How to Cut Your Own Hair?


Trying to save on styling costs lately? Yeah, well so are a lot of us. Well, don’t you worry because this guide will show you tips on how to cut your own hair without it having to be a nightmare. Cutting your hair by yourself sounds scary, especially if it’s your first time. Hair takes time to grow and if you don’t cut it right, you’ll end up with an ugly hairstyle for a while until such a time that it grows back.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to do this and you don’t even need a lot of special tools. These steps on how to cut your own hair are fool-proof and fast.

Why Cut Your Own Hair?

Aside from saving money, there are other reasons why some people choose to cut their own hair. It’s a great way to save time. When you cut your own hair at home, you don’t need to wait for an appointment or line up at the salon. This is especially true if you live in a big city and the shops are always crowded. Sometimes, it takes weeks before you can even get a haircut appointment with your stylist. Why don’t you just do it yourself?

Another reason? Save yourself the chit-chat and hearing gossips all around the salon. Depending on your personality, this may or may not be your preference. But if you cut your hair at home, you don’t need to talk to anyone else or listen to other people talking. Just some extra peace and quiet for those who need it.


No matter what kind of cut you are going to do with your hair, it’s important to do the preparations so that everything goes smoothly.

  • Wash Your Hair

    Number one thing to do is to give your hair a good brief wash. It doesn’t have to be extensive, especially if you’ve already showered. But your hair needs to be wet so you can cut it more easily. You need to apply some shampoo, rinse it thoroughly and apply some conditioner as well. It’s easier to cut hair that is soft and smooth.

  • Cover Your Body and the Floor

    You’re going to make a bit of mess so cover up. You can use a garbage bag for this or anything that will prevent the hair from getting all over the place.

  • Tools

    Some of the tools you would need are:

    Scissors – Do not use ordinary paper scissors. There are very affordable pairs of scissors that can do the job just fine.

    Thinning Shears – If you want to do a bit of styling, this could come in handy. These are the type of scissors that have a bit of tooth in them.

    Garbage Bag – You can use a garbage bag to cover your body so as not to get hair all over your clothes. Also, put some on the floor so that it’s easy to clean the fallen hair.

    Mirror and Good Lighting – You need to be able to see yourself and what you’re doing

    Clips – You can use some hair cutting clips to hold off sections of your hair

How to Cut Your Own Hair?

So let’s look at some of the steps on how to cut your own hair depending on the length and style that you want.

  • Trimming Your Hair

    Let’s start with the easy one. Often times, you just want a nice little trim and you don’t really want to pay a lot of money for that by going to a professional stylist. If a little trim is all you need, here is how it’s done.

    Tip your head upside down and brush your hair forward. Tie a neat ponytail on the hairline in the center of your forehead. Decide where you want the first layer of your hair to sit.

    Hold the ponytail firmly and using the scissors, cut the hair in a straight line at the length that you identified. You’ve removed all the excess length. Now, tip your head forward again and directly point the scissors to the end of the ponytail to chip the blunt ends. This will give your hair a softer appearance.

    Pull off the ponytail and shake your hair so that it falls into place. You can style it further if you want.

  • Short or Bob Cut

    There aren’t many hairstyles you can do when you cut your own hair but you can do a bob. Whether you want a very short bob cut or just a graduated cut, here’s how you can do it.

    Pull your hair into a neat ponytail at the back of your head. Position it right on the bottom of the center of your hairline and as tight as you can.

    Using the scissors, cut straight across the ponytail. The result is a shoulder-length cut hair. Adjust this length according to your preferences by moving the ponytail up or down.

    To make the cut a little softer, you can tip your head upside down and while looking at the floor, chip into the ends of the hair. Do this with the scissors at a 90-degree angle. It will create a more diffused line.

    Tip back your head and shake it out.

Using Thinning Shears

Additionally, you can use thinning shears to add depth and style to your hair after you cut your own hair. And as the name suggests, it can make your hair look thinner if you have unruly thick hair.

After cutting to your desired length and style, use the thinning shears and snip them across the bottom of your hair. Don’t be afraid that it will cut your hair too short. It’s not designed to do that. It will make your hair look thinner by cutting your hair in layers using its teeth in the center.

Tools for Cutting Your Own Hair

Here are some products that will help you cut your own hair.

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Don’t forget to blow dry your hair after you cut your own hair and style it with a brush.