How Old Is Ellen DeGeneres


We’ve all seen her on TV, often making YouTube stars even more famous. She’s brought us lots of laughter and she’s a great host and entertainer. But how old is Ellen DeGeneres now? Before we get into the details of her age, let’s find out some more about the actress and comedian. Ellen is also a famous presenter. She’s a comedian, a celebrity, producer and what most may not know, she’s a writer.

Ellen DeGeneres has been hosting her own TV show – The Ellen DeGeneres show for over 16 years. She has become one of the most favorite TV personalities in the United States. As mentioned, the actress is also a writer and she has written 3 books. Although not really surprising, Ellen also owns her own recording company. She is one of America’s most well-known comedians.

Perhaps, the best thing about Ellen is that she is also serving as a prominent LGBT role model. The gay and lesbian community looks up to her and she is one of the influencers who has brought positive change into today’s society about spreading awareness about people who are non-heterosexual.

Early Life

Ellen was born on January 26, 1958. That easily answers the question how old is Ellen DeGeneres. She is 59 years old and still as marvelous as ever. Her birthplace is Metairie, Louisiana. Ellen is the daughter of Betty DeGeneres and Elliott Everett DeGeneres. She has one brother named Vance who is a musician and also a producer.

Though definitely American, Ellen descended from French, English, German, and Irish roots. Ellen’s parents divorced when she was young and she and her mother moved with her mom’s new husband to Atlanta, Texas.

She graduated from Atlanta High School and later moved back to New Orleans to go to the University of New Orleans majoring in communication skills.

Early Career

Ellen DeGeneres started her career in comedy, performing as a stand-up comedian in various clubs and venues in New Orleans. Not long into her debut, she soon became popular and achieved a region-wide reputation and soon received invitations from serious companies. From performing in small clubs and coffee houses, she eventually found her way to the TV. She said that her main influences for her comic acts are Woody Allen and Steve Martin. By 1800s, Ellen began touring nationwide and in 1982, she was named the funniest person in America by Showtime.

Coming Out

Ellen came out as gay in 1997 and pretty soon, became an advocate of LGBT rights. She admitted her sexual orientation in a guesting at the Oprah Winfrey show which took great sincerity and courage.

Her coming out brought struggles to Ellen’s career. She started losing projects and found herself waiting for calls for shows that never came. She used to have a show where she played as a bride and her coming out as gay didn’t help her popularity at the time since no one wanted an openly gay woman to portray female roles. After some time of not receiving projects, Ellen finally realized that she didn’t really need to wait for shows. She was a writer, after all, and she should just create her own show.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

One of the most interesting about her aside from the question how old is Ellen DeGeneres, is how she came about her own show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It started in 2003 and she has been hosting the award-winning show ever since.

The show became a big hit right away with daytime viewers. It has won tons of Daytime Emmy and People’s Choice Awards. But that was not all she did.

In 2003, at the same time, she performed as the voice of the much-loved character Dory in the animated box office movie Finding Nemo. She played the friendly but forgetful fish who helped Nemo’s father, in looking for the young clownfish. Ellen received 2 Emmy Award nominations the next year but it was for her standup comedy special.

Blooming Career

Now that we know the answer to the question, how old is Ellen DeGeneres, it’s inspiring to know more about her undeniable success in the industry. She became a popular choice in hosting major award telecasts because of her wit and sense of humor. Ellen has a magical way of bringing an audience to life. She hosted the Grammys in 1996 as well as the following year. Ellen was also in the Primetime Emmys in 2001 and 2005. She continued to participate in hosting big awarding events such as the Academy Awards in 2007 and 2014.

It’s also undeniable and comes at no surprise that Ellen is one of the funniest comedians ever. She is also one of the smartest celebrities in Hollywood and once one of the richest actors in the world.

Ellen has also been chosen to be one of the judges on American Idol in 2009 when she replaced Paula Abdul in the reality show.

Ellen DeGeneres Facts

Here are some of the interesting facts about Ellen’s personal and professional life.

  • Personal Life

    Ellen dated actress Anne Heche for several years and even lived in a home together in LA. Though they announced their intentions to get married, the couple ended their relationship in 2000.

    After that, Ellen began dating model Portia de Rossi after briefly dating Alexandra Hedison. Portia and Ellen got married on August 16, 2008. It’s considered to be one of the highest profile gay marriages right after the state of California legalized same-sex marriage. In 2001, Portia was finally able to legally change her last name and she was since known as Portia Lee James DeGeneres.

  • Big Debut

    Ellen got her big debut at age 23 when a booking agent caught her act at the Improv in Hollywood. She appeared on The Tonight Show and soon became the only female comic to be invited by Johnny Carson to sit on the show’s famous couch only on her first visit.

    She began making regular appearances on various talk shows including The Late Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, among others.

  • How Old is Ellen DeGeneres?

    Once again, to answer the question how old is Ellen DeGeneres, she was born on January 26, 1958. She is 59 years old.