gifts.

Origin of Bridal Showers

To have better bridal shower ideas, it’s good to know a bit of a background about the tradition, superstitions, and where bridal showers originated.

The bridal shower is said to have originated from the Netherlands as a way to provide essential household goods to a Dutch woman. This woman is who was set to marry a poor miller instead of the wealthy farmer that her father chose for her. Because the father refused to provide a dowry, the villagers came together to “shower” the bride with small gifts. The gifts were small household items that she could use with the miller. It’s just one of the several origin stories about the bridal shower. It’s difficult to trace which one is the most accurate.

Another one originates from Victoria where a friend of the bride could not afford a wedding gift. To do something special for her friend, she threw a party and each of the guests brought a small present.

Today, bridal showers are a way for the friends of the bride to celebrate her and give her small presents to help her set up a new home. It also involves fun gifts such as lingerie to spruce things up with her new groom.

Bridal Shower Essentials

Once you have decided on the theme before other details, it’s important to prepare the essentials of a bridal shower first.

  • Theme

    The theme you choose for the bridal shower would determine all other details for the party and they would naturally fall into place. Once a theme is decided, you will know which decors to put up as well as other considerations like the food and dessert.

  • Location

    Choose a location that is suitable for the theme. It also has to be an ideal place where all the guests can easily find. If you know who is coming to the party, make sure that it is a central location, especially for the bride.

  • Food and Drinks

    Decide if you want to do a potluck with the guests. Make sure that all courses are covered and that someone is bringing the refreshments.

Fun Bridal Shower Ideas

So, what can you add to spruce up the perfect bridal shower for your friend? Here are some unique bridal shower ideas.

  • Quiz

    One way to make the shower more fun is by letting the guests play games. A great game that would be memorable for everyone is a fun quiz about the bride called the How Well Do You Know the Bride Quiz.

    Set up a few questions on a card or stock paper and distribute it among the guests either before or after opening the gifts.

  • Photo Booth Prop

    You can design your own printable photo booth prop to encourage the guests to snap a few photos. Make sure to set a specific time for the photo taking to make the bridal shower organized and go according to schedule. This could be after the food and drinks have been served, and you have played a few games and opened the gifts.

  • Flower Crown Crafts

    A fun activity for the girls is to have them create their own wreaths. Set out floral wires and tapes for crafting floral crowns. When they are done making the wreaths, they can take it home as their bridal shower party favor.

  • Date Jar

    This is a nice thing to do for the soon-to-be newlyweds. Give the bride and groom some dating ideas in their first year of being married. Simply fill a mason jar with popsicle sticks and prepare a display sign. The sign can be a chalkboard or whichever is suitable. Write Date Jar for the sign or be creative. Bring them to the bridal shower and allow the guests to write their own date night ideas as one of your activities. It’s a great bridal shower idea that would be useful to the couple.

  • Bridal Bingo

    Another bridal shower idea is to have the guests play a game called Bridal Bingo. Each guest would fill out the bingo card boxes with a gift that she thinks the bride will receive when it’s time to open the gifts. The first guest to guess the right gift five times in a row wins the game. You can prepare a prize for the winner or not. It’s up to your budget. You don’t need any special materials for this. Simply use a card stock paper for the bingo cards and either design and print the boxes, or draw them.

The important thing when putting together your bridal shower ideas is to consider what would be memorable for the bride. This occasion is one that should prepare her for her wedding and would relax her because she is probably feeling a bit nervous about it. It’s a great opportunity to show support.