How Long Are Eggs Good For


Eggs are great not only for breakfast but in so many other meals and it’s important to know how long are eggs good for. Eating a bad egg can mess you up real bad. Eggs are perishable and you should always store them in the fridge. But for how long? This guide should answer that question for you.

It’s really healthy to eat eggs regularly. Take a look at these health benefits and nutrition facts for eggs. One of the ways you can enjoy eggs is to boil them and here is a guide on how to hard boil an egg. You might also like this list of the top 10 best electric egg cookers.

Health Benefits of Eggs

Before we look at how long are eggs good for, it’s good to know its many health benefits so you can appreciate it more the next time it’s on your plate.

  • Muscle Growth

    One of the things that eggs are famous for is that it helps build strong muscles. The protein in eggs helps keep your muscles working and it slows down the rate that you lose your muscles. That is why muscle builders or people who like working out eat eggs regularly. But you must know how long are eggs good for because bad eggs will not work.

  • Mental Health

    Eggs also contain vitamins and minerals that will help keep a healthy brain. You need those nutrients for the regular functioning of cells. It’s good for the brain, the nervous system, memory, as well as metabolism.

  • Energy

    Eggs also help in good energy production because they contain the daily vitamins and minerals that you need to produce energy. This is distributed in all cells of your body.

  • Immune System

    They also strengthen your immune system. The vitamins A, B12, and selenium in eggs are great in strengthening your immune system.

  • Healthy Heart

    The choline in eggs plays an important role in breaking down the amino acids that are associated with heart disease.

  • Good Eyesight

    Eggs also promote good vision because of the lutein and zeaxanthin that prevents muscular degeneration that is the leading cause of age-related blindness.

Eggs have so much more benefits including beautifying your skin but those are great ones to know so it’s important to remember how long are eggs good for.

How Long Are Eggs Good For?

So how long can you keep your eggs in your home before they go bad? As a general rule, you should always check the carton of your egg when you buy them and store them.

  • Pack Date

    Check the egg carton and look for the pack date. This is the date that the manufacturers wash the eggs, grade them and pack them into the carton. This is a 3 digit code that also coincides with the year. For example, December 31st will be 365. This is a good first step to find out how long are eggs good for.

  • Sell By Date

    You can also check the sell by date. Usually, this does not exceed 45 days from the date of packing.

  • Expiration Date

    Finally, you should check the expiration date to know how long are eggs good for.

If you don’t see these dates or accidentally throw off the carton before noting it down, you can still estimate how long are eggs good for. Generally, you can keep them for 5 weeks from when you bought them as long as you store them in the fridge. On the other hand, you may also check our take on the best egg slicer available in the market today.