How Much Caffeine in A Coke


If you’re starting to be conscious and watching your caffeine intake, it will be good to know how much caffeine in a coke there is. Especially if you like this drink. Coke or soda is a refreshing drink that could fuel us up for a busy day. But just like any other things we intake, it should be taken with moderation. The fact that it has caffeine should be a cause for concern. Here are some of the harmful effects of caffeine.

One of the things about caffeine is that it’s a natural stimulant. There are more things you can learn about this substance and these are useful facts about caffeine and how it affects our health. If you like being fueled by caffeine, chances are you also like coffee. You might enjoy this guide on how to make iced coffee.

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Practical Uses of Coke

Before we look at how much caffeine in a coke, it’s a fun thing to learn about its unique practical uses that may not have heard before.

  • Stain Remover

    Did you know that you can use a good bottle of coke to remove stains? That’s right. Instead of buying those expensive cleaners, a bottle of your favorite drink will do. You just pour some of it into the wash along with your detergent. It will remove the stains and it will also deodorize your clothes.

  • Toilet Cleaner

    You can also use coke to clean your toilet really well. No need for hard scrubbing here. This is one of the evidences of how much caffeine in a coke there is. Pour in the coke and wait for an hour before scrubbing your toilet with a brush. Flush it and your toilet will be sparkling clean.

  • Insect Killer

    As disgusting as some of these details sounds, let’s face it – it’s good to know and it might get really useful for you one of these days. Coke can also take care of some of your bugs and even cockroaches. You can spray some coke on anthills or in your cupboard that has cockroaches and it will get rid of them.

  • Dish Washer

    Another great thing you can do is to pour some of the drink into your blackened pots. Let it sit for a few minutes and it will fight the grime and loosen it. You can then easily scrub it off to make them shiny again. Just some of the things that prove how much caffeine in a coke, along with other chemicals of course.

There are other practical and almost magical uses of coke in your household and other situations but those are just a few of them.

How Much Caffeine in A Coke

Knowing how useful coke is for your home, it’s time to learn how much caffeine in a coke there really is. For a Diet Coke, you’re looking at 34.4mg of caffeine and Coke Zero has 35.8mg. Now the regular coke has 33.9mg of caffeine. Why the low sugar variations have less caffeine content is really unknown, as we try to look at how much caffeine in a coke.

Just for your awareness, if you drink other brands of soda or cola, you should know that any regular soda will have caffeine content from anywhere between 28-43mg of caffeine.