How To Tell If A Guy Likes You: 20 Signs


20 signs a guy likes you

We all know how oblivious men can be when it comes to picking up hints from women, especially if they’re subtle. Surprisingly enough, women miss plenty of hints themselves, especially as far as body language goes. Either because they’re infatuated with the guy they like, or if they’re simply too busy to realize, women will sometimes miss numerous signs that a guy they like is interested in them as well.

This raises an important question: how can you tell if a guy likes you? Unfortunately, unless he makes a clear move, there is no real way to be 100% certain, although there are many voluntary and involuntary signs that he might be interested in you to some extent. So let us find out what are the 20 signs that a guy likes you.

1. He will try to hold your hand – Whether we’re talking about holding onto your hand or simply grazing it while you’re having a conversation, a guy will always try to initiate some sort of hand-holding or physical contact to get your full attention.

2. He walks beside you – It may not seem as much, but a guy who’s into you will always pace himself to match your walking speed, even when you’re part of a group. Usually, if a guy moves too fast or too slow, he’s either not really paying that much attention to you or he has something else on his mind.

3. He touches his neck a lot – According to psychologists, men will often touch their neck when they’re feeling vulnerable. This being said, you should keep in mind that some people will also touch their neck when they’re lying, so you should really be aware of the circumstances when this happens.

4. He presses his hand against yours – We already pointed out how much of a big deal it is for men to hold your hands, yet sometimes you’ll end up holding their hands in a non-romantic situation like crossing a street or when you’re in a crowd. When this happens, try to observe whether he’s pressing his hand against yours because this is a dead giveaway.

5. He is always standing next to you when you’re in a group – If you’re in a huddle of friends and he always seems to stand next to you, then this might just mean that he fancies you. It may seem accidental at first, but you’ll notice after a while that he always makes his way next to you somehow.

6. He doesn’t look directly into your eyes – Some people find it difficult to look into the eyes of the person they’re interested in, which might be the case with the guy you like. Think about it, it is quite hard to retain composure when the girl/boy you like is staring straight into your eyes.

7. His legs are pointing at you – If a guy is interested in you, he will either voluntarily or involuntarily point his toes at you when you’re in a group of friends. No matter how many people are present, a guy who’s interested in you will always be facing you somehow.

8. He keeps his legs crossed – While women will sometimes cross their legs when in the presence of men they aren’t attracted to, with men it seems to be the other way around. This being said, even if a man will keep his legs crossed, he will still find a way to be facing you if he finds you interesting.

9. His pelvis is facing you – Due to the sexual nature of a man’s pelvis, a guy will sometimes involuntarily shift his position so that his pelvis is aimed towards you. On a biological level, this means that he is at least biologically interested in you.

10. He touches your knees – Now, it should be pretty obvious that if a man is interested in you, he will try to touch you somehow. For some reason, men are biologically programmed to ‘test’ women’s receptiveness towards them. This is precisely why they will sometimes push physical boundaries further and further to see how the women they like react to their initiative.

11. He puts his hands on his hips – It may seem like such a girly thing to do, but men will often put their hands on their hips whenever they’re around women they like. Biologically, this is a display of strength, an involuntary way for their body to make itself appear large and powerful to attract women’s attention.

12. He remembers trivial things about you – It should be a dead giveaway that a guy likes you if he suddenly starts remembering seemingly unimportant conversations you had ages ago or if he remembers all of your friends’ names. This should tell you that he considers you so interesting and captivating that he pays attention to every single thing you say.

13. He leans towards you when you talk – If a guy likes you, he will lean ever so slightly towards whenever you talk. As a matter of fact, he will lean into you pretty much whenever you’re standing next to each other or among friends.

14. He will take a deep breath upon seeing you – We already talked about the various involuntary and sometimes compulsive impulses a man gets when he’s around a woman he likes and this is no different. As so, a guy who likes you will sometimes take a deep breath or a sigh whenever he sees you.

15. He looks at your face – Like we said, it might be quite difficult for a guy who likes you to look into your eyes, which is why he’ll sometimes focus on the next best thing – your face. This being said, you shouldn’t get the wrong idea if he’ll sometimes check out things…other than your face whenever he sees you, it’s quite flattering to some extent.

16. He licks his lips before addressing you – Be it voluntary or involuntary, a guy who’s interested in you will often lick his lips before talking to you. You see, when you’re attracted to someone, your body automatically produces more saliva upon seeing them.

17. His laugh is sincere – We all have to smile and nod throughout the day whenever we’re trying to be civil. Whether we’re holding the door open for someone or whether we’re making small talk, we sometimes smile even if we’re not being sincere about it. When you’re around someone you like, however, you find yourself smiling or even laughing at things you wouldn’t normally find that funny.

18. He smiles with his teeth – Speaking of smiling, men develop a smirk-like way of laughing since an early age. As a result, you will find that very few men laugh with their mouths open while exposing their teeth. Whenever they’re around a woman they like, on the other hand, they seem to forget their conditioning and engage into an open-mouth, genuine smile.

19. He raises his eyebrows – It is quite obvious that people tend to have very little control over their impulses whenever they’re around people they’re attracted to, we’ve established this so far. This is precisely what happens when a man sees a woman he likes: his natural instincts take over, and he finds himself laughing wholeheartedly, taking deep breaths, and sometimes raising his eyebrows.

20. His pupils are dilated – Speaking of involuntary impulses, a man’s pupils will always dilate whenever they see something they like and sometimes, that something they like might be you. So if you’re really interested in finding out whether a guy you like finds you attractive, check out his pupils next time you see him.