How to Do Eyebrows


The shape of your eyebrows as well as the thickness and color will affect the overall look of your face so it’s important that you know how to do eyebrows. Not everyone is born with the perfect brows. Some struggle with too much hair while others have almost non-existent brows. This is where grooming and makeup come in.

Your brow color will also affect your look. There are many different shades to choose from and the right one will depend on your skin tone as well as hair color. You should also consider the natural shades of your brows. Here is a good guide to finding the right brow color for you.

It should also fit the overall makeup you do for your face. But you need to make sure that you are using clean brushes to avoid breakouts and other skin irritations. Here are some tips on how to clean makeup brushes.

Eyebrow Shapes for Different Face Shapes

Here are some shapes you can follow when learning how to do eyebrows and what face shapes they are suitable for. Different brow shapes are suitable for certain face shapes only. For example, if you have a round face, you should go for more arches and if your face is long, the brows should be more rounded to balance it.

  • Square

    If your face has kind of a square shape, you should go for soft round brows. Don’t make your brows too angular or sharp. But don’t make them too round either.

  • Round

    For those with roundish faces, that’s the time you make your brows very angular. Round faces lack definition so a nice angled brow will bring out your facial bone structure.

  • Long

    If you have a long, vertically stretched face, it’s good to extend the tails of the brows a bit longer. This is important to remember when learning how to do eyebrows.

  • Heart Shape

    Some faces have a heart shape. The jaw line will be small and there is a lot of emphasis on the upper portion of the face. Do not go for very thin brows. They should be excellently groomed. Create a tight brow to balance the small chin and jawline.

How to Do Eyebrows

You do not just go straight to putting on the eyebrows. Some preparations need to be done.

  • Grooming

    First, you need to groom and prep your brows. Remove stray hairs whether you want to use tweezers or a razor and a mirror in hand. Remove the extra hairs above and below your natural brow. You should also include the hair between the two brows.

  • Measure and Shape

    You can use an eyebrow pencil or brush to measure your brows. This will determine the shape that you will do. Place it vertically along the line of your nose and mark the end with a white pencil. Then do the same to the other side to mark the end of your brow. Place the pencil or brush diagonally from the outside of your nostril to the crease of your eye.

  • Draw and Fill

    Draw the lines according to the marks that you made. Start filling in your brows. This would depend on the type of eyebrow pencil or powder you are using. If you are using a powder type, be careful to not apply too much with the brush. Start at the arch then work your way down on both sides.

  • Outline

    When you’re done with the previous steps on how to do eyebrows, do a final outline of your brows to make them more defined.

Finally, give your brows a good brush to complete your look. Make sure to blend it in with your eye makeup by using a blending brush.