Dolphin Facts – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dolphins


Most people love dolphins and why wouldn’t they, given how intelligent, inquisitive, and playful they are? Those of you who grew up watching Flipper’s adventures would know by now how clever these mammals can be, yet dolphins are so much smarter than most people imagine. Mostly found in shallow seas, dolphins aren’t necessarily picky eaters although their diet consists mainly of fish and squid.

We established what do dolphins eat but what about their habits, behavior, and special abilities? What exactly are the characteristics that make dolphins so amazing among all the other mammals on planet Earth? Join us over the next few minutes as we reveal some pretty interesting facts about some of our planet’s smartest creatures.

8Dolphins are extremely intelligent

You may have heard by now about how smart dolphins are thanks to the many documentaries / films made about them. What you probably didn’t know was that dolphins are capable of complex cognition due to their highly evolved brains. Scientists have found that dolphins are capable of self-recognition when looking at mirrors, a trait that only a handful of creatures including people are known to possess, along with advanced communication methods, mimicry, and cultural transmission.