How to Prepare for Severe Weather


If you live in the Midwest you may already be preparing for Severe Weather Season. Where I live at Severe Weather becomes pretty active from March until June. That doesnt mean where I live isnt prone to severe weather any other time of the year. We have a risk for severe weather tonight and tomorrow. Severe Weather can hit at any time. I want to help you prepare for these events.

I remember when I first began The Miracle Momma. I’m a month away from my 1 year blogging anniversary and boy has my focus really changed for the better! Instead of complaining about the weather I am going to conquer severe weather season 2013. After all. I’m all about overcoming disaster and dirty diapers. This is the second spring season since the Joplin Tornado. I almost wrote a series about Severe Weather last year but felt like I wasnt ready.

7Own a Weather Radio

Having a weather radio can be a lifesaver in a life threatening situation. A weather radio can be used in all weather situations: snow storms, hurricanes, and severe weather included. Weather Radios pick up the National Weather Services All Hazards Broadcasts directly from your nearest National Weather Service Office. Ive had instances where weather radios have announced a tornado warning before the sirens are sounded. Those few seconds of warning can save your life.

6Sign up for weather alerts on your mobile phone

Utilize weather alerts like you would a mobile phone. I actually recommend having both. If your power goes out you may still have cell phone service. This can be crucial for when finding out it is safe. Are you a reader from the Joplin area? Zimmer Radio & Newstalk KZRG have a nifty text messaging service available for free. It lets you customize what alerts you want and for which counties. If you live in the Joplin area I recommend signing up for their mobile alerts. You can even customize which alerts and what counties you want to receive them from.

5Know your evacuation plan

Whether it’s going to your basement because of a tornado or going on a vacation when a hurricane strikes it is important to make an evacuation plan. Don’t have a basement? Go to a sturdy, windowless room like a closet or a bathroom. If you don’t have anywhere safe then talk with your neighbors. Our neighbors let us use their tornado shelter any time the weather prompts a tornado warning.

4Build a Disaster Supply Kit

FEMA has a helpful page on how to create a Disaster Supply Kit with kit suggestions. Any time there is severe weather around, take your disaster supply kit to your evacuation area that way all you have to do is worry about getting to your shelter.

3Be Weather Aware

Whether it’s keeping up with your favorite local meteorologists Facebook page, listening to the radio, or watching your local news station it’s important to pay attention. You will be surprised how many people don’t pay attention to the weather. Are you in the Joplin area? You should Like Meteorologist Doug Heady & Meteorologist Nick Kelly from KOAM. Those two go above and beyond with making sure the 4 States Area is very weather aware.

2Don’t Go Outside

Stay indoors. Seriously. Just because you cant see severe weather if a severe thunderstorm warning is announced doesn’t mean that there isn’t severe weather. Severe Weather is often accompanied with lots of lightning, heavy rain, high winds, damaging hail, and can produce tornadoes. If you’re outside find shelter immediately. See? It pays to be weather aware.

1Try Not to Panic

It is very important not to panic, especially in front of your children. Your children will sense it. Leo has already picked up a few times I panic this past year. What did he do? He got upset. It broke my heart. Am I perfect at not panicking? Nope. I am getting stronger and confident every day however. Each severe thunderstorm that passes us helps me defeat PTSD. I would be lying if I told you the severe weather were supposed to get today and tomorrow has not made me sick to my stomach. You gotta remember, and I m doing this too, that just because the weather gets bad don’t expect the worse. A tornado warning doesn’t always necessarily mean a tornado is on the ground heading for your house. It is always wise, though, to be prepared. It’s important to keep calm to keep your children calm in case there is an emergency.

Have any severe weather tips? Share them below!